Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 2, No. 7
July 18, 2049

Web Posted July 18, 1999
Updated September 03, 2001



Some of you may know that I had eye muscle surgery two weeks ago. The operation could be described as a splash-and-go pit stop in a NASCAR race because it took only 60 minutes and I was home a few hours after the procedure. My eyes are healing nicely and I expect to have a full recovery. Because of the surgery, I limited my time on my computer for several days, the reason this edition of CWIN is very late. During my recovery however,  I did feel good enough to update the WADA Car Wars League Standing, One of the tournaments now in those statistics is discussed below in the AADA News column.

Please send duel reports, vehicle designs, gadgets for Uncle Edgar's R&D Catalog, AADA RASG entries, anything and I will present them in CWIN. Remember, CWIN is your magazine that always needs your support.


If I have not contacted you, please send me a short update on the status of your gaming group's Car Wars activities. Please tell me how many
people usually play, how often the group meets, the location of your organization (city, state/province, country), contact (include e-mail or
telephone) and Web site URL (also state if the Web site will be updated this summer or will be removed this year). I am in the process of
significantly updating the WADA Car Wars Gaming Group Registry and I need to have as many of these reports as possible to perform this task well.


I feel like an ICE that has received a result of "7" on the Critical Engine Damage Table (hideous grinding noises) because I keep repeating this request to you. If you have not already, please add your name, location (city, state/province, country) and contact information to the various gamer registries on the Internet, especially Access Denied, The Autoduelist and the HVD Car Wars Opponent Finder. Autodueling will expand only if its participants can locate each other and the Matrix gamer lists are a very efficient way to accomplish this goal. Once you add yourself to a database, I will add you to the WADA Car Wars Player Registry. If you want to be on the WADA CWPR but do not want to register yourself on other lists, send SWAT your information and you will be on WADA Internet HQ in a short while.


When I started to write this newsletter last month, I thought I was going to be publishing a very short document. To my surprise, most of the staples are here. Having more time to collect more material is an advantage to having an off-schedule newsletter.

The two most important pieces of news are the two AADA World Championship Tournaments. The WRC was completed earlier this month and the WDC will be held early next month. The AADA News column has the latest information about these competitions.

Michael Garrity of NOVA returns to CWIN after a long absence with a very interesting Ultra-Tech Daemon Mechanic article. Francis Greenaway of Painted Target has also written a briefing for the Daemon Mechanic column, focusing on oversized vehicles in Europe. This issue's Heavy Metal column is not to be missed, featuring two resources for converting 3X miniatures to battle-readiness. Take a few minutes to read the many new Micros displayed in the this issue's VADR.

Now my vision is functional again, I can finally visit the movie theater two blocks from my home and watch Star Wars Episode I and Wild Wild West. After I see these movies, I hope to have many discussions about them with you on the various Car Wars forums.

I imagine many of you have wondered what is happening with AADA HQ. Elizabeth Lindsay, AADA Manager, has completed her evacuation from an ARF attack and is finishing unpacking. Robert Deis, AADA Head Referee, has been preoccupied with the minor event that occurred on
June 15, 1999: the birth of Alexander Frank Deis, Robert's 8 lbs. 7.8 oz. little leaguer. Alexander's mother Barbara and the new duelist himself are both doing well. The CWIN Editor would like to give congratulations to the AADA Head Referee for his new autoduelist and the A1ADA Manager for surviving her move. Best wishes to both of you and good luck with your new situations!

Thank you for your patience and assistance. See you on August 1st.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster



MJ Daniels, Illinois Independent Duelist and Duelmaster of the 2048-2049 AADA WDC (an event to be held at GenCon 1999 next month), crossed the finish line first in the final round of the 2048-2049 AADA WRC that was held at Origins 1999 during the July 4th weekend. Championship Autodueling Circuit member Mark Pittman locked in second place. Canadian Independent Duelist Dana Madsen achieved a third-place finish.

Details of all three qualifying rounds and the final race of the tournament can be found on the CADC Web site. A special edition of the
CADC Journal Tire Tracks discussing the AADA WRC will be published later this month on the CADC Web site.

The CWIN Editor would like to give congratulations to the finalists in the WRC. The editor of CWIN wants to also give many thanks to Tim Gould and the CADC for all of the effort in planning and running the tournament, making the event possible.

Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC)


The Death Racing Association of Washington State (DRAW) will run the 2049-2050 Northwest U.S. Regional Dueling Championship at RadCon 3 on the weekend of February 18, 2000. This tournament will be DRAW's second time running the event and will once again feature a 1/24th-scale model-destroying Final Round, 3-D Downtown Hanford and a new 3-D version of the Ozark Off-Road Autoduel Arena.



This gaming convention was held on February 18th, 1996 at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. The description of an Car Wars event held at BurCon IV below was on the convention's home page. This scenario would be useful for use with the "Collegiate Autodueling" article from ADQ 9/4.

