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If you have a design and want to post it on this site, email the design (with a description, if you want) to me at The first one is mine... don't laugh, it was my first one. 

Hammerhead Bee
This compact car is usually built to resemble one of those new VW Beetles. Quick in both power and handling, the Bee is designed primarily for ramming. With retracting spikes all around the body, a reinforced front bumper, and nitro, this little car can pack a wollap. The .30 machine gun up front is for light work only... the 120mm rocket facing backwards is the only real weapon, and once it's fired the Bee is relatively defenseless. 

Hammerhead Bee - 150 cf. expensive low profile body, RWD, Sport suspension, HiPro tires [7], 250 hp SHO engine [16], 10 gallon tank [4], driver, MG30 [2] front (25), R120 [1] back, spoiler, cheater pack, 4 sets collision spikes, ramplate. SR 3.5, TS 123, AC 8 (max 19), 19 mpg@65. SLO Armor: F40, L21, R21, B26, T10, U6. Cargo 33.6 cf. Max load 504 lb. Length 5 yards. $39,190, 4500 lb. 

by The Author 

Smirking Wraith
This Sassy Chassis can dish it out with the best of them with its linked dual machine gunstearing up the night and twin 45mm rockets poised to rip out from under the liscense plate and eviscerate an unfortunate target. Don't underestimate the power of this ultra compact demon because with an ultra low SR of 2 that you can push down with your gas pedal, it can handle just about any turn. Just try not to get shot because the Wraith has relatively light armor. 

Miata Smirk - 130 cf. expensive low profile (-1 to hit) sport body, manual transmission, AWD, sport suspension, HiPro tires[6.5], 325hp Turbocharged Super HO engine[16], 25 gallon self sealing gasoline tank[8], 1 driver, 1 passenger, MG30[2] (50 ea.) linked (100 total shots), 45 mm rocket[1](2). All weapons front mounted under headlights/liscense plate, electronic traction control, fire extingusher(4), targeting computer(+1 to hit), spoiler (-.25 SR for every full 50mph). SR=2, TS=160mph, AC 10(max24), 19 mpg@65mph. Sloped armor: F=25, L=15, R=15, B=40, T=10, U=12, WheelGuards give tires armor W=10 ea. Cargo 3cf maxload=45lbs. length=3.5 yards. $41595.50, 3900 lbs.

Extra options

  • Kickin' stereo: $750, (-1 cf cargo and -15 lbs maxload)
  • Convertible top: $1700 (+44lbs, +6.5 cf.)
  • Grey flame/camo paint job: $2000
by Logan Taylor; AKA Shaggy

Will be posting more designs soon, including ones received over the internet, whenever I get them.

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