by Nathan Stilwell

Genre: Modern/Espionage
Originality: Touch
Background: Touch
Rules: Good Touch

Note: This review was written based on the original editon of Q-Carz. Since then, a second edition has been released.

Officially, Q-Carz is named after the Royal Navy's Q-ships of WWI. It's also very evocative of James Bond's "Q", and refers to vehicles that look normal to the naked eye, but are laden with hidden gadgets and weapons. It's not really a roleplaying game, because it's focused entirely on vehicle combat a la CAR WARS It's a lot simpler and plays faster than CW, though, so I'd recommend it as a good, alternate chase system for games whose vehicle combat rules are weak.

The game has some logical concepts -- it's got good, generic ideas for setting up chase scene for ANY game. It also has the best vehicle research I've seen in a game since the late, lamented JAMES BOND 007 rpg, plus a wealth of pre-generated vehicles, and of course, rules for creating your own Q-Carz.

Reviewed by Uncle Bear

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