Bus Wars V: Professor's Revenge. 1 p.m.-6 p.m., up to 12 players. Pick your favorite UM bus, arm it to the teeth, and then destroy anything that . . . well, exists. Extra points for blowing up your professor's car. Guest appearances DPS, the medical helicopter, and a gaggle of hapless Michigan State students. Dave Morris presents the maniacal firefight of Car Wars . . . but with UM buses.


GEMcon 1998 was held during the weekend of February 7-8, 1998 on the Eastern Michigan University main campus in Ypsilanti, Michigan. A description of a Car Wars game run at the event is reprinted below.

Event: Thirteenth Annual Autoduelists Convention
Game System: Steve Jackson's Car Wars
Referee: Jeff Little
Slots: 5 Players
Time Needed: 4 Hours

As five armed cars prepare to duel for glory and prizes, a mysterious last-minute entrant appears . . .



This organization duelmastered several Car Wars events at Origins 1999.


Although this site is still being built, it has a hyperlink to the vehicle design spreadsheet from the Duelists of Alberta (DOA).



An older woman was cruising a busy parking lot just before Christmas in her new Mercedes-Benz looking in vain for a parking space. She finally saw someone loaded with packages heading for a car, so she followed him, put on her blinker and waited patiently until he pulled out. Just as he pulled out a young man in a sleek black Porsche zipped in to the space ahead of her. She was dumbfounded and outraged, and jumped out of her car, shouting,

"How could you do that? Didn't you see me waiting there with my signal on?" to which he replied, "That's what happens when you're young and fast."

As the young man was about to enter the store he heard the hideous crunch of metal striking metal. He ran back, horrified, to see that the woman had gunned her Mercedes and smashed it into his beautiful black Porsche. He ran back and cried, "How could you do that?" to which she replied,

"That's what happens when you're old and rich!"


The "Laws of Combat" on this Web site are fun to read. The description of ROSL from its Webmaster is reprinted below.

For those who don't know me, my special intersts include AD&D, Warhammer 40K, Paranoia, Magic: the Gathering, BattleTech and Blood Bowl. I've also experimented with several other gaming systems including Marvel Super Heroes, Battle Cattle, Car Wars, Battletroops and when I'm feeling a little different, CritterTech (armored combat in a world gone fuzzy).

This page is intended as a place for me and my friends (you are my friend aren't you) to share their experiences and (mis)adventures with these games. I'm also extremely interested in receiving original short stories based on these games (or on any other subject that strikes your fancy). If you have anything to share then send it to me and I'll post it here as well (I reserve the right to edit for content or length).


Juha has several articles that will give a smile to any gamer. The best of these articles include:

An excerpt from the article "How Different Gamers Begin a Story" related to autodueling is reprinted below.

From: Tony Limbert <>
Subject: Re: [Humor] How Different
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 16:54:00 -0500

Car Wars: "It was a dark and stormy night. Dirk had a D2 penalty to his hazard roll, which he failed as he was making a turn at 70 mph in Phase 3. Dirk's car vaults into the air, the right tires each take 15 points of damage. The car flies through the air four inches, spinning around it's central axis 360 degrees then flips over in mid-air, smashing the roof of the car (which has 0 points of armor -- it's all on the sides) into the side of the truck stop, the car takes 39 points of damage, which takes out Dirk and his power plant. The AADA earns $20,000,000 from film rights for this crash!"



Because Europe is a smaller area than the U.S. or Australia, large commerical vehicles are not in as high demand. Francis Greenaway gives a primer on these smaller cousins of tractor-trailers, buses and road trains.

Francis Greenaway
Painted Target President/Webmaster
Brighton, United Kingdom


Whether you want to use them as experiments in a 2049 campaign or you find them necessary for your Ultra-Tech campaign that uses Car Wars for combat, full-blown mecha are some of the most flexible and lethal weapons systems ever devised. Michael Garrity returns to CWIN with this detailed set of rules for constructin anthropomorphic dueling vehicles.

Michael Garrity
New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)
Clive / Des Moines, Iowa



Popular Mechanics Home Page
June 1999


HyperTek Science and Technology TV Series
SF Gate and KRON-TV
San Francisco, California


Olympia, Washington State Ė Thieves broke into a local gun shop overnight and took 175 handguns as well as semiautomatic assault rifles, shotguns and rifle scopes, police said Monday.

The theft from Larry's Guns "puts a lot of weapons out on the street and thatís not good," Olympia police spokeswoman Kathy Seeley said.

"We're concerned any time a handgun is stolen . . . That means it's in someone's hands who shouldnít have it," Seeley said. An estimate of the weapons' value was not immediately available, she said, though TV reports quoted police as saying the guns were worth $200,000.

An inventory of the store's losses was under way at midday, Seeley said. In addition to the handguns, about 10 assault rifles were taken, she said, and a number of shotguns and scopes.

