CWIN Vol. 2, No. 1
Auto-Combat Fiction
Cybercop Trilogy Part 1: Don't I Know You From Somewhere?

Written by Ken Stone. Enthusiasm, inspiration and gaming notes by Chris Comer.

Ken Stone
Catgirls Paradise Webmaster

Web posted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, January 13, 1999
Updated August 05, 2000

The wind was unusually cold for this time of day. Peach shivered and pulled her shawl tighter. Fifteen year old Moko, who was standing next to her, was in tears. She did not understand Peach or Vivienne. She would soon, but to tell her now would be dangerous. Peach had been hunted for years. Things were quieter now, but trouble still had its way of finding her.

This time it had found Vivienne. Vivienne's hands were tied behind her back and she was standing in front of a bullet-riddled post. The death sentence for blowing away a trigger happy courier, who as it happened, was the son of the head of police in this run down country town.

"Can't we stop them, Peach?" Moko cried.

"You're not bullet proof, Moko, so it would be a little hard," Peach answered, giving Moko a motherly pat.

"Things will be okay."

Moko still didn't understand. She buried her head in Peach's arms as the sergeant barked "FIRE".

Vivienne screamed briefly then slid to the ground, where she lay looking very dead.

"Are you here to collect the body?" the sergeant asked Peach. She nodded.

Vivienne was placed in the passenger seat of Peach's battered grey cruiser. Moko climbed into the back among the tools and Peach heaved herself in through the drivers window, as the twisted door was chained shut.

The sergeant looked towards Peach's car when he heard it start. A V-8, and supercharged too, by the sound of it. Obviously it was an old ex-police cruiser from one of the major cities. He wondered what it was doing out here.

Peach directed the car out of the police compound and onto the pot-holed tarmac. Moko leaned forward into the cabin of the car. It was then that Vivienne moved. She opened her eyes and let out a subdued "ouch." Moko froze.

"I told you it would be all right, Moko." Peach stated.

"How . . . " was all Moko could manage.

"Vivienne is a cyborg. Her heart is armoured."

Moko looked in amazement "But I can see blood."

"She has real flesh covering all of her body. Only some parts of her are actually machine. She will heal rapidly. The self healing systems in cyborgs are quite good," Peach answered.

"Does it hurt?" Moko asked.

"Yes," answered Vivienne.

Peach ran her hand unconsciously over the fine weave pink scarf that covered her left eye. She was a cyborg too. Unlike Vivienne, who had been patched up with cybernetics after a car accident about six years ago, Peach had been converted into a Special Branch cop about twenty three years ago. Her cybernetic systems although somewhat older than Vivienne's, were considerably more advanced. Cybernetics had their advantage. Peach looked in her early twenties although she was forty two.

Peach's left eye and right arm were cybernetic and combined with the computerized section of her brain, they made a formidable targeting system. If Peach aimed at something, she hit it. Even with an unfamiliar weapon she was deadly accurate after the first shot.

Peach drove without stopping to the next town. All of their possessions were in the back of the cruiser except for Vivienne's car, which was in the next town being repaired after the battle. Moko and Peach had run it up last night when Vivienne was in prison. Vivienne was dead as far as the people in the last town were concerned, so it was best they were never seen there again.

"Peach, how do you know so much about cyborgs?" Moko asked. Peach slid the scarf from in front of her eye and flicked her long orange hair back. Moko gasped.

Hopefully Peach's contact in the next town had managed to procure a replacement lens for the cybernetic eye. It worked perfectly as it was, but when other people saw that she had one red eye and one green, they usually freaked. She had been wearing mirrored shades, eye-patches or scarfs to hide it for about 15 years. She was looking forward to a new lens.

Arriving in town after dark, Peach drove down a couple of back streets and up an alley into a darkened garage. The doors slid shut and the lights came on. The man standing by the light-switch was obviously a doctor.

"I've got it." he said to Peach, "I'll fit it now if you like."

"You'd better fix up Vivienne first. She's taken a slug in the front armor." Peach replied.

"Why won't you girls wear body armor?"

"Firing squads really don't appreciate it," Vivienne replied. The doctor nodded, opening the door for Vivienne. "Can you walk?" Vivienne nodded and stepped out of the car with the doctor's help.

