SWAT Mad Max Fiction Archive

A Decaying World
by Road Worthy

Published on the Mad Max Movies FAQ Message Board, February 14, 2001
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, September 27, 2001
Updated September 23, 2003

Idled just along the side of the sun-faded ribbon of pavement, Joshua now several years older, awaits Ethan in an aging two-door sedan. Puffs of blue, oil-latent smoke spew from the exhaust tips as Joshua impatiently toys with the throttle.

"Come on . . . Come on . . . " he thinks to himself as he once again punches the throttle.

From behind the left side of a dilapidated structure Ethan appears. He is running as fast as possible, in his right arm he carries a severely dented jerry can. Liquid sloshes from the throat of the can, drenching the front of his ragged t-shirt. The pistol Ethan is holding, waves frantically back and forth as he uses his free arm for balance.

Joshua inside the sedan, begins yelling. "Hurry . . . Hurry . . . we ain't got all damn day." Joshua leans across the passenger seat and releases the door handle. He extends himself even further over the seat and manages to push the passenger's door fully open in anticipation for Ethan's return.

Ethan, now just a few yards away, quickly looks over his shoulder. Sure enough, the old man from inside the store is following. Darting from behind the old man, and closing in fast, are two crazed dogs. The old man raises his weapon and fires a round. The round thuds into the side panel of the sedan, two inches above the wheel well, leaving one of those stereotypical bullet holes.

Joshua inside the sedan, hammers the throttle. The sedan slides sideways in the loose gravel along the shoulder. The passenger's door slams shut from the sudden momentum.

Ethan, surprised and then angered as he watched the vehicle pull away, leaps for the open window of his get-a-way vehicle.

Joshua lets off the throttle, the vehicle slows and Ethan drops the can on the front floorboard. He then dives headfirst into the passenger's seat, his legs still dangling outside the sedan.

Joshua dumps the throttle again, and once more the vehicle slides sideways trying to gain traction. In the mean time, two shots are heard. The first, seeming to miss the vehicle completely, and the second shatters the passenger's mirror; prompting Ethan to double his efforts of trying to settle himself inside the vehicle.

Just as the dogs reach the vehicle, the are enveloped in a cloud of smoke and grit as the sedan's tires tear into the pavement. The sedan rapidly leaves the scene.

A familiar tune breaks the silence inside the yellow Pursuit Special that is parked beside an old roadhouse who's roof has caved in years ago. The officer, alone today because his partner called in sick, is blasted awake from his afternoon nap. His sleepiness is rapidly replaced by an adrenaline rush of excitement.

"All MFP units" a woman's voice drones on. "This is an all-call for available units in the vicinity of Washout Road and Highway 3. Fuel theft from a group of rogue skags driving north bound in a dark two-door sedan. Suspects are presumed armed, approach with caution."

The eager young officer needs to hear no more. He reaches up and toggles the switch above. "This is Unit 1213, in Pursuit."

The Pursuit Special rumbles to life and slowly leaves the hard-packed dirt of the abandoned driveway. The Pursuit Special quickly and efficiently enters the pursuit with its freshly over-hauled engine. The siren is blaring and the blue lights are flashing on top of the vehicle, like a tribute to the last thread of humanity they represent.

Deep Thoughts from the Author

This marks the ending of the first chapter of an on-going story. It's a continuation of my last story, A Threshold Moment (which was never finished). There is a threshold moment for everyone in this world . . . Max's world. For Johnny-the-Boy it was the killing of Jim Goose. For Joshua and Ethan it was the senseless killing of an elderly farmer.

The characters Ethan and Joshua are based on myself and my best friend who since moved to the west coast of the U.S. It's not hard to get caught up in the decay that is sweeping the land, so I write on the premise of what would I do and act in this situation. Maybe, it's something, that in a way I wish would actually happened. Not because I am sick, perhaps I am, but for the adventure that I feel my life is lacking. I hope you enjoy my story.