Netscape Communicator 6

Email Set-Up

These are the instructions for setting up your email with the Wizard. If you need to check your settings please go to the Check the Settings page.

  1. On the top menu, click on Tasks and choose Mail & Newsgroups or click on the mail icon in the lower left corner. Start
  2. If you have already used netscape 6 - 6.2 as an email client, click on Edit and choose Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings. Then click on New Account.
    If you have not already used netscape 6 - 6.2, the Account Wizard will open automatically. Make sure ISP or email provider is selected and click Next. Start
  3. Fill in your real name or a nickname in the our Name box. This name will appear to recipients of your email.
    Fill in your full email address in the Email Address box. This address will appear to recipients of your email.
    Click Next. Start
  4. Make sure POP is selected.
    In the top Server Name incoming mail server box, type in
    In the bottom Server Name outgoing SMTP server box, type in
    Click Next. Start
  5. Type in your Seanet username. In most cases, this will be the portion of your email address before the @ sign. Click Next. Start
  6. This box will be filled in for you. Click Next. Start
  7. Click Finish. Start