SWAT Mad Max Fan Fiction Archive

The Open Road
by Mad Max

Published by Night Rider, 1999
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, September 24, 2003

As the sky was going down quickly we soon realized that we were going to have to stay here tonight. I looked over at Daniel and he said the truck could not be fixed without any lights. I said there trying to think of a positive reason to why I was not flipping out over this whole ordeal, but I remained calm as I sat waiting for dark to finally approach us. After a while of thinking I decided that I was going to bed . . . eyes closed I fell fast asleep on the side of a lonesome highway by a truck.

I woke up as the light was just starting over the horizon as I noticed that Daniel was missing . . . This confused me. I looked all around me but I did not see him anywhere. Without him the truck would never be repaired and I would die in the wasteland with no hope of reaching the refinery. After an hour or two I could not take it anymore so I decided to get some supplies and start walking down the long stretch of a seemingly endless road of pavement. I was startled as a rumble of a engine came roaring down the highway. As the object started to get closer I saw a black car coming at me very fast with vehicles behind it in hot pursuit. As they approached my truck on the side of the road, th black car in the lead kept going but the pursuers stopped . . . Those bastards were going to get a lot of gas from my truck!

The black car stalled in front of me and a man drew a short double-barreled shotgun out and pointed it at me . . . I stood motionless as I waited to see what he was going to do. I was sure I was soon to be killed by either him or the vehicles still at my truck. He looked me in the face and told me to get in with him. I opened the left door and got inside as we took off with tires spinning.

The figure turned to me and calmly said "What are you doing all the way out here by yourself? You are just a boy."

I explained to him that I was with my brother trying to get away from those guys but I was lying through my teeth but the stranger did not know.

I looked in the back seat and a dog stood staring at me . . . "Nice dog you have," I said to the stranger. He replied with a "Thanks."

After a minute of silence the stranger turned to me and said "Whats your name?"

I said "Jeffrey," and he turned to me and said, "My name is Max."

It seemed we had been driving forever until I finally got up enough courage to ask the stranger "What are you doing out here by yourself?"

At first he did not reply but a few seconds later he said, "Trying to survive this mess." I knew as well as anyone else what he meant by that.

We finally stopped as dark approached once again and me and the stranger turned the car off and got out of the car. Max started walking toward the car and he opened the door and he looked at me and said, "You hungry?" and I was actually starving and I said "Yea, what's for dinner?"

He brought over a can of dog food . . . I looked at him and said "Wow, real food for once."

We were finished with the meal quickly and I thanked Max for the gourmet meal. The next morning we were back on the road again driving endlessly on the open road until we noticed a vehicle ahead with two figures by it. We stopped to see who was there and amazlingly my brother was there with another young man! I was excited to be finally reunited with him again . . . My brother explained to me that this other young man next to him picked him up as the scags were chasing them. I was bitter at the fact that my brother left me there, but I was happy we were both alive as well. I turned to Max to say thanks, but he was already speeding off into the distance.

After a while we started riding again this time with my brother when suddenly we had a bunch of cars scattered in the mirrors behind us. We pulled over instead of being killed and they killed my brother and the other guy immediately but they put me into the back of a car that was driven by a man with a white helmet on with sunglasses and a mask covering the rest of his face. I wondered why they spared me and killed the others.

Finally after the gas was stolen from the vehicle and parts were taken, I sat in a back seat as I sped off in a scags car. Finally later that day they dragged me from the car and pulled a crossbow out and pointed it at me until I said "Wait. I know where a lot of fuel is located. Kill me and you will never find it."

I told them the directions to a pump that was strangely located in middle of the wasteland. They all left except for the car I was in, a motorcycle with two men, and a buggy of some sort staying behind. I knew the scags would get to the refinery in no time because I gave them the directions there . . . I realized that I led them to fuel but I also spared my life because a large man with a metal mask on gave me his word that if there was this place they would spare my life.

Soon we took camp as night approached and as soon as I fell asleep I woke up as morning arose. Morning came as my driver spotted a black dot moving on the road ahead of him . . . The other vehicles took notice as well. Soon I realized it was Max ahead in his black car! He kept ahead of ths scags for a while down the road but for some reason I do not not why but his car came to enough slow that the my car and the motorcycle with two men came along side his car. I watched as we pulled along side of Max and as they men on each side were abut to fire Max suddenly hit the brakes on his car and the man on the motorcycle was hit by an arrow and he trailed off the road in panic.

I heard a roar behind us and Max slammed into the back of the car I was in. As the driver looked behind him the strange looking buggy ran in front of us. He hit a parked trailer that was on the side of the road and as I finally saw that the car I was in started to flip over and over.

Ahead I heard a screech as I barely saw Max's car backing up towards the wreck. I tried to scream for help but something had fallen on my chest and all I could do was watch Max start taking the gas that was leaking from the buggy. I loud noise was then heard on the hill in front of Max, and the two men on the motorcycle sat there on the hill. With a loud holler the man with a mohawk took the arrow out from his arm and he put it away in a case on his leg. He started to go on his bike but I saw Max draw his shotgun as the scag turned around and went in the opposite direction.

After a while I realized I was bleeding badly and I was not going to last long. I looked over at Max who opened the door to the rig and a corpse of the driver fell out onto the hot road. As Max took the gas he had stolen and put it into his huge tanks in the back of his car I saw him drive down the road into nowhere. That's the last I saw of Max on the Open Road.