Title of the administrative retreat to Leavenworth at the Sunitsch Canyon Lodge was

"Leadership Team Advance", with the focus on implementing the district Strategic Plan.

Total Expenses Charged to the Snohomish District for the Administrative retreat to Leavenworth

are as follows:


District 201

Leadership Team Advance Seminar Attendees Annl Sal.
Judy Edmonds Principal Cascade View $77,500.00
Nancy Whitson Principal Totem Falls $75,800.00
Maureen Cornwell Principal Emerson $77,500.00
Paula Koehler Principal Central $80,000.00
Casey Howard Principal Dutch Hill $77,500.00
Don Hanson Principal Cathcart $77,500.00
Richard Pryor Principal Machias $80,000.00
Tom Churchill Principal Seattle Hill $77,500.00
Kathleen Poole Principal Riverview $80,000.00
Ruth Peckarsky Assistant Director Special Programs, Elementary
Sylvia Roberts Principal Valley View $78,900.00
Daryl Hart Principal Centennial $82,500.00
Diana Plumis Principal Freshman Campus $80,000.00
Larry Aalbu Principal High School $91,600.00
Chris Stewart Assistant Principal Centennial $74,000.00
Dean Neary Assistant Principal Valley View $75,000.00
Pat Seymour Assistant Principal Freshman Campus $71,500.00
Susan Cedargreen Assistant Principal High School $76,000.00
Dave Tomlin Assistant Principal High School $77,900.00
Larry Francois Assistant Principal High School $73,000.00
Ginny Tresvant Superintendent $109,400.00
Mary Lou Johnson Executive Director Human Resource Services $83,600.00
Michael Schroeder Executive Director Business & Operations $79,600.00
Stephen Smith Executive Director $80,000.00
Kathy Klock Executive Director Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment $82,500.00
Jerry Simicich Future Schools $43,062.00
Randy Boek
Grady Carlson
Note: Salary figures as of feb. 1998
four people not able to


Michael Tautfest
Mary Waggoner
June Shirey
Joe McKamey
Sunitsch Canyon Lodge -
Date - 8/8//97 Terms -
LODGING- BASIC 32 90 2880.00
MEALS 2686.60
Wa State Sales Tax, 488.29
Total 7011.98
A P Voucher Voucher #3284 Warrant # 12264
Sunitsch Cany Ldg Paydate Aug 29, Board Date Aug. 27, 1997
12000 Sun.. Cn. Rd
GL 530....
97-01-12-500-1-00 3.24
97-01-12-803-1-00 >* see below 3555.14
97-01-12-700-1-00 453.60
94-05-23-882-1-11 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-12 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-13 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-14 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-15 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-16 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-18 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-19 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-22 300.00
94-05-23-882-1-30 150.00
94-05-23-882-1-31 450.00
94-05-23-882-1-23 300.00
94-05-12-882-1-00 600.00
Voucher Total 7,011.98
>* JV to 345.10 69.02 3072.00
Cost for:
K. Klock 219.02
S. Smith 219.02
M. Schroeder 219.02 > except for G. Tresvant--
M. Johnson 219.02 $150 each taken from their Professional
G. Tresvant 219.02 Development ---Balance from District
R. Peckarsky 219.02 General Fund

The above figures answer some questions, and also raises some others.

|| Sunitsch Canyon Home || Catering & Food || Contact Information ||

Sunitsch Canyon Lodge A Conference and Retreat Center

When it comes to idyllic retreats, there is no place that compares to the beautiful, 310-acre Sunitsch Canyon Lodge, nestled in the quiet woods near the charming Bavarian Village of Leavenworth.

Where else could you hold a group conference and, in your spare time, indulge yourself in healthy activities like skiing, sledding, tennis, volleyball, horseback riding, hiking, golfing, mountain biking, fishing or simply strolling through peaceful forest trails? We have everything you might need.

And where else could you find facilities that were designed specifically to meet your groups every need? Where all the details of your meeting have been anticipated, and a wide range of services are included - from conference facilities, to meals, to accommodations, to recreation. And since we only schedule one group at a time, Sunitsch Canyon Lodge is all yours during your stay. Best of all, you don't have to worry about fitting all the pieces together. That's our job. An Unforgettable Stay

Bring your group, or your family, for a day, a long weekend - or simply stay as long as you like. Relax in front of your own cast iron stove in your cozy chalet-style suite tucked deep in the woods. Or soak away your troubles in a hot tub under the stars. Each new suite offers everything you need to feel pampered and refreshed including a refrigerator, microwave, full bath, private bedroom and separate living room. Large fully equipped conference room Smaller breakout conference rooms Outdoor amphitheater Large deck for breaks and outdoor dining Client office with phone, fax, computer and copier Tables, white boards, flip charts, overhead projectors and supplies

TV, VCR and slide projectors Large Outdoor Hot tub Recreational equipment available for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, mountain biking, tennis, volleyball, basketball Indoor recreation facility includes pool table, ping-pong, foosball and games Certified ropes course available

Sunitsch Canyon Lodge is now open and scheduling meetings. Owned and operated by Valley General Hospital in Monroe, Washington, this 310 acre ranch is located in the quiet woods near the town of Leavenworth. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service in a relaxed, private, high quality setting. Our staff will coordinate and assist in arranging all aspects of your meeting, from food and lodging, to conference needs and recreation. Lodging is provided in new one bedroom suites with a fireplace, nestled among the pine trees. Recreational equipment is also supplied for your non-meeting time enjoyment. Nothing will make a meeting more productive than the chance to clear the mind with healthy, outdoor recreation. Conference rates include lodging, meals, all services and use of our recreational equipment. Generally, we discuss each groups conference needs, and customize the per person/per day charge on an individual group basis. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Call for more information or to arrange for a site tour. We know you will like what you see!

Food sevice

Sunitsch Canyon Lodge provides a dining experience by preparing gourmet meals that are custom designed and prepared for each group. Service is elegant in manner, yet we preserve the comfortable atmosphere so appealing to our guests. The cuisine ranges from elaborate multi-course meals to barbecues depending on client preference.

We bake all of our breads and pastries from scratch, use fresh herbs and vegetables growing naturally on our property and in our gardens.

We have an array of menu choices, but will also accommodate special dietary needs such as vegetarian, diabetic or lactose intolerance, etc.

Our guests have written many complimentary notes regarding our food service, such as:

"The gourmet meal was a highlight and truly a memorable experience."

"A dining experience - an opportunity to really enjoy every aspect of your meal including interaction with others."

"The food, lodging and grounds were beyond my expectations."

"Very unique and interesting, great flavor with the right touch!"

"What a treat! Gourmet food, wonderful service and perfect presentation!"

"Everything was fresh and beautifully presented."

"Excellent, creative menus."

Sunitsch's Sample Menu

Oven Roasted Wild Mushrooms

Local Fresh Herb Velaccte

Salmon Snitzel on Spinach Sauce

Fillet Wellington fresh vegetables, oven roasted red potatoes sauce burgundy

Sunitsch Forrest Symphony

The above is from the web pages of the lodge (www.sunitschcanyon.com). I would like very much to go and experience such a seminar. Don Finrow