Colorado Road Atlas Entry

P. 5

Autoduelling is legal throughout the state and, like its government, there are two forms - one in the Federal Corridor and one in the Outlands.

In the Federal Corridor, permits are required for vehicular weapons and the use of dropped weapons is prohibited on interstate highways. The government keeps a tight control on vehicular combat. Duels tend to be honorable and legal.

In the Outlands, anything you can get away with is fine. The permit requirement and dropped weapons prohibition are only enforced when a local sheriff needs an excuse to hold someone overnight. On Outland highways, the only real law is The Code of the New West.

Boulder's only formal duelling facility is the Crossroads Autoduelling Arena. The Crossroads holds a special notoriety as the site for the Colorado Cup, the unofficial state championship held in the final days of the AADA regular season. The event gets wide TV exposure, reaching the entire Mountain West.

Dueltrack events are especially popular in Denver, a city which has long enjoyed auto racing. Both the Centennial Dueltrack and Lakeside Speedway offer a regular schedule of dueltrack events. More conventional duels are held at the Washington Park Arena throughout the year. Challenge matches and informal duels are also held every Friday night at the Mile High Football Stadium during the spring and summer.

Being challenged by a BLUD member in Denver is a serious matter. Don't take it lightly.

Pueblo's rough-and-ready populace loves autoduelling almost as much as it loves combat football, largely due to the opporrtunity for amateur participation. Duelling is legal in most parts of the city, except in clearly marked "off-limits" zones. Expect your opponents to be very aggressive and sharp, but in no vehicle higher than Division 10.

Visiting duellists are advised that challenging a less valuable vehicle is considered bad sportsmanship. Fellow duellists will join in the fray to even the odds. Duels in Pueblo are honourable and follow The Code of the New West.