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Lyrics for the parody commercial
"Earn Big $$$! Censor the Internet from Home!"

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Earn Big Money! Censor the Internet from home!

Could you use a little extra money? If you answered yes, then I've got big news for you about exciting new career opportunities in the fast growing field of Internet censorship! Thousands of new websites are coming online every week and Internet censors are needed to screen out undesireable and unwholesome ones.

If you're prudish, easily offended, judgemental, think you know what's best for other people and aren't afraid to say so, then you've got the skills necessary to be a successful Internet censor!

And best of all, you can censor the Internet from home! If you're a home schooling mother, or, if you're holed up in your armed compound and surrounded by federal agents, this is the perfect work-at-home opportunity! You can even censor the Internet while listening to Rush Limbaugh!

Yes, folks, you can earn big money just by imposing your intolerant and narrow-minded opinions on the entire Internet community. So don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stifle free speech on this new communication medium!

Call now, 1-999-CENSOR-USA, and get started today on a new career as an Internet censor!

Parody lyrics copyright 1996 William Ross

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