New Cycles

     Cycles . . . not the safest transportation available, but look at the money you save!

Added 3/12/99

Pyramid Motorsports "Lil Big Shot" - $15,874 - modified by Aardvark
     Heavy cycle, carbon aluminum frame
     Heavy suspension
     Small cycle power plant with superconductors
     Puncture resistant radial tires
     Driver only
     Blast cannon, front
     High-res single weapon computer
     2 point cycle windshell
     10 points windshell armor
     10 point cycle wheelguards, front and back
     Armor: F12, B15
     Accel. 5, Top Speed 90, H.C. 3, Wt. 1300 lbs.

     Notes: This is a simple modification to a vehicle found elsewhere on the Net. I do not recall where it was found or who the original designer was. My helmet is off to you, whoever you are.

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