Mini Etching Press - Pre-finished and assembled or DIY

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Right out of the box, the Pre-finished Mini Etching press is the compact version of the Pram Halfwood Press, with all the same mechanical features but without the PressGhost.

Halfwood Press - Mini Etching Press
This example is mahogany with brass details with the chase in place on the bed

Great looking pre-finished wood, with choice of polished aluminum or brass details, and custom badge. Two felt blankets included and a chase for quarter-inch printing plates or glass for vitreography.

The unfinished Mini Etching press saves money but also has the benefit of choosing your own finish such as painting or staining as you like.

Mini Etching Press unfinished
The assembled Mini Etching press comes with felt blankets, chase and instructions.

Plus you can carve, engrave, or in many ways personalize your Mini Etching press. You still get all the accessories.

The world's first Do-It-Yourself Mini Etching Press, comes unassembled in a box with instructions and the tools you need to put it together, it even has videos to show the details. See the Manual.

Halfwood Press - Mini Etching Press
The "Going green" Etching Press - ships in a smaller box, saves shipping space

You may want to finish the wood before you put it together. You can customize your press and see examples online of other peoples' choices of details. See sample video.

Specifications of all Mini Etching Presses above

Model Number


Bed Dimensions (Width x Length x Thickness)

6 X 14-1/2 X 1/4 - inch

Maximum Printing Plate Width

5 - inch, 1/2 margin

Rollers' Diameters (top and bottom)

1 - 1/2 inch

Clearance above bed surface

1 - 1/8 inch

Driving Wheel Diameter

8 inches

Bed Travel per wheel revolution

1 - 9/16 inches

Mechanical advantage of gear-driven bed (approximate)


Bed roll-out bearings (quantity)


Felt blankets, 2 (sizing catcher, roller blanket)

6 X 12 inches

Weight (lbs)

12 lbs.

Retail price of assembled & finished press*

$ 995.00

Retail price of aseembled unfinished press*

$ 895.00

DIY Kit, unfinished wood, includes tools and instructions*

$ 795.00

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