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Aspen Octagon
Aspen, Colorado

The Aspen Octagon is located near the ruins of Aspen, Colorado. The arena's history is as rich as that of the rest of the area.

When the tourism-based economy of Aspen began a steady decline as people's everyday thoughts turned more to survival than entertainment, the city administration ordered the construction of the Aspen Octagonal Duellodrome in the earliest years of autoduelling. While revenues from one of the first arenas of its kind did help, they were not enough to save starving Aspen. The arena fell into lawlessness with its surroundings.   During these "lost years" Aspen was rumored to be the site of many BLUD events, including one which started with each competitor next to someone else's vehicle. According to rumor they then raced to their own vehicles, or simply stole the nearest one they could break into.

The success of the Pale Horse Ice Arena and its companion off-road track prompted Mike "Pale Horse" Turner to search for an interesting and versatile paved arena to expand his operations. The Aspen Octagon caught his attention, and after $1.3 million in renovations, Aspen has become one of the most popular arenas in the region. It is now the host of many high-stakes events, including the 2041, 2043, and 2048 U.S. Mountain West Regional Duelling Championships, as well as the 2048 AADA World Duelling Championship Qualifying Rounds.

Heavily armed and armored convoy escort vehicles make two trips to Aspen from the Federal Corridor daily, and the roads to and from Aspen are patrolled by two pairs of Dark Angel helicopters (see AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2). Mr. Turner's obvious concern for the safe travel of his patrons is probably one of the biggest reasons for Aspen's great popularity.

Aspen Octagon

Arena Notes

Scale. 1 square = 15'.

Barriers. Barriers are solid concrete and indestructible, though 25 DP of damage will produce debris. Needless damage to the arena is discouraged by the management with the use of hefty fines levied against violators.

White Lines. The white lines painted on the arena floor are no hazard. They are used for scoring during the arena's more popular events.

Walls and Pillars. All walls are actually concrete pillars and indestructible. Fifteen or more points of damage will cause debris, but this is generally frowned upon by the arena management. Excessive arena damage will result in a fine to the offender. The walls and pillars are 12.5' high, and TV crews on top of the pillars (as well as fans in the stands) are protected by 20 DP per 1/4" Spalltex that reaches an additional 15' high.

Arena Events

The Aspen Octagon is a very versatile arena, and hosts everything from standard duels to slalom races. Mr. Turner is always open to new and interesting ideas about how events may make use of his arena. Gasoline power is always allowed and encouraged.

Arena Tactics

The large size of this arena make accurate weapons advisable, although there is enough cover for faster cars to hide behind. Dropped weapons, except for gas streamers and projectors, are largely useless. In events where crossing lines scores points, block a line with a FCGS cloud after crossing it. The general openness of the arena favors faster cars, so an acceleration of 10 mph per second or better is almost essential.

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