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Hi! My name is SADIE MAY! I am the Center of the Universe! Everything that happens to me happens because I WISH IT TO!!! I go out when I want, and when I'm hungry, my minions Feed Me! Its great fun being me. When I was just a youngster, back in February, I decided that Life was for the Living, and since I had to share the box they kept me in on the Reservation, with seven brouthers and sisters, I ran away! All that companionship and rivalry was just way more than the Center of the Universe needs to deal with. So then I explored the Rez as the Indians call it for a few days, and eventually moved in with the Indian man named Zackarelli or something like that. Anyway, he's a nice human but frankly there wasn't a lot of space there either (and I'm not that hard to please!). It was good for a while, but a puppy's gotta ramble, so now I live here, in fabulous SUMAS, WA with some other odd people, but at least I'm the only Lord and Master. I AM SO PERFECT I CANNOT STAND IT! You will now COO at my photo!

On the Reservation, there were a lot of friendly people around, and also some meanies. But nobody was so strange the way these two humans here are. For instance, one time when I went out for a walk, and there was this fat old lazy cat out on the front porch, and I went to kill it (well not really but you would think so from how that old cat hisses). And then out of nowhere this one minion goes and GRABS ME BY THE COLLAR, and makes me sit in my time-out box until suppertime! I should have just sent him straight to hell right then, but for dessert I got a biscuit, so I decided to forgive him this time.

Somebody needs to make sure these humans aren't all defective and crazy before they let ordinary puppies go and get a couple. I mean sometimes the humans that take care of all of our needs and whims (and that includes the occasional sponge bath and massage), are really confused about who they are, and it shows in the way they treat their superiors. For instance, there's this guy down the road from here? And do you know that he will actually SHOUT at his puppy? And I haven't met this dog yet, but it seems to me that any dog who puts up with THAT kind of shit should just go out and bite people. Or send them straight to hell. Either way.
Anyway, here's a link that goes to my minion's comic site. Its really boring because there's no pictures of food or anything just a bunch of humans napping and stuff.

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