A Personal Tour of The Morgan Factory

The main factory gates. I drove by the entrance several times on my first visit before I noticed it. The entrance doesn't quite look like my image of the main gate of a "factory".

The delivery area where the finished cars are stored awaiting owner pickup or delivery to the dealer.

That's Peter Morgan himself getting into the trike. The Plus 8 parked next to it is his son Charles'. The trike wouldn't start and the guys in the factory got in a real flap trying to jumpstart the damn thing.

The factory is built on a slight hillside. This photo was taken from the front of the factory, looking down the hillside. The car frames are assembled at the top of the hill and then rolled down the hill to the next shop bay where the wood frames and sheet metal are added, then rolled down to the paintshop and finally to the electrical and interior shops at the bottom of the hill(on the right in this picture).

Assembly area for frame and suspension components.

The wood shop.

The metal bashing area. Metal panels are handfit. The bonnets are fit last since they have to match so many other panels. Plenty noisy in this room. Bring your earplugs since Morgan's doesn't provide any. In fact, they don't supervise you when you are in the factory. You can just snoop around on your own.

The paint prep area. Any color you want. I particularly like the painted bonnets stacked against the wall.

The machine shop where they make suspension components and other machined items. Looks like something from the child labor era doesn't it?

This is where they solder the grilles and gastanks together.

Peter and Charles out for a drive. They finally got that trike started. It's a 1947 or 1948 "F" model and is powered by a flathead Ford 4 cylinder motor. I wonder how frequently the President and Vice President of GM or Ford go out for a spin in one of their cars.