Bluffs Drag - PR 1.5
Council Bluffs, Iowa

P. 24

Bluffs Drag is the only AADA-sanctioned facility in Iowa. This is because no weapons are used on the complex (not even hand weapons). Drag racing is the main event here.

There are rumors that more arena facilities will be built in Iowa in the near future. A recent ruling by the Supreme Court striking down the anti-weapons laws in New York (see The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Volume 1: The U.S. East Coast) has been successfully applied to the Iowa courts. This nullifies Iowa's anti-weapon laws. 

IMSA will not take this lying down and plans to fight these rulings. The confrontation between supporters and non-supporters will definitely heat up in the months to come. Bloodshed is guaranteed.
Arena Notes:

Bluffs Drag has two quarter-mile, double-lane tracks that run next to each other. The outer walls are 10' high and have l50 DP. The inner wall is 4' high and has 100 DP. Races run south to north. Beyond the track is an emergency deceleration zone where vehicles receive an additional 10 MPH free deceleration. After 90", this is increased to 20 MPH. The deceleration zone is half a mile long (180").
Arena Map:
Bluffs Drag Map - 3.8K

1 square = 5".

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Time Trials
Thursday Amatuer Night
Friday Challenge Night
Saturday AADA Divisionals
Sunday Closed

Arena Events:

Officially, only drag racing events are allowed at this time. The only thing close to "combat" are cycle jousting matches conducted at the yearly Renaissance fair.