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  • QCarz is an old fashioned dice-and-paper roleplaying game, developed for the age of the couch potato and the video game troglodyte. No gamemaster is required. The players each design their car, adding from a wide range of weapons, trying to squeeze in that last layer of armor, and even choosing tires, engines, suspensions...

  • There are an infinite number of different vehicles to confront and destroy, from bicycles to semi-tractor trailers, armored bank trucks to main battle tanks. The game is fast paced and sometimes rather brutal... this isn't just any roleplaying game.

Here is a clip from the QCarz Handbook:

Q-Car Basics

Our first Q-car is the Blue Fury, a small two-door passenger car with a .50 Browning machine gun tucked under the hood and a spike dropper hidden beside the exhaust. As far as the naked eye can tell, the Blue Fury looks like little more than a typical two-door compact car. About the best way to tell the difference between a Q-car and it's civilian twin would be to check the width of the tires... The Blue Fury weighs in at almost 4400 lb, twice what a comparable car would weigh, and the tires must be much more robust if performance is to be a factor. Under the hood is different too: no four-banger for this monster. A compact turbocharged V6 pushing 260 hp keeps all of that weight moving at a pretty good clip. The most impressive fact about this car is that there are about five inches of ceramic armor tucked underneath the sheet metal throughout the body. The Blue Fury can take anything but a direct hit from a high-explosive rocket or cannon shell...

Feel free to make as many copies as you would like, as long as you do not sell them for profit. Give them to your friends. They will appreciate it when you blow them up. And if you laugh cruelly in their faces, make sure that you can back just gusto up next time.

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