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2048 AADA World

The Best of the Best

The 2048 AADA World Duelling and Racing Championships will be held at Tacticon '98, September 11-13 at the Doubletree Hotel in Denver, CO. The racing match will be governed entirely by NOVA, and you can find that information here.

The following pages contain rules, formats, and Q&A that apply only to the duelling match. Rulings and rules for the racing match may be different.

Rule 1: The 2048 World Championships will be an open tournament. Entrants need not be AADA members.

Rule 2: AADA Sanctioned rules in the latest printing of the Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell, then the latest printing (Black Cover) of the Car Wars Compendium, Second Edition, and then Autoduel Quarterly shall be in effect. Rules and errata with a later date of publication shall take precedence over earlier rulings. All applicable rules from AADA tournament guidelines published in Autoduel Quarterly (see issue 9/1) will also be in effect. No rules or errata published after 1 May 1998 shall be in effect. Rules clarifications in ADQ&A and the Q&A section of this document will be in effect.

Rule 3: Vehicle designs for all rounds must be turned in by the deadlines given in the descriptions of each individual event directly to the event referee or in the vehicle design drop box located at the events tables. Alternatively, players may select from pregenerated vehicles that will be available for duelling events.

Rule 4: Any car found to be illegal may be altered by the referee to make it legal. If referee alterations to the vehicle are not acceptable to the player, he or she may select from pregenerated designs.

Rule 5: Foul language, harassment of another player, coaching by a non-player or any other non-sportsmanlike activity (as determined by the referee or a representative of Steve Jackson Games) are grounds for disqualification. There are no appeals.

Rule 6: No one will be given seeding preference in the Racing Tournament. Regional Champions, and the reigning World Champion will be seeded past the qualifying rounds in the Duelling tournament.

Rule 7: Have fun!

For the details on each event, refer to the following web pages:
2048 AADA World Duelling Championship
2048 AADA World Racing Championship

Published by the Rocky Mountain Autoduelling Association, September 1998.
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, March 29, 2015.
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