"I know some one who can sell you a new car," the doctor said over his shoulder as he helped Vivienne out of the garage.

"No thanks, this one is too much a part of me," Peach answered, and it was, in more than one way. Peach shared a cybernetic link with the vehicle. It had been her patrol car. She and her partner had used it for several years before the event that freed Peach from the Special Branch. Her partner had not been so lucky. The two had been pursuing some car thieves who had opened up with a big gun. The shells had cut straight through the side armor, killing Peach's partner, who was driving, and fracturing the windscreen. The car had slammed into another, propelling Peach through the fractured windscreen and onto the road.

The impact with the windscreen had damaged the computerized section of her brain, totally disabling the restraining circuit that kept cyborgs faithful to the Special Branch. Most of the other functions survived intact. Some physical damage had been sustained also, including the loss of the lens that covered her cybernetic eye. Peach had managed to have most of the damage repaired, but getting the replacement lens had proven impossible until now.

The doctor reappeared and signalled for Peach. Entering his surgery, he indicated for Peach to lie on the operating table. Unlocking his safe he removed the small package that held the replacement lens.

"You have the payment?" he asked.

"Of course. You get it when the job is done." Peach stated, her fingers running over the pistol that was tucked into her belt. The doctor did not argue. He fitted the lens to Peach's eye, the brief operation taking only seconds.

"OK, the payment, please."

"You are very expensive," stated Peach, drawing her pistol, "but worth it." she added as she glanced at the mirror. Two green eyes. It was delightful. The doctor had backed away from Peach, eyeing her gun. She smiled, then removed the magazine and tossed it to him. It was solid gold.

"Now, where is Vivienne?"

*                *                *

The early morning sun was pleasant, and the three girls chatted as they waited in front of the car repair centre. The heavily armoured front door slowly lifted and Vivienne's car rolled out. It was an open topped machine, modeled after an antique Corvette, the panels of course being made of high-tech plastic armor. The huge rear wheels jutting out each side made the car sit up at a peculiar angle. The armor had patches welded into it in the areas of the damage. They had been roughly sanded down and the whole car given a jet black coat of paint, including the once chromed rims. A large laser sat atop the roll cage.

"Best I could manage in one day," the owner of the establishment explained. "There were a lot of things to patch up."

"It looks OK," Vivienne stated leaning into the car and poking a couple of buttons on the targeting computer. When the systems check gave the all-clear, she went to the front of the car and peered at the engine through the large hole in the hood that had once been covered by a scoop. The engine was similar to the one in Peach's car, a small block with dual Magnachargers and nitrous oxide injection. Peach's had the extra boost of twin turbos.

Vivienne was paying the bill when she noticed the car that had just rounded the corner. "Pigs," she squeaked as she dived for cover. "What is he doing here?" It was the sergeant from the last town. He hit the lights, siren and accelerator at the same time, and his car shot forward, straight at Vivienne.

"That slime ball!" Peach yelled as she heaved her heavy machine gun from the back of her cruiser and started blasting at the cop. The first shot took out the siren. The rest repeatedly hit the front armor in exactly the same place. It was not long before a shell punched its way through and hit the radiator core. The police car swerved wildly as it vanished in a cloud of steam, the sergeant cursing as his view became obscured.

"Lets move!" Peach yelled, stashing her HMG, and diving through the window-opening into the drivers seat. Moko fastened herself into the gunners seat and fired up the targeting system. With-in seconds, all that remained to show that the girls had ever been there were the disabled police car and four black rubber stripes heading off into the distance.

*                *                *

The three girls decided it would be safer to spend the night camping about half a mile from the road than to go into a town, as a lot of Queensland cops were looking for them. Tomorrow they would cut down to Victoria. The police down there really didn't care that Peach had escaped from the Special Branch any more. As for her car, it looked much like any other ex-cop car that had been auctioned off after being wrecked.

The radars were switched on in both cars. No one would be able to sneak within half a mile without alerting them. Feeling relatively safe, they had settled down for the night under a tarp stretched between the cars.

"Peach, how did you become a cyborg?" Moko inquired. The question had been plaguing her mind since last night.

"Well," Peach started," about twenty four years ago when I was eighteen . . . "

Vivienne and Moko sat bolt upright. "What??" Vivienne exclaimed, "I thought you were about my age!!"

