How is it that once a candidate has been elected into office that his or her slogan suddenly changes? Have you noticed that a campaign slogan of "I care about children and quality education" goes through metamorphosis during the counting of the ballots and becomes "It's not my job"?

Case in point, the Snohomish School District. Here is a school district that definitely should have the attention of the State Governor, and Superintendent of Public Instruction, whose platforms professed caring about the kids. Yet while toilet paper and other necessities are rationed, text books and band instruments are held together with duct tape, and roofs are leaking; they refuse to get involved.

Now that he is in office and this issue has been brought to him, Gary Locke has written "…the primary responsibility of overseeing public education resides with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction...". Hum-m-m-m, I don't remember that being in his campaign promise. Let's see now, how did it go? Something like, Campaign promise: Public education is my priority. Reality: It's someone else's job, not mine.

The Governor and State Superintendent are ignoring the very children, whose backs were used to rally public support. I personally find the practice of dumping moral convictions destructive and vile.

Perhaps the following could be made in a song to be sung in the halls of Olympia:

When I was a young man,
Wanting to get elected to the State
I found I would promote most anything,
Just add it to my plate.
Now I'm in my office grand
With the limelight on my face
I find that there are citizens
I don't want on my case
So I will pass the buck,
And call it "proper jurisdictions"
Since no one will remember,
I was elected on my convictions.

By: Val Barschaw