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2049 AADA U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championships

          Official GMs of the AADA Northwest Regionals\

February 12, 1999: Welcome Race Fans!

Well . . . here we go again. RadCon 2C will once again be home to the Death Racing Association of Washington's Finals . . . BUT . . . This time we are also the AADA Northwest Regional Dueling Championships which Steve Jackson Games themselves awarded to us. We figure they couldn't find anyone else (just kidding). We are once again honored and if you would like to see how hard it was to get the Regionals, check out our News Page below.

RadCon 2C will be held February 12-14, 1999 at the DoubleTree Inn in Pasco, Washington. Now on to the more important stuff

The Official Release

Dueling Fans: The Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW) will be the hosting American Autodueling Association (AADA) chapter for the U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championships at RadCon in Pasco, Washington, beginning on Friday, Feb. 12, and running through Sunday, Feb. 14, 1999. Three preliminary events will be run with the top four positions making the Final Round. Seeding to the Final Round will be available for Chapter Champions. The tournament will adhere to the latest Car Wars rules as well as the AADA tournament guidelines. Two referees (Phil Bedard and Bill Stevenson) will run each event and the Final Division 20 Event.

The Final Event will utilize 1/24th scale models that will be destroyed as the game progresses to simulate battle damage. Every player making the Final Round will be provided a model and may keep them (or what's left of them) at the end of the game as a reminder of their achievement in making it to the Final Event. Some players have already asked if they could bring their own models to use and are more than welcome to customize a vehicle based on their car design, favorite stock car or anything their heart might desire. Be warned that bringing a model does NOT guarantee a position in the Final! You must place in a preliminary event or be seeded.

The scoring system to be used during the events can be found on the DRAW Home Page under House Rules - Combat.

The Time
The Division
The Arena
Division 5
Moscow Suicide Slide
Division 30
Division 15
Division 20
Omak Wasteland: 18' arena on hotel floor with 1/24th scale models

Tournament Sacred Laws

All rulings by the Game Master (GM) are final. The GM reserves the right to eject and/or bar any player he/she feels is disruptive.

Only players and staff are allowed at the game table. We love spectators, but only from a distance.

All vehicle designs or changes must be approved by tournament staff. Designs must be turned in at least a half-hour before the event. Designs will not be considered after this time. We will accept vehicles from any of the published Vehicle Guides or you can use one of ours.

Characters are designed with 50 points and must have a minimum of three skills. The maximum level of any skill is two.

Military hardware? HA HA HA HA HA (no).

Only one vehicle per player per event.

As a courtesy to other players, please bring all materials needed to play. At the very least you will need a pencil. If you wish to design your own car, bring your own books.

Unless stated otherwise, all rules are from Car Wars Compendium, Second Edition and Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell.

Tournament Rule Variants

1. Half-moves will be taken on the phase listed on the Movement Chart.

2. Weapons fire is not a maneuver. Also, maneuvers do not affect aimed weapons fire. Crash Table results do affect weapons fire..
3. Effects of spoilers and airdams are cumulative: at 60 mph or more +1 HC with one; at 60 mph or more +1 HC and -D1 with both.

4. The Confetti Rule is in effect

5. Regular Encumbrance Rules (Grenade Equivalents) will be used.

6. Minimum gas tank size is five gallons. Gas tanks must be purchased full. Gas is $40 and 6 lbs. per gallon.

7. No hovercraft, oversized vehicles, helicopters, grasshoppers or military vehicles.
8. Acceleration and deceleration take place at the beginning of the turn only.
9. Each enemy salvo is considered one hazard.

Good luck and good hunting. Thanks to Edgar Lincoln and Norma Barrett-Lincoln for the guidelines to our guidelines.

April 22, 1998: Official 1999 Northwest Regional Variants

After putting it off and putting it off Bill figured it was about time we asked for the Northwest Regionals. Here is his rather long-winded and butt-smoochy response. *L*

Dear Scott Haring,

On behalf of the AADA chapter the Death Race Association of Washington (DRAW), I would like to request the privilege of our chapter running the Northwest Regional AADA Tournament at RadCon 2C in Pasco, Washington, during the second week of February 1999.

I believe me (president Bill Stevenson) and my co-referee Phil Bedard have the experience and vision it takes to make the tournament a fun and successful event. Last year we hosted 36 players in three preliminary rounds of Car Wars, which was narrowed down to a field of 12 for the final Division 30 duel. We were also voted the "Best GMs" of the convention by the players. Both of us have been playing Car Wars for years with my start in 1985 and Phil's in 1988. We have constantly striven to make the game of Car Wars fun for everyone playing while providing fair, competitive games.

Our chapter has a current roster of 14 people and is about to begin another season of dueling with an event held every month and we are constantly encouraging people to try the game for themselves. There is nothing better to us than creating an obsessed Car Wars fan. *laugh*

As to running the AADA Northwest Regional Tournament, Phil and I would promote the game to all known chapters and players in the Northwest at our expense and would add a semi-finals round to seed chapter champions. We would happily put aside our variants (as posted on our Web site, which you so wonderfully mentioned in the Illuminator) and stick to pure AADA rules.

Currently our plans are to conduct the preliminary rounds with one in last year's final arena, the Moscow Suicide Slide (patterned after the second level of PlayStation's Twisted Metal 2), one off road event to be held most likely in a 3D Ozark arena and a third to be held in a 3D rendering of Midville on a Micro Machines scale.

The final event has yet to be determined, but we have decided to post them by the end of May along with divisions. The only sure thing about the final for next year is that it will be held with 1/24th scale models and damage will be applied with Dremels as the game progresses. And yes, a small sledgehammer will be on hand for any vehicle that is confettied. The models will be given to the players at the end of the game (whatever is left of them) as prizes for making the final round of game play.

If you have any questions, reservations, requirements or desires about allowing us to host a Regional Tournament, please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Bill Stevenson
DRAW President

Sounds good to me. As for the rules . . . I don't see why you guys can't do whatever you want. Your rules are time-tested, work for your group, and you inform everyone in advance what they're going to be. Go with them.

How many clubs are active in your region?

Scott D. Haring
Steve Jackson Games

Somehow we were worried. *LOL*

Web posted by the Death Racing Association of Washington, February 1999.
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