"As I was saying," Peach continued," I married Bob, who was part of the internal police security. We had a daughter about a year later. I called her Sandy."

Peach paused for a few moments and wiped a tear from her face. "Bob discovered something that others didn't want him to know, so they attacked our home. Bob was killed, and I was shot several times and left for dead. They hit me in the eye, the arm and a few other places.

"The next the next thing I knew was that I was in hospital, learning to use the cybernetics they had fitted to me. As soon as I was well, I was shipped off to the Special Branch of the police. They have a restraining circuit that they fit to cyborgs to prevent them from leaving the force, so I had to stay with them for about eight years. If I was injured, they patched me up with more cybernetics. They always kept me in top shape, because they used me to infiltrate crowds or organizations as an ordinary civilian. I was able to report on the situations via a radio link that was part of the systems they installed in me.

"My last assignment was as part of the Highway Interceptor Team, due to cutbacks in Special Branch funding. It was then that I was lucky enough to have the restraining circuit destroyed, so I escaped."

"What happened to Sandy?"

"I don't know. I believe she is alive, but as to where she is, I have no idea. I have been looking for her for years. I hired a P.I. in Melbourne to look for her. I'll see him when we get down there.

"What about you, Vivienne?" Moko asked.

"Nothing much, about two years before I met Peach, I was in a car accident. I lost both legs and had other serious injuries. My millionaire father paid to have me fixed."

"Oh," said Moko. She had been tagging along with Peach and Vivienne for nearly two years now. They had become her family after her parents had been killed by an anti-Japanese bike gang. Yet in all that time she had not found out about their cybernetics until now.

*                *                *

It was about an hour before dawn when Vivienne woke. Peach was already up and packing.

"Time to move, girls. There's some breakfast on the hood of my car if you want it."

Within ten minutes, the girls had eaten and packed. Vivienne drove off first, with Peach and Moko close behind. After a few miles they entered a winding stretch of road. Vivienne's car had pulled ahead and was out of sight. Peach sensed something and looked behind her. Switching her eye to infra-red, she was able see the vehicle that was approaching. It was an old graffiti covered Combi that had seen better days. Somebody had just climbed up through an opening in the roof and lit the flamethrower mounted there. With a sudden roar, it started bearing down on Peach's car.

"Uh-oh, here comes trouble. Moko you drive." Peach flicked control of the car over to the gunner's seat (a feature installed since her escape from the Special Branch!) Peach's cruiser had only one gun, a front mounted recoil-less rifle, and on this stretch of road, there was nowhere to manoeuvre or turn. With no glazing in the windows, the girls were very vulnerable to a flame thrower.

Peach grabbed her Remington 870 and leaned out the side window. She could just make out the words "Dog Meat" painted on the side.

"You want dog meat? you've got it!" she yelled taking aim. The van only had a wire grill covering the cabin, and at the moment one of the thugs was shoving his rifle barrel through it. Peach's first shot got him in the shoulder. He dropped the gun and it fell to the road. Peach gave the Remington a pump.

"You're next, bozo," she yelled at the driver as she fired. The van started swerving violently as the driver lost control. The woman with the flamethrower decided she didn't like her chances and jumped. The Combi left the road and ran into the trees with a satisfying crunch.

"That will keep them busy for quite a while," Peach grinned as she took the wheel. "Stick another couple of cartridges in that for me, please." She passed Moko the Remington.

A voice crackled over the C.B. "What's going on?"

"Nothing, Vivienne," Peach replied.

*                *                *

The road they had chosen to Victoria was delightfully devoid of police. The police in Queensland had given up the search when they had listened to the sergeant's story in full. After a good tongue lashing, he had slunk back to his home town. It was with much embarrassment that he explained his damaged car to his superior, Graham Meyers, the head of police in his home town.

Meyers shook his head. "I thought you took care of the kid with the firing squad. And this other girl, she has two eyes now? And she shot a hole through your car with a hand held .50 cal?" He opened the filing cabinet, and after bit of shuffling he pulled out an old file.

"I brought this with me from 'wanted persons' in Brisbane. Is this the girl?" he asked tossing a very old picture of Peach onto the table. After studying it for a few moments, the sergeant nodded.

