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This is a photo of my son and me, in our 1980 TR8, competing in the 1994 Evergreen 1000 rally(first in class :- ))

Here we are on the course in the 1997 Rally Port Townsend in our 1967 Lotus Super Seven.

My name is Claude Dennis and these pages contain pictures and histories of some of the cars in my collection. I have collected and restored Brit sportscars for the better part of 30 years now. I would be interested in your reaction to these pages and the cars. If you care to, please drop me a line. My E-Mail address is

I also include restoration tips and hints that you might find useful. I feel strongly that these cars were meant to be used and used with spirit. You will see that I use a number of them in rallying and all are used as daily drivers(rain or shine). They are all very presentable and most have undergone "body off" restorations. However, they are not perfect. They have road dings and chips and their undersides are dirty. Not concours definitely, but good, usable, honest vintage autos.

What follows is a partial list of the cars I own:


List of cars in collection:

This list is still being constructed and probably always will be as long as I am around. Click on the car that interests you for a picture and a(sometimes extensive) discussion.

My first Brit Sports CarA memoir.

Brit car tune-up Procedures and Specifications.

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Note: These pages will always be "under construction".