Jaguar E-Type Tune-Up Specifications

Spark Plugs:Champion N11Y or N11YC (4.2 liter), Champion N12Y or N12YC for the 3.8s.


Valve Clearance:Intake .004, Exhaust .006

Point Gap:.015

Static Timing: 9 degrees BTDC for 8 to 1 compression engines. 10 degrees BTDC for 9 to 1 engines.

Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4

NOTE: Number six cylinder is at the front of the engine(surprise, surprise). Timing marks are on the crankshaft damper and engine sump. Visible from underneath the vehicle. Time the car on the #6 cylinder.

Carburetors: SU HD 8

Needles: UM

Float Height: 7/16 inch