"Well. John, old boy, pack your goodies, we're going hunting."

After the cars were searched and licences checked, the girls were let across the border into Victoria. A few hours of high speed cruising brought them to the outer suburbs of Melbourne by early evening.

"Peach, there is a car sort of like yours following us," Moko stated. "It's a cop car."

Peach glanced in the rear view mirror just as the driver of the interceptor chirped the sirens.

"Vivienne," Peach radioed, "pull over, we're stopping for a while."

"Ok," Viv replied as she pulled into the curb ahead of Peach. The interceptor paused behind them for a moment then shut off its engine. It was a car very much like Peach's which was not surprising considering the cars' similar origins. This one however had been updated. Apart from a few patches of primer, it was still the original steel grey. The roof had been removed and a pair of side mounted Vulcans pointed menacingly forward. Peach climbed out of her car and walked back to the interceptor to see what the officers wanted. She recognized one of them as he stepped from the car. He had been a rookie in Peach's last year with the force.

An amused smile crossed Peach's face. The officer had lost his lower leg since she had last seen him. Now he had a rather crude metal prosthesis strapped in its place.

"Cut-price cybernetics, I see," Peach laughed.

"You leaving us like you did really messed up things for us," he replied. "The cybernetics funding dried up overnight. When they discovered their restrainers were not capable of holding their multi-million dollar investments, they stopped investing."

"I never wanted to be a cop in the first place, so I escaped when the opportunity arose."

"Anyway, enough of that. It's good to see you, Madeline."

"It's good to see you too, Officer Brian Harris, that is if you are not about to run me in."

"No, I'm not and why the sudden formality?"

"Surely you haven't forgotten."

"OK, OK. Peach, then. This is my partner, Melissa."

Vivienne and Moko soon joined the conversation. Brian and Melissa were just off duty, so they all went to one of Brian's favorite restaurants to wear away the night catching up on the activities of the last fifteen years.

It seemed that the Victorian Police Force was now prepared to overlook Peach's escape as she had caused no trouble in the community. She had not gone "rogue" as they had suspected.

It was a long time since any of the girls had been to a large city, so the next two days were spent sampling the best of Melbourne. New clothes, new movies, a sprinkling of restaurants and numerous other delights filled their days.

*                *                *

Peach was up early. Today she was going to see the P.I. she had paid to look for her daughter. When she phoned him last night, he said he had some news. It was a bit old, but it was the closest he had come yet. Vivienne was keen to come along with Peach so Moko was allowed to spend the day as she desired.

The two took Peach's car and were at the P.I.'s office within half an hour. Peach rang the door-bell twice before the door was answered. A middle aged man opened the door and stood there looking Peach up and down. "Madeline?" he questioned.


"The same Madeline who is looking for her adult daughter?"

"Yes. I rang last night."

"Forgive me for saying so, but you don't look old enough to have a twenty three year old kid. It's been years since I last saw you, and I don't think you've aged at all."

"Can we come in?"

"Oh, yes, of course."

Thomas Atkinson, the P.I. spent the next half-hour showing Peach the details that he had gathered over the course of several years. Vivienne watched with disbelief at first, then as things were made clearer, she grinned to herself. Peach was studying the last of the papers that Thomas had shown her.

"So the last time anyone has actually seen her was about four years ago."

Thomas nodded.

"The only other information I have is that she was renamed by her adoptive parents. I'm not sure but I think the name they gave her was..."

"Lady Vivienne Tanya Cornell," Vivienne cut in.

"Yes. how did you . . . " Thomas fell quiet as the two girls melted into each other's arms.

"All this time and we didn't know," Peach sobbed.

Thomas looked confused.

"I am Lady Vivienne," Viv explained. "I vanished about four years ago when I met Madeline, or Peach as I call her. I didn't know why, but she meant more to me than my so called parents ever had, so I left without even saying good-bye."

Someone knocked on the door.

"Excuse me a moment," Thomas said as he left the room. Some one else walked into the room. Viv and Peach turned to see the sergeant from Queensland there. He had one arm around Moko's neck and a sawn-off in his other hand.

"This little lady was kind enough to let me know where you were. You are meant to be dead," he said to Vivienne, pointing his shot gun at her.

