From: Gene

The educator and former California Supt. of Schools Max Rafferty, who died in a car accident in 198l composed the six "laws" of education. They are:

1. Educational research which flies in the face of common sense is for the birds.

2. On any election, the candidate supported by the teachers' union is the one to vote AGAINST.

3. Every educational problelm is caused by (a) stupidity or (b) unwillingness to work.

4. Fifty percent of all school administrators are superfluous.

5. Sixty percent of the things schools do have nothing to do with education.

6. Any educational area supported by federal funds deteriorates in quality and output in exact proportion to the amount of said aid.

*Thanks to Gerald Keyzer, Neenah, Wisconsin, for sharing this information with me some years ago, a now deceased patriot.