Hot Asphalt Logo Mustang Arena - PR 0.5
Gallup, New Mexico

P. 11

The Mustang Arena has turned out many notable Native American duellists, such as Johnathan Strongbear, Richard Bigman, and Angry Wind, to name a few. The arena management favors lower-divisional vehicles so as to keep the sport accessible and reduce repair bills to a minimum. Aggressiveness is encouraged, but bad sportsmanship and bloodthirstiness, are not. Duellists with a history of overkill are not welcomed.
Arena Notes:

The arena outer walls are 45 feet tall and 80 DP. The diagonal "spikes" are 10 feet tall, 45 feet long and 10 DP. The spikes can be extended to a maximum length of 135 feet (9" in Car Wars scale) or be shortened to 15 feet (1"). The spikes can move at a rate of 15 feet per turn. All of the eight center jumps have 40 DP and are typically set at a 35-degree angle. The arena gates have 20 DP and take two phases to open/close.

The arena jumps can be adjusted using a series of hydraulic pumps and support jacks. The jump angles can be changed at a rate of 5 degrees per turn (no lower than 15 degrees, no higher than 45 degrees). All of the jumps are changed at the same time. Each jump has a small opening at the bottom, allowing players to enter or exit the center ring.
Arena Map:
Mustang Arena - 17.6K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Divisionals (5, 10 and 15)
Friday Corporate Cup
Saturday Cycle Night
Sunday Special Events

Arena Special Events:

Jump Masters Anonymous: This event has contestants using the center jumps for points. Points are awarded for the following:
Jumping from ramp to ground 1/2 point
Jumping from ramp to ramp 1 point
Standard Kill 2 points
Kill, after four jump points 3 points

Only a maximum of eight jump points, per contestant, are allowed. Dropped weapons are allowed. The contestant who scores the most points in thirty seconds is the winner.