Peach went to alert. She was carrying no gun. Her targeting computer switched on, aiming at the sergeant's hand. Some local anaesthetic was pumped into her right wrist and she was ready. The sergeant watched in horror as the back of Peach's wrist was suddenly cut open from the inside and a small gun pushed its way through. A sharp pain on the back of the neck was the last thing Peach felt before she blacked out. Her targeting system switched to automatic, re-aimed and fired as she fell. The aim was good and the sergeant fell face first to the ground, dead, a small hole through his throat and into the base of his skull. Moko fled.

"Sorry, John, she was too quick for me," Meyers apologized to his dead deputy as he lowered the tranquilizer. He looked at Vivienne.

"You have caused me a lot of heart-ache, girl, and you are going to pay for it. He pulled the picture of Peach from his pocket. "She is worth a lot to me alive," he pointed to the reward figure at the bottom of the page, "but to you I will take great delight in returning the favor you did my son." he pointed his gun." Once we get back to Queensland."

Knowing her fate if she went with him, Vivienne decided to fight now. She was outraged by what Meyers was planning to do to Peach, even though she knew the reward no longer stood. She grabbed whatever she could and threw it at Meyers. He fired a few darts at her, but missed. When a vase hit him in the face, he lost his temper and drew his pistol. The shot grazed Vivienne's arm, throwing her against the wall. A punch dropped her to the floor.

Meyers cuffed Vivienne's hands behind her back and shoved her out to his waiting car. He was tying her in when he saw the police cars round the corner about a block away.

He swore and scrambled across Vivienne to his seat as the police cars opened up with their Vulcans. There was no way he could go back for Peach now. Moko was standing on the curb pointing at him and yelling. "How did she manage to get them here so damn fast?" Meyers asked himself as he pushed the accelerator to the floor.

One of the police cars took off in pursuit of Meyers, the other stopped near Moko.

"Where is Peach?" Harris asked "We received her distress signal about four minutes ago."

"She's in there." Moko looked cold and remote as she added,"dead."

Harris leaped out of the car and rushed into the P.I.'s office as fast as he could on his metal leg. Peach was lying face up on the ground. Her wrist was bleeding and her face looked peaceful and calm. She was breathing. Harris was gently lifting her when he found the dart at the base of her neck. "Tranquilizers," he grunted as he removed it. As he was carrying her out he noticed the same fate had befallen the P.I..

"Moko," Harris called as left the building with Peach in his arms, "Moko, Peach is all right."

Moko looked up with tear-filled eyes as Peach stirred, opened her eyes and looked around. Her cybernetics had calculated an antidote for the tranquilizer and now it had taken effect, Peach was fully alert again.

"Where's Vivienne?"

"Meyers from Queensland has her," Moko answered " The other police car is chasing them."

"Lets go." She looked around again as Harris set her on her feet. "How did Viv's car get here?"

"They made me drive it here," Moko explained, "Their interceptor has only two seats."

"Weapons still OK?"


"Good, you drive it. We're going after Vivienne."

Peach climbed into her car and Harris reseated himself in the gunner's seat of his interceptor. Melissa, who had been in constant contact with the other police car, relayed their location to Peach and Moko as the three cars sped off. Harris called a paramedic for the P.I. as they left.

Meyers had about six minutes lead on the rest. He had taken a couple of hits in the rear armor from the pursuing interceptor, but he was slowly pulling away from them. He had been on an interstate highway for a couple of hours now and was approaching the border check point. He didn't stop.

Peach and the others were allowed through without stopping having made radio contact first. They were closing the gap rapidly.

Dogmeat looked down the road at the approaching interceptors. One of them was a car they knew from some trouble they had in Queensland.

"Mount up, let's give some pigs a warm welcome to our stretch of road.... A very warm welcome," he added as he readied the flame thrower. His driver gunned the supercharged big block to life and steered the battered Combi out onto the road. A dozen bikers followed his example, along with yells of "Roast Pig!"

Meyers hit the brakes as the gang closed around him, spraying the road in front of the interceptor with fire. With a bit of dodging, he managed to avoid any damage. As he reached for the targeting computer, Vivienne stamped on his fingers. He tried again, with the same result.

