Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 2
February 10, 2050

Web Posted March 04, 2000
Updated September 03, 2001


With the publication of this issue, CWIN is officially two years old. A total of 24 issues have been written and the number of subscribers is currently 165. Thanks for helping the magazine reach this milestone.

CWIN returns to the U.K. this issue. Francis Greenaway has published an unofficial guide to the city of York, written by fellow Briton Alasdair Brooks, on the Painted Target Web site. The Daemon Mechanic column has variants for making personal weapons more effective and how to autoduel with jet engines propelling you at over 500 mph. The AAIE reports on the final round of their CDC. (Thanks, Edgar, for the very detailed and very entertaining report. Wow. Four vehicles were turned into paper clips.)

After forgetting to publish them for over 12 months, I now present statistics for a new weapons system and a new gadget, written by GURPS experts Euel Ball and Christopher Tisdale. Thanks to both of you for waiting so long to see your creations published.

Philip White, WADA League Manager, is spending most of his time working outside of Seattle and preparing for the U.S. Northwest RDC, therefore a commentary about the first WADA Car Wars League, which concluded February 2nd, will be published later this month. Thanks to all of you who participated in the tournament, making its first run a great success. I would like to give many congratulations to Frank "The Vulture" Bonnin of DRAW for winning the championship, especially for claiming the title according to his nickname, stealing first place right at the end of the competition.

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Starting with next issue, you can expect CWIN will return to a release date on the first of each month. If you want a submission to be published in CWIN, send it to me at least three days before the first of the month.

May all of your rockets follow their targeting laser and all of your bumper-triggered weapons hit their target.

Michael P. Owen



Alasdair Brooks



From: yakob_TWJ <>
Date: 18, November 1999

GHQ has updated their new release page with the following items. From the prices, I have to guess that they are pretty big, but it's hard to tell from the pictures. If anyone knows, use the comments section, as that is what they are there for!

JD 9500 Wheat Combine
1930 Model A Pickup
Komatsu Log Loader with Heel Boom
Ford 9000 Dump Truck
1941 PB Logging Truck and Trailer

From: Lee <>

The new releases listed for GHQ are "N" gauge (1/144th scale, if I remember correctly) miniatures. Gamers might find them useful (if a bit large) for Steve Jackson Games "Car Wars," which is more  likely closer to "Z" gauge, or 1/220th scale. An armed Wheat Combine . . . the mind boggles.





Tony "Manycubes" Kontes
Boneheadz of New Idaho






In Grim Darkness Of The Far Future, There Can Be Only War . . . Welcome to your indispensable guide to wargaming. As well as links and pictures, you will find glimpses at our rules that we made up. Also there are tips and tactics that will hopefully lead you to many a victory, or at the very least give you ideas to do the very same.

The following games are covered in this Web site: Warhammer 40K, Gorkamorka, Warhammer Quest, Full Thrust, BattleTech, Necromunda, and Car Wars.

Coming soon . . . Pictures of all of our excellent models.



Quick Vote: Since OPEC cut production a year ago, oil prices have risen. What should be done?
Web posted February 10, 2000

Nothing. Let the free market determine the price.
Use political pressure to get OPEC to boost oil output.
Wait it out. OPEC won't let prices get out of hand.
Buy a battery-powered car.

Car technology may stop slides on icy roads
February 4, 2000
Web posted at: 4:47 p.m. EST (2147 GMT)

KINCHLOE, Michigan (CNN) -- When winter weather makes driving treacherous, newly available technology may help keep cars under control.

A General Motors innovation called the Precision Control System uses a computer and sensors built into some models to tell if the front or rear of the car is sliding.

The sensors then apply one or more brakes to get the car pointed in the direction of the front wheels.

Watch the report on the Web page listed above from a GM test track in Michigan's frigid Upper Peninsula to see it for yourself.

Clinton wants $2.1 billion tax credit for green fuel programs
Anne Gearan
The Associated Press
February 1, 2000
Web posted at: 5:33 PM EST (2233 GMT)

WASHINGTON -- President Bill Clinton will propose a $2.1 billion tax credit plan to encourage development and production of environmentally friendly fuels, White House officials said.

The 10-year tax incentive package, announced on Wednesday, will be part of Clinton's budget proposal for 2001, which he will deliver to Congress next month.

The tax credits are in addition to a proposed $243 million budget increase for developing technologies that turn trees, plants and animal waste into energy and environmentally friendly products.

Clinton will ask Congress for a total of $439 million to fund research and grants to aid the production of "bioenergy" and other products, such as plastics and chemicals, from agricultural waste.

The tax credits would help businesses and entrepreneurs find ways to use existing technology to turn things like crushed sugar cane into usable fuel, said Roger Ballantine, who heads the White House office on global climate change.

