Hot Asphalt Logo Tumbleweed Arena - PR 1.25
Yuma, Arizona

P. 19

The Tumbleweed is a municipally owned duelling complex with an uncertain destiny. Due to the rise of "morally correct" politicians within the city council, the arena's future looks bleak. Current plans stipulate that the arena will be torn down and replaced by a multi-level shopping mall by year's end. Local duelling enthusiasts are attempting to declare the place as a historical landmark. A bitter court fight is expected.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 10 feet high and 70 DP. In the center of the arena is an elevated roof, which is 10 feet tall, 20 DP, and is supported by four 30 DP support columns. If two columns are destroyed, the platform will collapse forming a 5" by 6" debris field and doing 3d6 points of damage to top armor. The arena gates slide left to right, take one phase to open or close, and have 30 DP.

The six "silos" are 5 feet tall and 30 DP. They can be targeted at a -4 penalty.
Arena Map:
Tumbleweed Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday AADA Divisionals
Wednesday Corporate Cup
Thursday Closed
Friday Cycle Night and Team Events
Saturday Special Events
Sunday Closed to general public (private instruction and personal grudge matches)

Arena Special Events:

World War Three: This event occurs during a team vs. team or free-for-all duel. At the beginning of each second, the GM rolls 1d6 to see if each silo is "on" or "off". If "on", the silo will eject an impact-fused explosive grenade. The grenade is inserted randomly (the referee closes his eyes and tosses the counter onto the map) causing damage wherever it hits. Another version has the silos manned by teammates (Gunner skill of +1). Vehicular grenade launcher rules are used.