"I'll take my chances with the Pyromaniacs. It's your butt they want to fry." Vivienne growled. Meyers was about to reply when his rear view mirror disintegrated. Shells were tearing into his door armor. He glanced behind him just long enough to see Peach's car in the distance.

"Not you again!" Peach exclaimed when she recognized the Combi van that was dodging madly around Meyers' car, trying to burn it with the flame thrower. Peach opened the valve of the nitrous oxide bottle mounted on her dash. She hit the button and held on as the added power caused the rear tyres to briefly lose traction. Her car shot forward towards Meyers' interceptor. The combi cut across, in the way again. She saw Dogmeat turn and mouth "Oh no!" as he recognized her.

"Life's tough!" she yelled at him as she fired the Remington . . . straight through the fuel line to the big block's injectors. Now she was ahead of Meyers, she slowed again, causing Meyers to bump into the rear of her car. Meyers was too distracted to care. Moko had cut away most of the door armor on his side with the laser that was mounted atop Vivienne's car, and Vivienne was yelling at him and kicking him at every chance.

The bikers closed in around Peach's car, angry at the disabling of their gang leader's van. Peach lifted her second shotgun and shot the nearest rider, who fell, knocking another down with him. "I need some help here guys." she radioed to the two interceptors. They responded by flanking Meyers and Peach's car, all four vulcans spitting metal death. Bikes peeled off in all directions, trying to save themselves. One pulled ahead, readying his flame cloud ejector. All of the cars, except Meyers', were either open topped or without glass, so Peach acted quickly. The recoil-less round took the rear wheel off his bike. Peach heard an engine to the right of her and turned to see a female biker swing a chain at her. She ducked and the chain wrapped itself around the door pillar. Peach hit the nitrous button and smiled as the rider was torn from her bike.

"Time to finish this stupid game," Peach yelled and slammed her foot on the brakes. Meyers' car swerved uncontrollably, leaving smoking black skid marks as he tried to avoid hitting Peach's car. There was the crunching of plastic on metal as his car clipped the rear corner of Peach's car and slid off the road into gravel and sand. Peach was out of her car now, shooting at the last of the Pyromaniacs as they fled into the distance, having decided three police cars and two crazy girls were more than they could handle.

Harris approached Meyers, pistol ready. Meyers stumbled out as Vivienne gave him a final kick. With a sudden move, he knocked Harris to the ground and snatched the pistol.

"You're dead!" He yelled at Vivienne. He never had a chance to fire the weapon. He screamed as a shotgun blast from close range blew the pistol from his hand. He looked at Peach who was aiming her .50 cal at him, then at Harris. Smoke was drifting from the muzzle at the base of his metal leg.

"You are one crooked cop, Meyers," Harris stated, "Why don't you just give up?"

Meyers who was nursing his wounded hand secretly palmed the micro-pistol he hid in his sleeve. It held one armor piercing slug. He slowly turned so that he could once again aim at Vivienne, who was still tied into his car.

"Me, give up?  NEVER!!" he yelled as he fired the micro-pistol. Peach and Harris reacted as years of experience had taught them, as did Melissa and one of the other officers... They all fired.

*                *                *

Vivienne was leaning against Peach's car. She watched as Peach removed a teflon coated shell from a small box.

"What are you doing, Peach?"

"Reloading." The weapon once again reappeared through Peach's wrist and Peach slipped the shell into its magazine. "It only has a three shell mag, so I like to keep it full, besides, it's a lot easier to reload now than after my wrist has healed," she explained as she wound a bandage over the cuts.

Harris walked over and knocked on the roof of Peach's car.

"Yes, Brian?"

"I've cleared everything up with the New South Wales police. They are quite happy to have some Pyromaniacs behind bars and they don't care either way about what happened to Meyers." He moved so as to get a better view of Peach's face. "But that's not why I came over..." he continued "Would you like to go out for dinner this evening?"

"I'd love to," Peach smiled.

Gaming Notes


Peach and Vivienne are built according to Autoduel Champions.

Peach -- Strength +1, regeneration, find weakness +1, handgunner +7, damage +6, driver +2, gunner +5, mechanic +1, infrared vision +2.
Peach has some disadvantages due to her personality and some due to the cybernetics. She will rarely shoot to kill. If her cybernetics are damaged, (left leg, right arm, left eye, part of brain) repairs are costly and people with the necessary skills are hard to find. Minor damage (1 point) she can usually repair herself. Injury to her natural body heals rapidly. First aid is handled by the cybernetics. All of the critical areas of her body are armored.

