Lies, Myths and Half-Truths

Over the years and to this day, ascorbate has been and continues to be the target of many attacks and deprecations from numerous sources. But if examined closely, the common thread running through all these allegations of ascorbate’s “harmfulness” is that they arise out of vested interest. Diverse though they may be, they all have in common a willingness to spread rumors and hearsay to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt about ascorbate. Here they are:

The bottom line is that the enemies of ascorbate (and indeed of orthomolecular modalities in general) all are looking after their bottom line. Quite simple, really.

The list below summarizes the major lies, myths and half-truths told about ascorbate.

So let us consider in turn each of these whoppers, hooey and misconceptions:

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Lie: An intentional false statement; an untruth serving a personal or vested interest.

Myth: a widely-held story which is false. Also, a persistent assertion with no supporting evidence or based on speculation, disproven or discredited evidence; often untraceable to its origin.

Half-Truth: lie based on the intentional or inadvertant omission of certain established facts.

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