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"...With an evil grin he gently taps the red FIRE icon and watches the gratifying fireball. Foreign cars pop so nicely."

version 2.0

QCarz is the roleplaying game for those of you out there who are just sick of all those idiot drivers on the road... and would love to hop into a high-tech spy car and blast them all into tiny little pieces.

What's New

  • October 4, 1998 The QCarz Play-By-EMail (PBEM) game will be starting soon. The rules for QCarz were designed so that they could be used in a PBEM, and this is going to be a great chance to try it out. We have room for maybe one or two more players, and if you are interested, send me an email at

  • September 24, 1998The Adobe Acrobat version of QCarz v2.0 is finally up! You can download it here.

  • September 20, 1998After a short vacation QCarz is back with version 2.0, complete with character creation, basic roleplaying rules, game scenarios, and even a couple of new surprises. For those of you who are somewhat familiar to QCarz you will notice a mild change in the combat rules... movement is less one-dimensional and there are now rules for burst effect weapons! Now that grenade actually does something!

  • QCarz is FREE and ready for you to download. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or a copy of Microsoft Word to view and print the rule book.
  • Here is a listing of all the current errata. I will be posting more player vehicle designs and more rules updates in the future. Please send me email if you plan on looking into QCarz... I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Version 1.3 received QCarz's first Review! Check out One good point made was that QCarz "is not a true roleplaying game..." Let's see what Uncle Bear thinks of version 2.0!.

  • Playtesters wanted! If you decide that you want to try QCarz, you can sign up to become an official playtester. As a playtester you will get to receive due credit in forthcoming versions of the QCarz Handbook, and the information that you provide will be used to further the game. If you are interested, send me an email at

  • Check this site soon for corrections and updates of QCarz, which will include all errata to-date, rules clarifications, and more.

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