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Lyrics for "I Love DC"

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To the tune of "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman


Promised the voters,
I'd follow the contract
'specially that part about term limits
I'd stay in DC for a term or two,
then come home before that dirty town could corrupt me


Rollin' down...
Washington Beltway...
Tobacco lobbyist at my side...
He's stuffin' money in all my pockets,
I was born to be bribed.

Got fundraisers,
thousand bucks a pop
Crank up Rush Limbaugh,
I love to hear him talk
I'm raisin' money like,
nobody's raised it before

Big Business gets all my attention
'Cuz they're paying for my re-election
I just vote the way they tell me
They'll take care of me on election eve
I don't never wanna leave

I love DC. (We love it!)
I love DC.(We love it!)
We love it!


(waaaa, Waaaa, WAAaaaa, WAAAAA!)
For power and money,
it's the place to be
Look at Arianna Huffington, man,
she's down on her knees
Look at these lobbyists,
they got lots of money to spend

Newt Gingrich (I love it!)
Trent Lott (I love it!)
Jack Kemp (I love it!)
Bob Dole! (he loves it, he loves it, he loves it)
We love DC.!


I love DC!. (We love it, woo, oooh)
I love DC!. (We love it, woo, oooh)
I love DC!. (We love it, woo, oooh)

Parody lyrics copyright 1996 William Ross

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