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A Bicycle Trip Packing List
  1. Check For Following Condition Before Packing
    1. tires worn
    2. cables frayed
    3. brake pads worn
    4. handle bar grips worn
    5. bottom bracket and head set: loose or bound
    6. a spoke is broken
    7. a wheel is out of true
    8. pump does not work well
    9. gears do not shift smoothly
    10. chain is stretched
    11. free wheel missing a tooth
    12. front chain ring missing a toot
    13. a loose screw or bolt connecting a rack
    14. brakes: to tight, to loose
  2. Bike Tool
    1. vice grip
    2. screw driver: slotted, phillips
    3. duct tape
    4. wire cutter
    5. alan wrenches
    6. spoke wrench
    7. chain tool
    8. tire irons
    9. tube patch kit (lots of patches and glue OK)
    10. tire patches (for holes in tire not tube)
    11. chain lube
    12. zip ties
    13. chain lube, small WD40, grease
  3. Bike Gear
    1. extra new tubes (right size and 3 or more)
    2. extra rack bolts
    3. extra cable: brake, derailleur
    4. pedal covers: booties or gaiters (keep feet warm)
    5. visor
    6. helmet
    7. bike gloves (and mitten shells for over gloves)
    8. bike shorts
    9. light wind breaker
    10. fenders
    11. bike shoes
    12. rear view mirror
    13. pump
    14. rack: front, rear
    15. bike lites and or flashers
    16. reflective clothing for chest area.
    17. water bottles
    18. front and rear packs, bags to organize gear and food in packs
  4. Hygiene
    1. tooth: brush, paste, floss
    2. sun screen lotion
    3. hanker chief
    4. desitin (or similar)
    5. nail clipper
  5. Cook Gear
    1. utensils: cup, bowl, spoon
    2. sharp knife, can opener
    3. cooking: pot, stove, fuel, lighter
    4. cleaning: paper towels
  6. Clothing
    1. rain: coat, pants, booties for feet
    2. lighter top and bottoms (ok in rain)
    3. heavier top and bottoms (ok in rain)
    4. glasses: sun, reading,
    5. warm: gloves, socks, hat, ear cover (ok in rain)
    6. camp pants with legs that zip off
    7. light sneakers (or sandals plus wet suit socks)
  7. Camping Gear
    1. water pump
    2. tarp for rain protection outside of tent.
    3. parachute cord (enough to hang tarp and food)
    4. bug repellant
    5. water bag (for extra water)
    6. head light and batteries that fit.
    7. toilet paper
    8. sleeping bag and thermorest
    9. straps or bungee cords
    10. tent, with poles and ground cloth
  8. First Aid
    1. band aids, steri strips, tape, scissor
    2. antacid
    3. anti-inflammatory: aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen
    4. salt pills
    5. antiseptic cream
  9. Misc
    1. navigation: maps, GPS, compass
    2. extra small and large zip lock bags (for organization and garbage)
    3. pen and log book
    4. cell phone and charger
    5. watch

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