July 1, 1998 - June 30, 2000

The Snohomish School District ("District") and the Snohomish Assistant Superintendents Association ("SASA") hereby enter the 1998-2000 agreement pursuant to the terms and conditions contained herein.

I. Salaries

A. Salary Plan ---Assistant Superintendent positions will be compensated consistent with the salary schedule on Appendix A and will be in effect from July 1, 1998 through June 30, 2000. [Appendix A reads: "Assistant superintendents will receive a base rate pay or $90,000 per year."]

B. Work Days --- The full time work year shall consist of twelve (12) months, July 1, 1998 through June 30, and July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2000. The work year will consist of two hundred and twenty (220) calendar days.

C. Holidays --- Assistant Superintendents will receive 12 paid holidays. Those days are:

1. New Year's Day 7. Veteran's

2. Martin Luther King Day 8. Thanksgiving Day

3. President's Day 9. Day After Thanksgiving

4.Memorial Day 10. Day Before Christmas

5. Independence Day 11. Christmas Day

6. Labor Day 12. Day After Christmas

D. Vacation Days --- Assistant Superintendents will have twenty nine (29) vacation days subject to reduction for compensated mandatory and/or optional professional development days explained in section IV.C. below. With prior approval of the Superintendent, any unused portion of such vacation days may be accumulated from year to year to a maximum carryover of 30 days. Vacation accounting will be on a first-in, first-out basis.

Upon termination of employment by reason of retirement, death, or from voluntarily returning to a teaching or other non-administrative position, the administrator or his/her estate will be paid for the accumulated vacation, to a maximum of 30 days, at the then applicable per diem rate based on the numerator of "1" over the denominator of work days called for by paragraph I.B, above.

II. Insurance Benefits

The District agrees to provide the state insurance allocation for Assistant Superintendents to an employee insurance pool and provide benefits as selected by the group. The Association agrees to participate in the VEBA III Sick Leave Conversion Medical Reimbursement Plan pursuant to RCW 28A.400.210 VEBA III will be for the purposes of retirement sick leave conversion only.

The District agrees to provide a $50,000 term life/AD&D insurance policy to each Assistant Superintendent during his/her term of employment. In addition, each Assistant Superintendent may elect to purchase $10,000 additional coverage through the individual employee's payroll deduction.

III. Sick Leave Cashout and Other Leave Benefits

The District's sick leave cashout policy (RCW 28A.400.210) applicable to the District's certificated and non-certified employees will be deemed applicable to Assistant Superintendents. For the purpose of sick leave use, Assistant Superintendents may accrue sickleave up to the number of annual contract days. For the purpose of attendance incentive program use, pursuant to RCW 28A.400.210, leave shall accrue to a maximum of 180 days, with the per diem calculation being set forth in paragraph I.B, above.

Assistant Superintendents shall receive other leave benefits, with exception of personal leave, comparable to those applicable to certificated employees generally. All leaves are subject to approval of the Superintendent.

IV. Professional Development

A. Professional dues --- The District will pay the annual dues for ne professional organization. The employee must notify the Payroll Office of the name of the organization to which he/she wishes to belong and submit the appropriate enrollment materials by September 10.

B. Professional Development --- The District will allocate to each Assistant Superintendent an annual amount of $1,000 for professional development expenses (including, but not limited to: classes, workshops, materials) as related to their position within the district and as approved by the Superintendent or designee.

C. Professional Development (Team) --- The District will allocate to each Assistant Superintendent an amount not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($@,500) for seven mandatory days (7) plus two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for seven optional days of professional growth activities as specified by the District as follows:

Plan One: Change Leadership Project to equal seven (7) mandatory days per year at which time the entire administrative team will meet for the purposes of furthering professional growth in the areas of connections, communication and culture. All mandatory professional development activities must be performed during evenings, on the weekend, or in lieu of vacation days.

1998-99 August 10, 11, 12, 13, and three Saturdays TBD

1999-00 TBD

Plan Two: Change Leadership Project equal to seven (7) optional days per year at which time individual team members will meet in advance teams; pairs, triad, and quad; or work individually for the purpose of furthering professional growth in the areas of connections, communications and culture. The dates for these activities will be determined by individuals involved. Administrators participating in this optional professional development must submit an individual professional development plan to the Superintendent of designee. To qualify for the final stipend, the plan must reflect at least seven (7) days effort. Upon approval of the plan, the administrator will be issued a separate contract and will receive a stipend, subject to appropriate documentation of the completion of the plan. All professional development activities must be performed during evenings, on the weekend, or in lieu of vacation days.

Plan one and Plan Two will be logged on the professional Development Days Log for administrators (Appendix B). Payment for days will occur upon submission and approval of the Log.

V. Evaluation Process

In order to ensure quality leadership, the evaluation of administrative performance is essential. The methods and procedures used in evaluation Assistant Superintendents will be designed to enhance performance which will result in a school system which fosters academic excellence. Therefore, the evaluation process will lead to administrative performance which will guarantee quality and productiveness, embody cooperativeness, and show fairness and impartiality (Policy 6410, Procedures 6410 and Forms 1, 2, and 3).

VI. Reduction in Force

District policy will be used as a basis for reduction in force (Policy 6411).

VII. Miscellaneous

A. Mileage Reimbursement --- Assistant Superintendents will be reimbursed for mileage for official District business by submitting the standard District "Reimbursement for Travel and Other Expenses" form. Reimbursement will be at the current IRS mileage allowance.

B. Physicals --- Given that the District values the health of Assistant Superintendents, the District will cover the difference between the insurance reimbursement and the actual cost of one annual examination (including stress test) per year.

VIII. Terms of the Agreement

A. Terms of the Agreement --- The term of this Agreement will be: July 1, 1998 through June 30, 2000.

B. Consultations and Negotiations --- The District and Assistant Superintendents agree to use the collaboration meeting on an ongoing informal and/or formal basis to discuss matters of mutual concern including, but not limited to, mandatory subjects for negotiations, summit meetings with other unions, and crisis processing.

C. Contingent Reopener --- This Agreement may be reopened and modified at any time during its term upon mutual consent of the parties involved provided.

In the event of a double levy failure in any given year, the Agreement will be reopened. In the event that the legislature increases or decreased administrative funding beyond the levels agreed upon by this Agreement, the parities agree to open the salary schedule to negotiate the distribution of state dollars.






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