New Cars

The following vehicles were designed by members of the Black Circle Gaming Society.


Added 3/12/99

Triumph Motorsports "S.B.D." (Simple But Deadly) - $14,906 - designed by Aardvark
     Mid-size body, heavy chassis, heavy suspension
     Super power plant
     Puncture resistant tires
     Driver only
     Heavy-duty flame thrower with high temperature ammo, front
     High-res single weapon computer
     30 point ram plate
     Sloped Armor: F30 R25, L25, B30, T10, U17
     Accel. 10, Top Speed 120, H.C. 3, Wt. 5194 lbs.

Older Designs

Triumph Motorsports "Copperhead III" - $23,213
     Compact body, heavy chassis, heavy suspension
     250 C.I.D. gas engine, variable pitch turbo
     1 gallon dueling tank, 1 gallon gas
     Solid radial tires
     H.D. shocks & H.D. A.B.S. brakes
     Driver only
     No weapons
     Sloped & streamlined
     Spoiler & airdam
     Ram plate
     Armor: F40 (ramplate), R40, L40, B40, T20, U21
     Accel. 20, Top Speed 130, H.C. 4, Wt. 3997 lbs. 

     Notes: This vehicle is designed to make money in two ways. With its impressive acceleration and handling, it can achieve and maintain high speeds (which pays $ in our arena combats). Also, its ram plate will crush any vehicle unfortunate enough to get in the way. As an added bonus the Copperhead III's sloped armor makes it difficult to hit with most weapons (-3 front/rear, -2 sides).

Triumph Motorsports "Wasp" - $19,999
     Compact body, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension
     150 C.I.D. gas engine, variable pitch turbo
     1 gallon dueling tank, 1 gallon gas
     Puncture resistant tires
     H.D. shocks, H.D. brakes
     Driver only
     Two linked flechette guns (front)
     Ten rounds each for flechette guns
     Targeting computer
     Laser reactive web linked to 4 smoke dischargers (F,R,L,B)
     10 point armored hubs on front tires
     10 point wheel guards on rear tires
     10 point component armor on driver
     3 point body armor on driver
     2 fake grenades on driver
     Sloped & streamlined
     Spoiler & airdam
     Ram plate
     Armor: F50 (ramplate), R40, L40, B40, T17, U20
     Accel. 15, Top Speed 95, H.C. 3, Wt. 4068 lbs. 

     Notes: The Wasp, like the Copperhead III, is designed to make money on speed and on ramming with its high handling class and acceleration. Another similarity to the Copperhead III is in the Wasp's sloped & streamlined armor, making it difficult to hit. The main difference between the two vehicles is in the addition of the linked flechette guns and targeting computer. While the flechette guns are useless against vehicular armor, they do a fine job of destroying pedestrians and tires. In our arena combats, destroying tires is the 2nd fastest way to take out a vehicle (ram plates are first). The Wasp is also equipped with a laser reactive web which will activate a smoke discharger on any armor facing which is targeted by a laser (to prevent laser damage and targeting acquisition by laser-guided weapons).

Triumph Motorsports "Hammerhead" - $19,984
     Compact body, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension
     150 C.I.D. gas engine, variable pitch turbo
     Two gallon dueling tank, two gallons gas
     One gallon auxiliary dueling tank (empty)
     Nitrous oxide tank linked to weapon timer
     180 lb. solid rocket booster
     Blow-through concealment on solid rocket booster
     Puncture resistant tires
     Driver only
     Roll cage, safety seat
     Component armor on driver (10 points)
     Impact armor on Driver
     Three explosive grenades with impact fuses
     Spoiler & airdam
     Ram plate
     Armor: F75 (ramplate), R50, L50, B42, T20, U25
     Accel. 15, +10 from nitrous, +40 from S.R.B.
     Top speed 80 (125 with nitrous), H.C. 3, Wt. 4439 lbs. 

     Notes: The Hammerhead is for players with short attention spans. Once you have the ram plate pointed at a nearby enemy, just hit the nitrous. This will increase your acceleration to 45 m.p.h./turn for the next ten seconds, or until you hit something. The nitrous tank is linked to a weapon timer on the solid rocket booster. The recommended delay is 5 phases (1/2 second). This should allow you to ram an opponent before the booster kicks in. After the collision, other drivers will have a false sense of security since your speed will be drastically reduced by the crash. That's about when the S.R.B. should blow through its concealment and grant you and instant bladder draining 40 m.p.h. increase in speed, and hopefully send you right through yet another driver's vehicle. Subtle? No. Safe? Not really. Smart? Well . . .

Triumph Motorsports "Chiller" - $25,217
     Sedan body, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension
     Large power plant, platinum catalysts
     Solid tires
     Heavy duty shocks
     Driver only
     Two heavy duty ice droppers (left & right, linked)
     Mine dropper
     Computer gunner & link
     Armor: F50, R70, L70, B50, T21, U25
     Accel. 5, H.C. 3, Wt. 6106 lbs. 

     Notes: The Chiller is one of Triumph's more basic models, and is the only electric car they offer. Behind its simplistic design lies a deadly combination of weapons. Via the linked H.D.I.D.s and the voice-activated M.D., the driver can lay down an ice-mine-ice strip that is absolute HELL on an opponent's handling. Each strip of ice is a D2 hazard, and they increase the mines' damage generated hazard by 4. Cackle with glee as those tailgaters spin, swerve, and flip in your wake. This vehicle doubles as a mobile bunker with a total of 286 points of vehicular armor.



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