"We are trying to move away from this notion that in order to deal with climate change we're going to have to make tough economic choices," Ballantine said.

"The president rejects that," and believes that the world can turn toward cleaner fuel and not risk economic backsliding, he said.

The plan follows an August executive order creating an interagency council to promote bio-technologies and reduce U.S. oil demand and protect the environment

Tyke definitely knows his autos -- all of them
February 7, 2000
Web posted at: 1:25 p.m. EST (1825 GMT)

LAKELAND, Florida (AP) -- Andrew Owen Koon picks a packed parking lot for an outing and races from one car to the next identifying the
vehicles and models: Ford Taurus, Toyota Avalon, Jaguar, Volvo.

He is a 3-year-old car whiz.

Right behind him is Randy Koon ready to protect his son from a motorist who might not see the child.

"He's a bundle of energy," says Koon, 35. "I think he learned mostly from car ads on TV. He started showing an interest in cars at 18 months."

Drew, as he is called, reads the names on cars and recognizes manufacturer emblems. He stops long enough to do a little dance. He flaps his arms and jumps up and down -- like a bird in a ritual dance. Then he's on to the next car.

"When he gets excited he flaps his hands. He's always done that," his father says. "He's a ham . . . real theatrical."

Offer Drew a trip to a toy store or Disney World and he passes them up in favor of a visit to a car dealership. He never tires of it.

"He can spend a couple hours," Koon says. "And when it's time to leave he has a meltdown."

For his birthday in January he got an electric jeep which he drives around his yard.

Where cars are concerned, the blond-hair, blue-eye tyke isn't shy. He tries the door -- whether there is someone inside the vehicle or not.
Strangers, disarmed by his cherub-faced smile, let him get behind the wheel -- which often is as big as he is.

Koon, a sales representative for a safety equipment manufacturer, has a keen interest in cars himself. He races stock cars. And his late father
had a fascination for hot rods. When Drew was about a year old, Ed Koon would sit outdoors with him and call out the names of cars driving by.

At home, before Koon gets a chance to read the sports section of the newspaper, Drew climbs in his lap and has him open to the automobile
classified section.

"He looks at the names or emblems of each car and tells me what it is. Each morning I have to go through page after page of this. Twice he
found mistakes in the models," Koon says.

Drew will start preschool this month.

His parents don't know his IQ or reading level. Koon said his wife, Donna, a therapist at a psychiatric rehabilitation center, was told by
school officials to keep Drew stimulated and, at this point, not to worry as long as he seemed above average and not below.

Koon says at about 18 months, Drew started running up to the TV when car ads came on. He would dance to the music and point to the emblems. Then came: "yee yaa ma'bu" which his parents couldn't understand until Drew finally led them to the garage and pointed to his mother's Chevy Malibu.

The child has a good memory, says his grandmother, Bonnie Koon. He sounds out words. When she takes him to the hair salon with her, he
picks car magazines over coloring books.

"He just blows our minds," she says.

CNN affiliate reporter Bob Hunt follows Drew to a car dealership in a video segment, accessible on the Web page listed above.



Eric Franklin
February 01, 2000


From: Kurt Aldinger <>
Subject: Scenarios and Campaigns / Autoduel Earth 2050
Date: 27 January 2000 0624 EST
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

Yes, I have played the game. It is meant to be a fast-paced "light" game. As such, it is strictly two dimensional. There are no rules for altitude which makes it different than Car Wars.

The game is set in a 1937 alternate America. After the Great War, there was a second influenza outbreak which killed even more of the population. That coupled with differing views regarding prohibition has caused the U.S. to break up into many different nations (sound familiar?!). The Empire State is composed of the former states of NY, NJ, and a few others. It is controlled by Emperor LaGuardia and NYC is patrolled by the Broadway Bombers. One of its enemies is the ISA (Industrial States of America) which includes Chicago and has a Facist bent.

Since this is set in 1937, the weaponry is pretty basic: MGs from 0.30- to 0.70-caliber and rockets. The game has a slight pulp bent to it and some player websites have rules for jet rocket packs, primitive lasers, and Tesla cannon.

I think the miniatures would work in Car Wars scale as microplanes but I'll have to double check.

The damage allocation system is the same that was used in FASA's Leviathan game. You have a certain amount of boxes of armor arranged in rows and columns and each weapon has its own damage template. Boxes are marked off as damage is taken and if you do damage to internal components, bad things happen.

At one time, I had thought about the possibility of using this type of damage system in Car Wars. It would be easy to come up with damage templates for the various weapons but deciding how much armor to allocate would be difficult. If you hit the front side of a car in Car Wars, all the armor on that side protects you. In Crimson Skies, if you hit the nose you roll d10 to determine which column of the armor you hit. If you hit a second time and happen to roll the same column, you could go internal with the armor in the other nine columns intact. It has been my experience that armor is breached very quickly in Crimson Skies.

