Latest Additions and Changes

Revision Date: March, 2012

Sold one car and bought another. I can't quit and probably I will never be able to say goodbye to these things. Senility may have snuk up on me but I am really starting to appreciate American cars and particularly Chrysler stuff. Still haven't sold the Healey although I guess I am not trying very hard. The last guy that showed up really discouraged me. He E-Mailed me and expressed some interest so I told him the price I was asking and he seemed fine with that. We made a date to view the car and I told him that I wasn't interested in "tire kickers" and that I would only make the time if he was prepared to buy it or reject it on the spot. Copious assurances of his seriousness followed so OK, let's meet. Well, here the twit shows up on a bicycle and I am thinking: "Oh crap another time waster". Yup, two hours wasted looking at my cars and listening to his automotive history. Then he pedals off into the sunset never to be heard from again. Why me? Maybe next time I will get it in writing.

Revision date: September, 2009

A wrap up on the Gangster car "My New Gangsta Car" . Its electronics had me flummoxed for a while. Another guy sniffing around the Healey. Billions of questions, wanted innumerable pictures. Then, you guessed it, insufficient funds. Back to waiting for the bobber to go down. Got all the cars on the road again.

Revision date: January, 2009

The Healey is still lounging in my garage. I've had two bottomfish sniffing around it but, still no sale. Well, rather than worry about why some glutton for punishment isn't banging my door down. I, naturally, bought another car. Man, there is no end to this sickness. The older I get the sillier I get. An American car yet. Read up on it in "My New Gangsta Car" . No further progress on the Brit cars. Too damn cold to hang out in the garage.

Revision date: August, 2008

Still busy getting all my cars back on the road again. Details are in "Time to Say Goodbye" . Turns out that one car I really thought I would keep forever is giving me a little heartburn now. Also have had nary a nibble on the Healey I offered for sale in my last update. What's with that?

Revision date: June, 2008

Time sure flys. Three years since I updated you. Frankly, the last few years I have been neglecting my Brit cars. Porschemania set in for a few years and then that damn Harley timewaster took up the slack(check out the Harley pages for my recent timewasting). So, not much time left for the Brits. Anyway, early this year, I decided it was time to get back to them all and I have been hard at it since then. I added some new pages entitled "Time to Say Goodbye" to give you an idea of where I am at with this project.

Also, I received an E-Mail from some guy who complimented me for warning people when a link on my pages had a lot of data behind it. I believe the word he used was "charming" and I read that as antiquated. Well, when I started writing this stuff, a 28.8kbps modem was pretty hot stuff so, I have tried to keep the picture sizes down and to alert people to the possibility of a long download session. I'm changing that with this revision. Bigger pictures and no more warnings. Get a bigger pipe.

Revision Date: June, 2005

The rewrite of my TR3a pages got me thinking about my MGA and how it came to be so, I added added some material there.

Revision Date: May, 2005

I intended to rewrite my Truimph pages and got started with that but somehow got sidetracked into a discussion of "Parts Fathers".

Revision Date: August, 2004

That Harley has turned out to be a big time waster. Every time I get cranked up to work on something, that damn thing winkles me in to riding it around the block or going out for a snack or .... and, there went the afternoon. However, I did put in a page or two about the Healey I own that got muddled up with reminiscences about machine gun oil, electromagnetically actuated torque converters and "good/cheap" paintjobs.

Revision Date: June, 2004

Well, it's been a while. A little more about the Porsches. Sold the MGC/GT. I never did get around to that car so, sold it to some guy who might. But the big news is that I (along with a lot of other old coots) bought a big Harley. It's all in here so, read on.

Revision Date: September, 2001

Experiences with the 930. Porschemania may be fading.

Revision Date: February, 2001

Now I have gone and bought a 930. Contrary to what I said a year ago, I don't think my affair with Porsches is over yet.

Revision Date: April 15, 2000

Bought another 911. God, I don't know. I think I'll talk about something else for a while.

Revision Date: January 14, 2000

Wrapping up my Porsche discussion. Surprisingly, most E-Mail has been of the "Been there-done that" variety. Guess these things are recognized money pits.

Revision Date: June 22, 1999.

Several people have asked me how to tune-up these Brit cars, so I have written out how I go about it in Tuneup and, since I never can remember what kind of sparkplugs go in which car, also added some detail on plug types, timing settings, valve lash and other tune-up data.

Revision Date: June 5, 1999.

I really have no idea why I am taking the time to write all of this stuff but have added a substantial monologue regarding painting a car Restoration Tips and then have gone on and on about my first English sports car a Jaguar XK120.

I have received quite a bit of E-Mail in the last few weeks about my pages and writing and most of it has been complimentary so, I guess, as long as people find my stuff of some value, I'll continue to write it. As expected however, there has been some snivel mail from the Porsche crowd.

Revision Date: April 1, 1999.

Well, it has been a while. That property has taken quite a bit of my time. Since I am now a "country gentleman", I, of course, had to buy a truck. Seems like everyone out here has a pickup. I just couldn't go and buy one. No-no that would be too easy. Had to buy an old 1972 Ford F-250 with no engine or tranny and then dunk a 460 Lincoln engine and tranny in it. Works pretty well. Of course, in order to move that lump of an engine around, I had to build an "A" frame hoist and, in order to do that, I had to buy a bunch of steel pipe. Since bigger is better, I bought oversize pipe and built an "A" frame that could lift the truck as well as the engine.

Wired the garage and installed a nice two stage air compressor. Ran air lines throughout the garage and welded up some steps to get to the lofts which I use for storage. Built a dozen workbenches and cleaned up the weeds in the yard.

All of the above took the rest of 1997.

Then I bought a Porsche in the Fall of 1998 and that takes us to the present. Turned out to be a disaster.

Revision date: January 22, 1997.

After years of working on cars in garages that aren't big enough to swing a cat in, I finally bought property having a real "garage". This property is located close to town but in the country and consists of four acres of land and a single-wide mobile home(ho-hum). However, the big news is that the property has a 3,600 square foot shop building on it. The buillding has never seriously been used. The previous owner was going to start a boat repair business but illness(terminal) prevented him from much more than getting the building constructed, a 400 amp., three phase service put in and plumbing it for hot and cold water. He also built lofts on either end of the garage, presumably for storage or perhaps, an upstairs apartment.

The mind boggles. Visions of a "proper" spray booth, commercial grade welding and compressing equipment, four post hoists and travelling engine lifts are clouding my brain. Air lines will be plumbed in and mondo lights of course. It would be cool to finish one of the lofts off as an apartment. Then I could sit there overlooking my cars and projects while sipping my morning coffee.

I could use your help. Help me design the shop. I have questions regarding heating, lighting, equipment and layout. Any suggestions you have, drop me a line.

Here's a couple of pictures of the property to get you started thinking/drooling.