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Wish List for Bike Routes in Maricopa County, AZ

119 Ave Connector
There are not many places for a bike to cross the Agua Fria without interacting with a lot of traffic. While Rose Garden does cross the Agua Fria, one is not able to connect to the roads on the other side. This would be possible if there was a bicycle path from the north end of 119 Ave to where 119 Ave starts up again; see the following link:,-112.3175109,17z

Glendale Agua Fria Crossing
Glendale Ave is one of the few places with a bike trail over the Agua Fria. Select the link below, then select Satellite option on the square in the lower left of the map. You will see that the bike path part of the road surface, on the right side of the road past the solid line, is very broken up. It would be nice if this was smoothed so that it was easier to ride with a road bike.,-112.3160393,20.04z/data=!5m1!1e3

Jomax New River Crossing
The crossing of the New River on W Jomax Road connects a lot of good bicycling roads. This crossing has sections, on both sides, where there is not sufficient shoulder for bicycles to ride out of the stream of traffic. It would help if there was a bigger shoulder or a real bike lane here.
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