Chaos Crusader Memorial Off-Road Arena



Welcome to the Chaos Crusader Memorial Off-Road Arena! This week's event is like none you've ever experienced before. Change those tires and cover your feeble opponents in dirt as you race against them, the clock and your car's lifespan to reach every hidden prize before someone leaves the arena with three victory tokens.

Of course, no avid armchair warrior is going to miss this event, so you'd better remember the audience in your performance. Not only will their cheers for you deafen your opponent, but they'll help you on your way towards victory. I'm sure you don't need too much encouragement, but perhaps a highly visible kill or two are in order.

Finally, after you've gathered all of your treasure and stunned onlookers with your supreme coolness, you still need to leave the arena alive. Now, I haven't met your opponents, but I'm willing to bet that they've got other plans in mind for your loot (which don't include you), so watch your back!

Arena Layout

Entrance/Exit Tunnel. All contestants will enter at the same point through the tunnel at the South End of the Arena. Absolutely no firing or discharging is allowed until one car has passed the marked Start Line. This tunnel is also the only exit, so remember where you found it! :)

Prize Spaces. Along some walls, there are indented spaces holding valuable prizes. These range from pedestrian weapons to vehicles and cash prizes, but you won't know what you've found until you exit your vehicle and activate the dispenser. Some dispensers hold victory tokens rather than prizes.

Audience Stands. At many places in the arena, you may notice audience view-chambers surrounded by bullet-proof glass. While these enclosures are safe from normal machine gun fire, rockets and heavier guns will pierce them, as will direct crashes. Fans are fickle, and it is difficult to tell whether the massacre of their fellows will inspire or distress them. Yet, perhaps it would simply be best to avoid finding out!

The Pit. As you round the bend at the North End of the arena, you'll find yourself navigating a narrow bridge across a shallow pit. While a fall will not disable your vehicle, you'll take tire damage until you can reach one of the Eastern ramps and climb out again.

The Channels. At the Southern End of the arena, there are narrow spaces (2 car widths wide) which hold yet more prizes. Like ordinary prize spaces, you must exit the vehicle to activate the dispenser. However, you may pull your car into the space while doing so. Be careful of this. Once inside, you can't turn around and will have to stop and back out again, leaving yourself exposed and possibly defenseless for a few seconds.

The Jump. South of the Channels at the Southern extreme of the arena is The Jump. To successfully land, your speed must fall within 70-90mph when your tires leave the ground. Above this speed, you will overshoot, take tire damage upon landing and possibly hit the side wall. Whatever you do, don't fall below it unless you're planning to crush the exiting winner. A fall from the jump will annihilate your vehicle and has a 50% chance of killing the occupants as well.


Posted October 18, 1996 by the Princeton Simulation Games Union
Reprinted August 05, 2000 by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
Updated January 05, 2015