Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 11, No. 1
January 10, 2058

Editor's Note: This issue was sent via e-mail as Vol. 10, No. 4.


Greetings fans of destruction and demolition. This month I have a large assortment of new game systems, message board discussions and even several new Car Wars sites.

I recommend you start scheduling Car Wars duels for this year. The new WADA chapter DRIVE is dominating the 2058 WADA Car Wars League and its lead in points is increasing quickly (especially since it is the only chapter yet to submit events).

Digging into Autodueling's Past

If you have not already used it, the Internet Archive is one of the best resources on the Web for Car Wars or anything else. Its Wayback Machine feature permits you to enter a URL and view cached versions of the Web page over several years. It is very useful for looking at old Car Wars Web sites now offline. Give it a shot.

Internet Archive

Drive Offensively,

Michael P. Owen


Boeing's truck mounted laser beams to blast enemy fire

Addy Dugdale
Gizmodo Blog
Monday, July 23, 2007

Boeing, purveyor of exceedingly large airplanes and defense systems, has won a $7 million contract to develop a truck-mounted laser beam that destroys rockets, artillery shells and mortar rounds. The aim is to build a preliminary design of a rugged beam control system on a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck. I've suddenly got an image of Megatron riding Optimus Prime like Seabiscuit, and it's not going away.

Known as the High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator (HEL TD) Phase I contract, the aim is to prove that a mobile, solid-state laser weapon system can vaporize incoming enemy fire. And, I hope, do a discreet bit of depilation on any soldiers who dare to be too hairy.

The aeronautics company is already at the vanguard of using laser technology for warfare, thanks to systems such as its Airborne Laser*, Advanced Tactical Laser and the Tactical Relay Mirror System. But the VP and general manager of Boeing's Missile Defense Systems thinks that HEL TD could be the future of fighting. "We believe this is the next step for developing a weapon system that can change the face of the battlefield," he claims.

* Airborne Laser

Don't try this at home: SUV with remote-operated shotguns

Erin Mays
Posted Aug 7th 2006 4:23 PM
Filed under: SUVs, Etc.

If you think vehicle-mounted weapons are cool in video games, wait until you check them out in real life. Observe the HAMMER Remotely-Operated Weapons System for Robotic and Manned Vehicles, which is available for use in both manned and unmanned (remote-controlled) ground vehicles as well as unmanned air combat vehicles. The company says the system, which is comprised of two 12-gauge shotguns mounted on a turret system, is ready for applications such as peacekeeping (oh, the irony), urban warfare and law enforcement right out of the box.

Check out this video of the twin shotguns mounted atop an SUV making short work of some potted plants -- pretty cool/scary stuff depending on your sensibilities. There are certainly some benefits to having firepower on tap you can control accurately yet remotely while safely ensconced inside an armored SUV.



Subject: Overdrive Arena and Car Wars
From: Jim Hintz <>
Sent: Tue 12/25/07 1:34 AM
To: SWAT HQ <>

Hi, Michael. I'd like to see rules for explosives in Car Wars. It seems to me like that is very lacking in the game and deserves to be covered.

As far as Bond gadgets go, I once saw an infantry gadget that had a large box and two rockets attached to it. When you fired the rockets they pulled a net of primacord about 8 feet wide out of the box for about 250 feet. When detonated it took out all the mines in a field leaving a path safe for vehicles. Surely something similar could be used in Car Wars on a smaller scale.

Thanks for these issues. Keep them coming.

Jim Hintz
napthyme's Role Playing Den on eBay

Subject: Car Wars -- Small Web Site?
From: Glenn Jupp <>
Sent:  Tue 12/25/07 12:39 PM
To: SWAT HQ <>

I have a Web site (of very modest size and design) for autocombat games.  So far I have only an updated version of Chris Johnston's Road Rage V8 (with errata, addenda, and some other bits neatly edited in), and the first of my "town squares" (very much like SJ Games' "City Blocks").  You may already know about the "town squares" from the SJ Games Car Wars forum.

Glenn Jupp's Car Wars Web Site

You can safely expect more "town squares" to be added gradually to the collection.  If, one day, the stars are right you may even find a pick-a-path solo (adventure) I've been trying to work on.

Still driving offensively,

Glenn Jupp


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Amateur Night Duels
ConQuest Northwest 2008
February 15-18, 2008
Bellevue, Washington State

Car Wars Tournament
February 16, 2008
Denver RPG Meetup Group, Denver, Colorado


Subject: WADA -- DRIVE Duel Report 1-7-2058
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 08:17:52 -0600
From: Steve Nibbelink <>
To: SWAT  <>


The members of DRIVE journeyed to the Hammonds Duel Track in Springfield, MO for Sunday's event.

Christopher Nibbelink took 1st even though both of his rear wheels were taken out by a grenade. His was the last vehicle running. He had 1 kill.

Gerrit Nibbelink took 2nd. He had 1 vehicle kill. His clone is now accepting the prize money.

Steve Nibbelink once again settled for 3rd after removing Dusty Rhodes from the duel, Gerrit and Chris double-teamed him. Steve lived through the violent roll that nearly took his life.  Had he thrown the grenade just a little sooner, the outcome might have been different. He had 1 kill as well.

Dusty Rhodes's clone seems to have the same luck. DRIVE is now investigating whether or not Dusty actually knows how to drive a vehicle. He took fourth.

For complete highlights check out the Death Sports Programming Network (DSPN) broadcast tonight at 6:00 p.m.

Steve Nibbelink
President, DRIVE


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Side Swipe Auto-Combat Tabletop Game
Source: Majestic Twelve Games Forum
Author: Ironchicken
Sunday, August 20, 2006

(Editor's Note: Glenn Jupp submitted the links to Side Swipe one day after I found the game. Thanks, Glenn, for the submission and requesting links to Side Swipe be added to SWAT HQ. Your request has been fulfilled.)

World Super Cars
E-Boardgames: Free Board Games PBEM


Bolide Racing Board Game

Source: Thought Hammer Games
Publisher: Rio Grand Games
Price: $44.95 ($29.22)

Fast Lane Carnage

Publisher: Parallax Factory
Price: $19.90

Subject: Overdrive Arena and Car Wars
From: Jim Hintz <>
Sent: Tue 12/25/07 1:34 AM
To: SWAT HQ <>

Hi, Michael. I have a small announcement for your next newsletter. I now have access to a limited number of Overdrive Arena boxed sets at $50.00 + $9.50 P/H in the U.S. Let me know if you or others are still interested.

Jim Hintz
napthyme's Role Playing Den on eBay

Remote-Controlled Laser Combat Cars

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer and Company
Item 74287
Price: $99.95
Expected Ship Date 01-25-2008

Old Glory Miniatures
Price: $12.00