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Bradley M. Bell's Home Page
Bradley M. Bell's Home Page
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    Bradley M. Bell's Publications
     Abstracts for Published Papers
    Abstracts for Published Papers
        Newton Step Methods for AD of an Objective Defined Using Implicit Functions
        TMB: Automatic Differentiation and Laplace Approximation}
        The connection between Bayesian estimation of a Gaussian random field and RKHS
        A Statistical Model and Estimation of Disease Rates as Functions of Age and Time
        Learning using state space kernel machines
        An L1-Laplace Robust Kalman Smoother
        Algorithmic Differentiation of Implicit Functions and Optimal Values
        An Inequality Constrained Nonlinear Kalman-Bucy Smoother by Interior Point Likelihood Maximization
        Approximating the Bayesian inverse for nonlinear dynamical systems
        Optimal smoothing of non-linear dynamic systems via Monte Carlo Markov chains
        Bayes and Empirical Bayes Semi-Blind Deconvolution using Eigenfunctions of a Prior Covariance
        Contributions of the input signal and prior activation history to the discharge behaviour of rat motoneurones
        Estimating In Vitro Mitochondrial Oxygen Consumption During Muscle Contraction and Recovery: A Novel Approach that Accounts for Diffusion
        Estimating parameters and stochastic functions of one variable using nonlinear measurement models
        Deconvolution of non-stationary physical signals: a smooth variance model for insulin secretion rate
        Approximating the marginal likelihood estimate for models with random parameters
        The marginal likelihood for parameters in a discrete Gauss-Markov process
        SAAM II: Simulation, Analysis, and Modeling Software for tracer and pharmacokinetic studies
        A relative weighting method for estimating parameters and variances in multiple data sets
        A method for GPS positioning
        The iterated Kalman smoother as a Gauss-Newton method
        Calculating Thomson's spectral multitapers by inverse iteration
        The iterated Kalman filter update as a Gauss-Newton method
        Nonlinear Kalman filtering of long-baseline, short-baseline, GPS, and depth measurements
        A matched filter network for estimating pulse arrival times
        A two step Burg algorithm
        Global convergence of a semi-infinite optimization method
        Generalized gamma parameter estimation and moment evaluation
        Separating multipaths by global optimization of a multidimensional matched filter
        Nonsmooth optimization by successive quadratic programming
        Software techniques for error correcting codes
        An Improved Line Search Technique

     Unpublished Paper's
    Unpublished Paper's
        A Multi-Core Benchmark Used to Improve Algorithmic Differentiation
        The Importance of Marginal Likelihood Estimation Applied to Mixed-Effects Modeling
        Asymptotic Properties of Extended Least Squares Estimators
        A generalization of the Gauss-Newton method that solves extended least-squares problems

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