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Current Standings
as of 2/11/00

1 Eric $6750
2 Jim Z $ 5650
3 Alan $ 5600
4 Beth E. $ 4000
5 Paul $ 3750
6 Beth T $3000
7 Mark $ 2500
8 Ron $ 500 (Honorable Mention)
9 Grimm $ 500 ( Honorable Mention)
10 Ryan $ 100 (in political favor)
11 Rob $ 50 (for being president)

February 06, 1999

    NOTE Lost Realms has been replaced this month with Car Wars. Apologies but it was a necessary move.

    CAR WARS Last night's game (2/5/99) was a gory, confusing abomination. Bones were broken, rules were bent, and logic was twisted. It was everything we thought it would be . . . Ask me about solid rocket boosters . . . really, ask me . . .

    [Begin boring rules stuff] In keeping with tradition, we have a new house rule: Any linear movement (skids, not fishtails) resulting from a roll on the crash table must be taken as regular movement in the player's next turn. Why? Because we find that a vehicle which loses control at a relatively low speed will gain a dramatic burst of speed from skids. [End boring rules stuff]

February 01, 1999


    It's an all-the-butt-you-can-kick party with a $25,000 cover charge, and a three wheel minimum.

    Bring your baddest vehicle from trikes to campers as we return to the Mango Motorsports International House of Pain! Sample the worst road conditions from Calcutta, Siberia, Los Angeles, Kiluea, Sydney, and Kuwait. House rules and standard weapons limitations apply.

    Also . . .

    We'll be finalizing the structure of Car Wars: Corporate Murder. Remaining questions are...

    >What specific circumstance or combination of circumstances constitutes destruction of a vehicle?

    >How will vehicle repair costs be calculated, if at all?

    >What are the consequences of bankruptcy?

    Remember, it's the Black Circle . . . so you can be there AND be square!

    See you on Friday

The Black Circle has role-playing campaigns that have run for years and are taken very seriously. Car Wars is not one of them. Car wars is one of just a few games that has easily separated role-playing and combat aspects. We have embraced the combat system while cutting out and discarding the role-playing aspect like a swollen appendix. What's left is a beer 'n pizza "Speed Racer" meets "Death Race 2000" fight to the finish, and it goes something like this . . . 

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