Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Posted January 04, 2015
Updated January 04, 2015

Answers are written by Michael P. Owen (MPO), the SWAT HQ Webmaster.

Q. Why are most of the hyperlinks on SWAT HQ presented with actual URLs that are active?

A. When I created SWAT HQ in 1998, I decided to focus on Car Wars information, and the construction and maintenance of a collection of links to Car Wars materials on the Internet. After a few years, SWAT HQ became a Web site with one of the largest set of hyperlinks to online Car Wars materials anywhere on the Web. Presenting hyperlinks with the actual URLs makes link pages on SWAT HQ look like search engine results. Sharing these links is easier when a Car Wars player visits SWAT HQ because a simple copy-and-paste procedure can be performed.  Copying-and-pasting a hyperlink from an e-mail message is much safer than clicking on a link in an e-mail message, a practice that often results in activating malicious links from the common e-mail hazard of phishing.

Q. Why is the graphic design and layout of SWAT HQ very simple with few images?

A. I have limited time to maintain SWAT HQ. I often use WYSIWYG Web editing software to perform quick edits. When I created SWAT HQ in 1998, I decided to focus on Car Wars information. The Web site is approximately 10 MB in size. Almost all of its content is text, either in the form of HTML, word processing or Adobe Acrobat files. One advantage of the simple interface for SWAT HQ is it can be easily viewed on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Q. How often does SWAT meet to play Car Wars games?

A. The gaming schedule of each SWAT member is variable. Connect with the different members of SWAT using the SWAT Member Information Page to receive updates on the group's gaming schedule.

Q. What happened to the Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN)?

A. My personal schedule became complicated in 2013, therefore I temporarily ended publication of CWIN after Volume 16, Number 2. Most sets of information in each issue for the last five years of the e-zine were hyperlinks to online content for Car Wars and other tabletop car combat games. Adding new links to SWAT HQ became an easier and faster process. If my schedule improves in 2015, and Car Wars players are interested in the return of CWIN, I may consider publishing the e-zine again.

Q. What happened to Dueling Debate, SWAT's Car Wars message board on the Delphi Forums Web site?

A. Dueling Debate is still online, but its users now post messages to the Steve Jackson Games Car Wars Discussion Forum and other message boards listed on the SWAT HQ Car Wars Links Page.

Q. What happened to the blog Wheels, Weapons and the Wasteland?

A. Wheels, Weapons and the Wasteland is still online. I may use it more often in 2015.

Q. May I use content on SWAT HQ for my own Web site or blog?

A. Yes, however please give credit by linking to SWAT HQ.