1980 Triumph TR8

For those of you that don't know, these cars were the last models Triumph made before Leyland closed them down. The car uses a 3.5 liter aluminum V-8 engine coupled to a nice 5-speed transmission. Power rack and pinion steering and a generous amount of wheel travel both front and rear are part of the package. The engine was originally developed by Buick in the early 60's and was used, for a short time, in small Buicks of that era. GM sold the engine to Rover and, over the years, the Brits have developed it and used it in all sorts of automotive applications-Morgan +8, Rover, Land rovers, MGB-V8, etc. Not very many TR8s were produced(about 2,500 I think), so the car may well be a collectible. The most interesting are probably the 81s. They came with fuel injection and only about 6-700 were produced.

I bought this car about six years ago as an investment but like it so much that I now have about 100,000 miles on it. Triumph finally got it right. These are really nice cars. The V-8 is very detuned and starts to go flat at about 4,000 rpm-Twin Strombergs, YUK! One day, when I have time, it will probably be treated to a set of tube headers and bigger carbs. I think it would also be wise to uprate the brakes, they don't look adequate for a car of this potential.

The interior of the car is a little cheap and plastic, but its comfy and solid. I think I will have to buy another TR8 and that one I won't drive(as much).


This picture represents to me what sporting cars are all about. This was taken by a course worker on the 1994 Evergreen 1000 rally. We were somewhere in East Central Washington on a timed stage at the time. We ran the hell out of the car that Weekend over pavement and, as you can see, gravel. We had several great driving experiences including high speed encounters with two monster dust holes(6-12 inches of powder dust covering the entire road). I've never seen a tactical nuke being detonated but it couldn't be more spectacular than bombing into a dust hole at 50+.

Sunday night, I blew the dust off the TR and used it to commute to work the following day. That's a sportscar - a car you can use to compete in and then drive to work. A car that allows you to collect a few good memories. A car that enables a little adventure. My son and I are doing the 1995 Evergreen(can't wait). If you would like to join us, let me know and I will put you in touch with the organizers.