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Apocolypticop aka Fashion Police

Complacency in the face of rampant Fundamentalism must be kept Out of Fashion by all means.


Because nothing is Black and White... Because it's all about visibility:

1. Visibility in


wakes you eye-enema


call attention to that which you want to turn away from but can't, due to the


to your embryonic sense of


Black and White is a Fashion choice, not a worldview.

2. Visibility in


can keep you sane.
There are no space aliens coming to rescue us from ourselves. Suddenly, patriotism


become synonymous with complicency and silence.
Asking questions about alternative methods to cope with a world that


government will ever totally


--is publicly condoned no longer.

3. Visibility in global


can change the world. Something new under the sun:
The world sees ever more deeply into the legendary American lifestyle--
our freedom, our power, our creature comforts, and our willful and selfish ignorance.
Even though we've outgrown most of our gods, we still want to


a camel laden with gold through the eye of


needle and make it to Heaven. But it doesn't work that


Highway patrol, sheriff, city cop, etc--all assume a certain authority status by virtue of being what they are. I'm not a huge fan of the police in general, but that said they leave me alone. I like to think some of them do indeed serve and protect. Not all cop cars are black and white of course, but that is the generally recognized standard. Which also can be a nice metaphor, as in whether a person believes in values in terms of degree, or not. A near definition of fundamentalism is a view of life in terms of all or nothing. As such it is an almost perfect contrast to reality. Thus the Fashion Police car becomes what might be thought of as an 'anti-symbol'. Life boiled down to black and white, is no life at all.

How cute, toy 'google eyes' all over that car, look honey. But wait, they're forming some sort of--Jesus in Heaven, cover the children's eyes quick! Save us from the liberal hippie peaceniks! And dial 911 (this actually happened)!

The implications of playfulness around authority are obvious, to me at least. I never thought so many people would react so strongly to something so quietly unconventional. The patterns across the car emerge upon extended admiration; many people don't seem to notice at all. Or maybe they're working on not noticing; that happens a lot too.

To all those who say I'm just scrapping for attention, I say guilty as charged, and so what. Who isn't. Most of the patterns may be seen as an attempt to convey the dual aspects of fertility--sperm and egg. There's a helix of DNA on the roof. So that whole black and white male and female right and wrong duality of life thing again. This car is about as much fun as is legal. I'm never bored. Besides, I've always been fascinated by procreation, or at least how we go about it. "We" being the general we--since queers try not to populate, as a general rule.

The stickers came about recently, though for viewing's sake they are what most people see first. Not that its sluggish, its got 250 horses somewhere under that vast hood. I'm just slow. It gets me around. Last week in town I fought with one of the local sheep (there's more churches here than gas stations). I had car trouble, we exhanged words, me telling her that the tow truck was on the way, her making it clear that she wanted me back in the car and away from her children, due in any moment off the school bus. After ensuing glares, she waited at the end of her driveway for her kids while I waited on the shoulder of the road for the tow truck. Three of them got off the school bus; she had to physically restrain them from approaching. She didn't even see the stickers. Christian Hospitality Sucks Ass.

So why did I stick all this stuff on my car? Because you're not supposed to? Because I think its idiotic to spend $80,000 for a German sports sedan with blue xenon headlights when other people wonder if they can afford to splurge on breakfast cereal? Because I enjoy confusing people? Because I had to?

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