JWs and Science




The Society's View of Science Alan Feuerbacher

Review of Is There a Creator Who Cares About You? Alan Feuerbacher




Astronomy Alan Feuerbacher article on JWs and Astronomy.





The Truth Shall Make You Free, 1943, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.


A History of the Watchtower's Opposition to Organic Evolution, Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

The Watchtower's Endorsement of Theistic Evolution, Ken Raines
The Society believed that all species except man evolved from the "primordial slime" under God's direction.
This doctrine wasn't changed until the 1930's. Today, they are known for their brand of Young Earth Creationism.

Biology Alan Feuerbacher article on JWs and Biology.

The Watchtower's View of Creation and Evolution Alan Feuerbacher

Disagreements about Evolution

The Genesis Account

The Fossil Record

The Transformation of Species

The Gulf Between Reptiles and Birds

The Gulf Between Reptiles and Mammals

Summary of Fossil Creatures

The Evolution of Man

The WTS' View of Science and Evolution




Medical Science


The Watchtower Society and Medical Quackery, Ken Raines
An overview of the Watchtower's endorsement of medical quackery and some of the most memorable "quacks" of this century.

The Watchtower's Half-Century Crusade Against the Germ Theory, Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

Aluminum; Satan's Metal and Killer of Millions?
The Watchtower's Incredible Crusade Against Aluminum, Jerry Bergman, Ph.D
A paper on the Society's anti-aluminum cookware campain.

JWs and the Electronic Reactions of Abrams (1920's--present)

Albert Abrams

Dr. Albert Abrams and the ERA, Ken Raines
Article gives the background of Dr. Albert Abrams' ERA methods of diagnosis and treatment that JWs used and endorsed. Results of the Scientific American and other scientific investigations.

The Power of the Mind, Ken Raines
A Golden Age article by this title was the first Watchtower publication to endorse the ERA and Dr. Abrams. In it they promoted belief in the existence of telepathy, mind reading, phrenology, palmistry...

The Electronic Radio Biola, Ken Raines
Dr. R.A. Gamble, a JW, wrote a Golden Age article announcing his "Electronic Radio Biola" ERA machine he invented and sold to JWs to cure their diseases.

The Radio Disease Killer, Ken Raines
Short article on the mention in a Golden Age of a "Radio Disease Killer" by William Hudgings.

Roy D. Goodrich and the ERA Ouija Board, Ken Raines
This article discusses and documents the campain of Roy Goodrich to eradicate the use of the ERA among JWs. He believed it was nothing more than spiritism. For "running ahead" of Jehovah's organization, he was disfellowshipped.

Quack Cures and Radionic Ouija Boards, Ken Raines
This article documents that the Watchtower eventually came to believe the same thing as Goodrich: the ERA is spiritism and occult/psychic phenomena -- "true Christians" they say stay away from it.

Jesus Christ: Electron Man! Ken Raines
A brief look at The Golden Age's claim that Jesus healed people by beaming electrons (electronic vibrations) at the sick.


Fringe and Pseudo-Science

The Watchtower, Quack Science and Homicide
, Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
The Society's endorsement of Eugenics and other pseudoscience. Bergman also wrote an interesting piece on the Nazis and Eugenics.

Reading Bumps and Faces; Phrenology and Physiognomy
A History of the Watchtower's Excursion into the Occult,
Jerry Bergman, Ph.D
Article on the Society's endorsement of two pseudosciences: Phrenology and Physiognomy.








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