Vivienne -- Driver +1, gunner +1, damage +4, regeneration. Vivienne's legs are both cybernetic and critical areas of her body are armored, so she has the same healing advantages and disadvantages as Peach.

Moko -- Driver, gunner +2, hand gunner, paramedic.


Peach's cruiser -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, blueprinted 250 ci ICE (with tubular headers, turbo-supercharger, nitrous oxide tank, overdrive and three 5-gallon petrol fuel tanks), hvy. suspension, 4 titanium-cored solid tyres, driver, gunner with extra driver controls, RR front, HDSAs, roll cage, 2 HRSWCs, LD radio, radar, AL brakes, airdam, custom two-way cybernetic link to Peach. Titanium armor: F15, L8, R3, B12, T0, U4, (42 points). Acceleration 15 (20 at 40 mph+), Top speed range 140-210 mph, 28 MPG, HC 3.

The custom cybernetic link allows remote operation of the vehicle's weapons, radar and radio. It is capable of more but due to cutbacks in funding, some functions were never installed.

This is the cruiser as it stands in the story. If the battle damage is repaired, add 5 points of titanium armor to the right side, RR front and RR-RR link. New top speed range is 135-202.5 mph and unloaded weight 5,525 lbs.

Vivienne's Corvette -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, blueprinted 250 ci ICE (with tubular headers, supercharger, nitrous oxide tank, overdrive and three 5-gallon petrol fuel tanks), hvy. suspension, 4 solid tyres, driver, passenger, laser in 2-space turret, HDSAs, roll cage, HRSWC, LD radio, radar, AL brakes, airdam. Plastic armor: F35, B30, R25, L25, T0, U10 (125 points). Acceleration 15, Top speed range 125-187.5 mph, 27 MPG, HC 3.

The "Corvette" is a once-off custom built based on the chassis of an old police cruiser. The project was financed by Vivienne's adoptive parents after her accident. Its armor and tyres are standard.

Brian's Interceptor --  Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, blueprinted 250 ci ICE (with tubular headers, turbo-supercharger, nitrous oxide tank, overdrive and three 5-gallon petrol fuel tanks), hvy. suspension, 4 titanium-cored solid tyres, driver, gunner, 2 linked VMGs front, HDSAs, roll cage, 2 HRSWCs, LD radio, radar, AL brakes, airdam. Titanium armor: F12, R6, L6, B10, T0, U3 (37 points). Acceleration 15 (20 at 40 mph +), Top speed range 137-205 mph, 28 MPG, HC 3.

The Interceptor is the standard vehicle of the Victorian Highway Interceptor Teams. It is built for speed and sacrifices some of its previous armor plate for the sustained firepower, improved accuracy and greater ammunition options of the Vulcan MGs, which replace the once-standard linked RRs. The rebuilds were finished three years ago.

New Accessories

Titanium Armour -- 4x cost of metal armor, 1/2 the weight. Not readily available to the public except on the Black Market at 5x its normal cost.

Titanium Cored/Belted Tyres -- Same cost and weight mods as titanium armor.

Dart Pistol -- 7 to-hit, $400, CPS $10, 8 shots, 2 GEs. Has same effects as a concussion grenade, but only affects unarmored pedestrians.

Micro Pistol -- 9 to-hit, 1d6+2 damage, $300, 1 shot, 1 GE. Cannot be reloaded. Must be discarded after use.

Cybernetic Targeting System -- This system will be declassified by 2199 (maybe). Until then, tough bickies. Stick to cyberlinks. (It doesn't hurt as much to get one).

Cyborgs -- Cybernetics like Vivienne's are readily available if you have lots of money. The advantage this has over the Gold Cross clone system is that you get to live the rest of your life. In the clone system, someone else (the clone) carries on from where you left off but you are still dead. The system can be implemented on someone with no DP left if medical help is instantly available, and the cybernetics installation is started within the next 24 hours.

Cybernetics like Peach's are not available at all. Five Cybercops were made and the other four are still with the Special Branch in Australia. Peach was the third Cybercop to be made. None have been made since she escaped.