I think that Crimson Skies is very similar to the original CW. It is easy to learn and pretty fast-paced. It has a system for designing planes that is similar to the Car Wars construction rules. This allows you to customize your own plane. You can choose a slow, not very maneuverable plane with heavy armor and big guns or you can opt for a fast, nimble plane but sacrifice hitting power and armor. Altogether, a very fun game.

One nice thing about it is that there is a wealth of background on the various factions of the former U.S. You can play upper crust fliers from NYC or a pilot from the nation of Hollywood. You can be a communist dust bowl airman from the People's Collective or you can be a mercenary/privateer/pirate.

If you are interested, you can get more information at <>.


The brainchild of Tony Zurovec, creator of the Crusader games, Loose Cannon takes place in a world gone wild. The cities of the future are under police control, but the fractured federal government can't keep the outlying areas safe. People with cars and weapons are in high demand, and they can make a solid profit running goods between cities.

In many respects, Loose Cannon is an update of Origin's ancient Autoduel. As in Autoduel, players must drive long distances between cities as they pick up jobs, salvage wrecks, deliver goods, and keep themselves alive. Also like Autoduel, Loose Cannon allows players get out of the car. But this time players are armed. They'll have to complete many missions on foot, with a wide variety of weapons (as well as both first- and third-person views) to assist them.

The game will be broken into three segments, each consisting of three cities. A linear narrative will move players from one group of cities to the next. The game is not tightly structured, though, and players can pick up a wide assortment of jobs between the "necessary" gigs.

Loose Cannon is expected in early 2000.

Ron Dulin and Elliott Chin
GameSpot News
February 25, 1999



Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 23:49:40 -0700
From: Euel Ball <>
Organization: EDF Special Projects
To: Michael P. Owen <>

This is just a little something I whipped up for GURPS Autoduel.

Euel Ball, Writer And Mutant At Large
"Normal?, normal's boring!"

During the turmoil of the Post-Blight and the Cycle Gang years, a number of communities raided National Guard armories for defensive weapons.  One of the most popular of these weapons was the 60mm mortar.  Later, due to experimentation and improvisation, the concept of the direct-fire gun-mortar was reinvented.  The weapons described below are vehicular mounted versions of these weapons, with rocket-assisted shells.  Because of the low impact of the shells, the most common round is either HE or HEAT. Beehive and gas rounds are sometimes used in urban situations.

50mm Gun Mortar -- Malfunction Critical, Damage Type Crushing, Damage Value 5d+2, Snap Shot 20, Accuracy 6, 1/2D 270 yards, Max 2,700 yards, RoF 1, Weight 62.5 lbs., Cost $3,750, WPS 0.7 lb., VPS: 0.0047 lb., CPS: $8.44.
HE Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 8d [4d], WPS 0.467 lb., CPS $16.88
HEAT Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 9d (10), RoF, WPS 0.467 lb., CPS $25.32.

60mm Gun Mortar -- Malfunction Critical, Damage Type Crushing, Damage Value 7d-1, Snap Shot 20, Accuracy 20, 1/2D 300 yards, Max. 2,850 yards, RoF 1, Weight 135 lbs., Cost $6,700, WPS 1.82 lbs., VPS 0.02, CPS $21.87.
HE Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 7d*3 (10), WPS 1.21 lbs., CPS $65.61.
HEAT Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 7d*2 [6d], WPS 1.21 lbs., CPS $43.64.

75mm Gun Mortar -- Malfunction Critical, Damage Type Crushing, Damage Value 8d+2, Snap Shot 20, Accuracy 7, 1/2D 330 yards, Max 3,000 yards, RoF 1/2, Weight 280 lbs., Cost $9,600, WPS 3.56 lbs., VPS 0.0237, CPS $42.72.
HE Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 6d*4 [6d], WPS 2.37 lbs., CPS $85.44.
HEAT Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 7d*4 (10), WPS 2.37 lbs., CPS $128.16.

90mm Gun Mortar -- Malfunction Critical, Damage Type Crushing, Damage Value 10d, Snap Shot 25, Accuracy 7, 1/2D 360 yards, Max 3,150 yards, RoF 1/3, Weight 405 lbs., Cost $12,100, WPS 6.15 lbs., VPS 0.041, CPS $73.81.
HE Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 5d*9 [6d], WPS 4.1 lbs., CPS $147.62.
HEAT Ammunition: Damage Type Explosive, Damage Value 8d*4 (10), WPS 4.1 lbs., CPS $221.43.


Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 07:50:41 -0800
From: Max <>

Does anyone have a compiled weapons list from the 20th century to the sci-fi era? Can I get a copy?


