CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 1.2             15 - NOV - 1996.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ) and "Americain Autoduel
Association" (AADA) are all registered trade marks of Steve Jackson Games.
        -"Autoduel" is a registered trademark of Victor Maxx P/L.

       Just added, I had some trouble sending this, if you recieve a couple
of copies I apologise, as the server crashed while sending the mail.  I
thought it was better to send it out, just in case no one got it.

        This list is now being archived, at my pages, visit the site from
the liks site bellow.  Other than that there have been no updates to pages
in the last couple of weeks.  A new update to the great AVRO pages is
expected soon, however this is yet to eventuate.  The list still goes out,
and contains some error fixing and a bit of other information.  For anyone
confused (I doubt it, but here goes) the dates are 96, unless otherwise
noted.  It's pretty obvious, but I have to write something.

        A couple of people have asked me how I run this list, so I'm going
to give you a brief description.  I use Netscape Navigator 3.0, which has
a function where you can create a list of email addresses, and send them all
the same documents/information.  I simply use this and manually add addresses
to it, when they are sent to me.  Nothing special here, just simple typing.

        An update to the links page has been made, and a new category added,
"Fiction", I just had to have it, with so much good CW fiction out there, it
had to be recognised, and duely has.  The links opage recieves an update
with this list, and may be worth another visit.  Other graphics have also
been added, the CW logo (thanks SJ-Games) and a few other logos.

        A couple of new symbols have been added to the rating system.

                DEAD    =       a dead or dieing link/page.
                OLD     =       a link that has already been in this list.

        All these links can be found at

        Any contributions, news or questions can be sent to.

        This page came to my attention, about 3 days after the 1st mailing
list was sent out.  It regards a convention that was on, from 9-10th of
November, I realise it may be a little late telling everyone now, but
hopefully the organiser will send me a submission on how it all went.  If
you would like to visit the page, it's at:
        P.S. - sorry i missed it :-( , particuarly to the organiser.

        If anyone has any news of conventions, please send it in so I can
include them in the next issue.  I don't want to miss one, like I did with
the "Slugathon".

        Two issues are currently in the pipeline, the X-Mas special due for
release in early December, this has moved forward due to a reduction in
other commitments.  All submissions now due by 1-DEC-96.  The next HVD is
also being researched, the Antarctic special, just in time for Winter in the
Northern Hemisphere.  From the editor of HVD, good luck and happy duelling.
        As mentioned in HVD, Dr. Michael Georgiani was killed in a freak
accident.  A clone was rebooted, except the last month of memory was lost,
included in this was the article.  After reteaching Dr. Georgiani what he
had told us about his article, the article will be finished for the X-Mas

        On the PBEM front, if it can be called that, a list has already been
started of those interested to play.  It is run by Eric W. Pass.  Send him
mail (epass@nyx.net), or visit "http://www.nyx.net/~epass/home.html"

        The magazine I mentioned in last issue, is a definate go ahead, I
have seen part of the 1st issue, and it shoudl be coming out relatively
soon.  It will be operating in "conjunction" with HVD, rather than an
all-out rival.

Mailing List:
        As I've said before this list is being archived, I figure that this
is really news worthy.  Also regarding this list, the "Links Page" is also
updated every time this comes out.  The next issue is going to feature some
homegrown rules on sand duelling, yes it's different from off-road duelling.

        The pages at SJ Games appear to have almost died, I sent in an
issue a month ago, and it still hasn't been updated.  It looks like there
may be quite a few issues which have been HTMLed, just not added at
SJ Games.


Official AADA homepage:                                         ****
        Underwent some major improvements, now as well as the list of
chapters, it has the AADA News sections from Pyramid.  This includes lots
of stuff, basically a really short ADQ.  Has thus recieved and increase
in it's rating 1 --> 4 stars.  They are updating it reguarly and have added
back to Issue #10's (NOV-94) AADA News.         Last mod: OCT-1

BAD Ass:                                                        OLD
        I've added a little graphic, based on the background for the page,
it's pretty poor, but you'll have to live with that. Arsenal have also had
the BAD Ass. graphic added, if they don't like it, they could supply their
own.                                            Last mod: SEP-14


DTM:                                                            OLD
        The link to this page has been updated.  And has had a little
graphic added.  There are a couple of problems with the links in this page,
however if you hit a snag, just delete the final name, and go to the
directory.                                      Last mod: OCT-29

Corporate Car Wars:                                             **
        Has had it's latest duel added, and has had it's rating upgraded,
from 1 --> 2 stars :-).                         Last mod: OCT-18

French Car Wars Page:                                           DEAD
        This page has been removed, because I can't find it, and has been
missing for a month now.

Autoduel:                                                       DEAD
        This page has made the missing in action list, if anyone knows what
has happened, please contact me.

JAVA Design Program:                                            OLD
        Last issue the last update was noted as August, it was actually
September.  It has also undergone another update, with some new designs just
having been added.                              Last mod: NOV-8

Mailing List:                                                   ***
        A new page, dedicated to the very list you are reading now, you can
even download this mailing list again, as well as all previous editions.
                                                Last mod: NOV-8

Games Related File Page:                                        **
        A page that I just found, only contains 1 CW file, a design sheet,
that I haven't had a chance to look at yet.     Last mod: JUN-6

        Bye for now, there hasn't been many major updates, hopefully the
organisers of pages will have a burst over X-mas.