We're not talking about chocolates and Barry White music, we're talking about scoring cash (dollars, greenbacks, dough, bread, dead presidents . . . blood money). Following is the score sheet we use to keep track of our winnings in arena combat:

Obstacles - $100 x the number marked on the obstacle.
     For instance, a pair of ramps might be marked with a "5" ($500). A driver who completes a jump earns $1000. Half a jump is worth $500 should the driver survive.

Incapacitate An Opposing Vehicle - $2,000
     This means the vehicle must be unable to steer or maintain/increase its speed. This is usually accomplished by destroying at least two wheels or the vehicle's engine/power plant. This does not mean that the vehicle's weapons have to be disabled or its driver killed.

Kill Opposing Driver - $2,000
     Only if the driver is still in a vehicle. Once out of the vehicle a "driver" becomes a "pedestrian".

Kill Opposing Gunner/Passenger - $1,000 each
     Like drivers, "gunners" and "passengers" become "pedestrians" upon exiting the vehicle.

Shoot Pedestrian - $1,000
     Pedestrians are much harder to target than vehicles, and a driver/gunner who does so deserves credit. Even so, the crowd prefers a spectacle - which is why you can make more by . . .

Running Over A Pedestrian - $2,500
     Sure, running 'em down is more hazardous and more difficult than blowing them to bits, but the crowd loves it.

Running Over A Dead Pedestrian - +$100
     Challenging? Hardly. The first driver to run over an already-dead pedestrian gets a whopping $100. The second vehicle to run over the same poor slob gets $200. The sixteenth vehicle would earn $1,600, etc. Drivers who earn money this way are referred to as "buzzards".

Each Full Inch (15 scale feet) Traveled On Foot - $250
     Just because your vehicle is trashed doesn't mean you can't keep earning money, and we've seen more than one nimble-footed moron sprint his way to big prize money.

Pedestrian Incapacitates Opposing Vehicle - $5,000
     While the fans just love the old "David & Goliath" routine, "David" had better be packing a double barrel gyroslugger with laser targeting scope. If so, he can earn the biggest single payoff available. If not, "Goliath" should see "Running Over A Pedestrian" (above).

Pedestrian Obtains Usable Vehicle - $500
     Profitable or not, jaywalking in the arena can get you killed. That's when you might feel inclined to "borrow" someone else's car. Sure, the driver side armor might be gone and it could probably use a good cleaning, but beggars can't be choosers. To qualify, a vehicle must be able to accelerate and steer.

Pedestrian Occupies Turret - $500
     Some arena managers have hearts of gold. These humanitarians provide armored turrets into which a pedestrian can scurry for cover. Most of these turrets are equipped with weapons so that pedestrians can attempt to increase their winnings.

Destroy Occupied Turret - $1,000
     That fraidy cat pedestrian got to a turret before you could decorate your hood with him. That mean he owes you $$$. All you have to do is huff and puff and blow his house down for an easy grand. Note: This payoff is for the occupied turret only. There is an additional payoff for killing the pedestrian (see listings above).

Each Full Second at 70+ m.p.h. - $500
     In an arena you can run out of room fast. For those willing to take the chance, high speed can equal high stakes.

Each Full Second at 100+ m.p.h. - $750
     Even the biggest arena feels pretty small when you're doing 100 m.p.h. Sure, the money is good but hit one oil slick and you'll be barrel-rolling for a month.

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