"Max," The Yellow Dog

Date: 20 Jan 2000 18:51:42 GMT
From: Sami J> Hyypia <>
Organization: University of Helsinki

Huh . . . I don't there is a single list in existence that would list even ALL of the 20th century weapons. Maybe my list will reach from
TL6 to TL9 some time in the next 20 years ;)

Check out my GURPS guns list <>. Currently its just TL7, and not at all comprehensive. For example, I've mostly ignored stuff thats in GURPS High-Tech). TL8 and TL9 are under work, and I've been planning on doing some TL6 stuff.




Subject: AAIE Chapter Dueling Championship: Round 3
From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Members
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 11:26:51 -0800

Hey there duel fans! We finished our Chapter Dueling Championships last Tuesday with a messy Division 30 duel in an arena on the big table with raised blocks on two sides, jumps and ramps to the blocks, checkpoints, and a shoot'em.

We had seven entrants in a wide variety of cars. I was driving a Boom Boom, a luxury with a driver, gunner, two ATGs with a mixture of APFSDS and HESH ammuntition front, spoiler, airdam, and nitous oxide. Khyll W., a duelist who wishes to remain anonymous, drove a Piecemaker, a similar design except with two VFRPs, 15 points of metal armor, and 40 points of plastic armor front. Tom Lentz selected a luxury with a turret-mounted AGL containing impact-fused grenades. (Our ruling on GLs with impact-fused grenades is that you take speed modifiers if you are trying to hit close enough to the car to take out tires. If you miss, the grenade magically disappears like other weapons fire. This balances them enough to make them useable.) Ted Hill drove a mid-size with a thick, plastic ramplate. Carol Dougherty chose a ramplate-equipped stretched-chassis pickup that was fast. Lafe Dougherty armed his luxury with a ramplate, two RRs front, and FCGSs on both sides. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln also entered in a stretched-chassis pickup with a ramplate, but her choice of weapon was an ATG.

The mayhem started with me taking a pass at Khyll. I had little effect and ran since I had blown my nitrous early. I managed to keep
Khyll in my side arc and he was unable to hit. Tom Lentz, who also blew nitrous early, fired his AGL between our cars. He missed with all but one grenade. He declined to shoot a second time since I was up to 110 mph.

Meanwhile, Ted Hill was coming toward me at 120 mph and wanted to do a head-on collision. I said "Sure!", but he had to move first and maneuvered so I could avoid it. Forty-two die rams are not my idea of a good time. Khyll, on the other hand, was up to the challenge and confettied on Ted's bumper but Ted survived with a little ramplate left. Carol taught Ted a head-on collision with a stretched-chassis pickup is a bad idea, even if you have a ramplate, too. Over two hundred points of damage later, we had our second confetti.

Lafe Dougherty was approaching from one way and Norma from the other, while Tom and I circled the mess going opposite directions. Lafe hit Carol with the FCGS and Tom shot by Norma, barely missing taking out her tires. Carol lost control from her collision with Ted and spent two turns in the flame cloud. Unfortunatly, this was one turn more than her top armor could take, and the fire destroyed her gas tank . . . Boom! Confetti #3.

Lafe decided since his ramplate was metal backed with plastic he could take a head-on with Norma. Over two-hundred points of damage later, we had our fourth confetti, but since he had shot her with his RRs, Lafe manged to take her out. Just before the collision , Tom dropped tear gas grenades between them to mess with the survivor. Unfortunatly, this left him unable to shoot at me (This is only turn three!) so I was able to close and shoot him in the side with the ATGs prior to a 100 mph t-bone. I opened his side and we both lost control but not too badly. At the top of turn four, I put a round through his engine and he blew out my tires. A short, messy duel, my favorite type.

The victory gave me 10 prestige for the three duels and the Club Championship. (Yea!) Lafe had 6 prestige over two duels, giving him second place. Tom had 4 prestige for third, Norma had 4 for fourth, Carol had 1 for fifth, Ted had 0 for sixth, and Khyll had -2 for seventh.

WADA Stuff
January 25, 2050
AAIE Chapter Dueling Championship
Division 30 Duel in Big B. Arena
Players: 7
Level: 1
Standard AAIE House Rules

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (42, not including CDC bonus)
2. Lafe Dougherty (20)
3. "Leaping" Tom Lentz (12)
4. Norma J. "Dead Again" Barrett-Lincoln (Two-Way Tie, 4)
4. Carol Dougherty (Two-Way Tie, 4)
6. "Tadpole" Ted Hill (2)
7. Khyll W. (1)

Thanks to everyone who played this last year. It's been a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing many of you at RadCon 3 (preferably with a
target lock ;-)).

Enough serious stuff! Next week is a Division 50 duel in the Feynman Proving Grounds, with six teleporters and whatever wackiness I can come up with. See you then.

Edgar Lincoln


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