CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.7             1 - APR - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ), "Midville" and
"Americain Autoduel Association" (AADA)  are all registered trade
marks of Steve Jackson Games.

        Well I haven't recieved any submissions for anything yet - I
beg of you please send something in - an idea you have had.  It can
be as simple as that, 1/2 an article that you once wrote.  Anything to
do with CW - please.

        Both the CWML and HVD needs support badly - and the only place
that support can come from is you - the reader.  Remember you do gain
some entertainment and relaxation from this (or at least I presume
you do), so how about helping the poor mug who has to write all this,
you can even send in an idea for something you'd like to see.  Also it
might be an article you half finsihed - but would like to see
published.  Remember this is your mailing list as much as it is anyone

        All these links can be found at

        Any contributions, news or questions can be sent to.


        Are looking for more members, their racing season is soon to
start.  They are currently looking for 2-4 more duellers.  CADC are
centred around Detroit, so anyone in the area, support this group
and give the president, Tim Gould a mail : 'timgould@sprynet.com'.
Along these lines it may be helpful if everyone sent in which state
they lived in, for things like this.

        The readership or list of subscribers is increasing fairly
rapidly, there now being around 70 subscribers.  As of yet no one has
dropped off the list.  I am desperate for contribution though.  I am
running short of articles for this and HVD.  What I would really like
is some club news (duels, conventions, tournament and duel
descriptions).  Many clubs out there do not have pages, etc, and this
would be a great place to advertise for upcoming duels, new members
and tell the CW world (the internet one at least) what is going on.  I
would really like to hear from some CW clubs or AADA chapters.  Even
if you are just a member, tell your president about this and send in
some submissions.

        I haven't heard anything about ADQ coming back into existance
although I will endeavour to find out more for the next issue.  Re the
ADQ html programme, i have been asked by the webmaster of SJ-Games to
help with this process - hopefully I can get started on this soon and
get the last few episodes up and running.  Anyone interested in helping
should first look at the section under the ADQ acrhive at SJ-Games.

        A fair bit has happened for HVD since the last issue.  Firstly
HVD will soon have a permanent home at SJ-Games (www.sjgames.com) a
new server they are setting up.  Thus it will become an official site.
Issue #5 will remain at geocities and a process of updating the
graphics, etc of the old issues will also be beginning.  Issue #5 is
due out APR-25, and any submissions are due APR-5.  If you have
something then please email me ASAP, even if you can't have it finished
by APR-5, then just send me an msg, telling me what it is, etc.  I
haven't recieved any submissions yet - and I would really like to make
this the best HVD yet.

        A huge thanks goes to all those who offered me space for HVD,
these included many things.  And it was in response to this that I
recieved mail from SJ-Games, hopefully this will usher in a brave new
world for HVD and the CWML.  Some of the ppl who offered suggestions:
Bruce Lam (AVRO), Steve Jackson, webmaster at cityguide.com (offered
10 MB of space), Christopher Kelly, David Gregg & Jackie Hamilton
(webmaster at SJ-Games).  Once again thanks to all these people,
continuing the tradition of HVD.
        No new updates


NOVA:                                                   OLD
        Their page has seen quite a few updates, including yet more
vehicle designs - as well as some other club information.  Also a
new couple of bodies have been added.
                                                Last Mod: 30-MAR


        No new updates.

Here are two cars sent to me by the NOVA president Norm MacMullan with
the lack of anything better - and my complete inability to think of
anything I have decided to include these two designs.  Features from
these and a couple of other things are to be added to the Zenner 2E
for the article in HVD #5.

    Warp Ten: Indy car,std. chassis,thundercat power plant,racing
suspension, 4 PR racing slicks, driver, RL front, SWC, spoiler, airdam
, HD brakes, overdrive, streamlining. Sloped Armor: F7 R9 L9 B9 T2 U3,
Accel 15 mph, Top Speed 247.5 mph + overdrive, HC 8(9 above 60 mph),
4,000 lbs, $29,668.

   -A Version: Add SCs & PCs to power plant. Top Speed 260 mph +
overdrive. $38,468.

    Warp Ten-E: Indy car,x-hvy chassis, 500 ci gas engine w/
blueprinting & tubular headers, 5 gallon duelling gas tank, variable
pitch turbocharger, one bottle of nitrous oxide, racing suspension,
4 PR racing slicks, tinted no paint windows, overdrive, HD brakes, 2
spaces of rocket boosters (200lbs - 50 mph), active suspension,
spoiler, airdam, FP Armor: F25 R20 L20 B25 T5 U10, Accel. 20mph (30mph
with nitous oxide) + rocket boosters(0 to 40mph) , Top Speed 182.5mph
(272.5mph with nitous oxide) + overdrive & rocket boosters, HC 9 (10
above 60mph), 4000 lbs, $57,376.

        I'd realy like to hear from some ppl offering CW information
for this and HVD.  Again I harp back on the fact that the more I get
the more I send out and the better this stuff will be.  In particular
some of the newer subscribers to get involved - this is probably the
only outlet you have available for CW.  Fiction and other developement
articles are encouraged and begged for here.