Telephone lines were cut and the alarm system at Larry's Guns disabled for the burglary, which occurred sometime between 9:30 p.m. Sunday and 5:30 a.m. Monday, when Officer Doug Curtright discovered the break-in on the east side of town.

The thieves entered using a door where pry marks were found, Seeley said. No similar crimes have been reported in the area recently, police said.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms assigned an agent to the case, the ATF office in Seattle said.

Area residents who noticed anything suspicious in the shop's vicinity were asked to call authorities, she said.

KING 5 Television Station Web Site
Seattle, Washington State
Monday July 12, 1999


Fairfield, Ohio (AP) -- A 6-year-old boy who slipped away from his day care center managed to hot-wire a toy vehicle and drive it for a mile along a bustling state highway, authorities said.

An alarmed motorist called police to say she was stunned to see little John T. Carpenter piloting the toy alongside regular-sized vehicles just outside Cincinnati.

Authorities said they were investigating how John got away from Kiddie Kampus Pre-School and Day Care Center on Friday. Police said his disappearance went undetected until officers contacted the center more than an hour later.

The boy apparently wandered away from the center, then came upon a mini Monster truck-type toy parked outside ReRuns for Wee Ones, a children's resale shop.

"I had the wires unhooked so no one could ride off in it, but he reconnected the wires without anyone seeing him, took off the price tag and rode away," co-owner Trisha Taylor said Monday.

"I was just floored. I couldn't believe it. This kid is only 6, and he had to have lifted up that hood and knew which wires to put together," Taylor said.

John was unhurt and police returned him to his mother.

The Butler County Children Services Board said it will investigate and determine what action might be needed at Kiddie Kampus, said Jon Allen, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Human Services.

An employee of Kiddie Kampus declined comment to The Cincinnati Enquirer. The boy's mother did not return messages left by the newspaper.

CNN Interactive
July 13, 1999
Web posted at: 6:57 AM EDT (1057 GMT)





United States
Wulf's HQ Formula Dé League
Motor City Formula Dé Club
St. Louis Knights Formula Dé Racing League
Valley Forge Formula One League
North Houston Boardgamer Group

Grand Prix Vircom 2000

MaSK Racing League (MRL)

Habsheim (68)
Marseille (13)
Marquette (59)
Toulon (83)


Unired States
Bay Area Formula Dé League



This meeting, regulated like the MASTERS, will take place in Cologne next September, and will see players from several countries gather together. Natural track selection: Hockenheim & Nürburgring. For more details and contact information, check the calendar of events.



Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 15:51:36 EDT

Hola. The Mid Ohio Formula One Web site <> has been updated.

Please come visit. Adios.


Date: Sat, 05 Jun 1999 20:42:00 -0600


Rookie Joe Sullivan won the Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal circuit) at Games Crafts Hobbies & Stuff on June 5, 1999.  The event was #2 for the
1999 St. Louis Formula De League.

The field of seven bunched up at the start, exacerbated by rookie Tracey Barnes's stall on the grid, resulting in contact between Scott Kester and Jeff Crowder as well as between Joe Hagar and Tom Barnes. Racing was close through the early going, with Crowder and Sullivan as well as Kester and Jon Fanter either making contact or brushing the wall avoiding each other in the first turn.

By the end of the first lap, the field had spread out. San Marino GP winner Joe Hagar emerged from the crowd leading, followed closely by
Fanter; despite Fanterís brushing the wall exiting turn nine. As the field neared the end of the first lap, rain began falling from the threatening skies and continued throughout the remainder of the race. The entire field roared into the pits for rain tires (and body repairs).

After the round of pit stops, Hagar was still leading followed by Fanter and Sullivan. He maintained the lead until the next to last corner, but
then ran out of tire and brake wear and was passed by the winner and second place finisher Fanter.

Kester, Crowder and Tom Barnes were dicing for fourth place during the second lap.  Barnes eventually pulled away, but slow pit work allowed
Kester to pass him at the end of the lap.  Crowder elected to forgo a stop and gained position on both other drivers.  Kester misjudged turn
nine and crashed.  Crowder eventually outran Tom Barnes to finish fourth, followed by Tom Barnes.  Rookie Tracey Barnes closed up to the
field and finished a close sixth.

Official Results, St. Louis Formula De League 1999 Event #2, Canadian Grand Prix

Driver / Car Design / Position at start, 1st lap, 2nd lap, end

Joe Sullivan / Hard Tires, 5 tires, 4 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   3 body, 2 engine, 3 driver / 1, 4, 3, 1
Jon Fanter / Soft Tires, 7 tires / 3 brakes, 3 gearbox
   3 body, 2 engine, 2 driver / 5, 2, 2, 2
Joe Hagar / Hard Tires, 7 tires, 4 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   3 body, 2 engine, 1 driver / 7, 1, 1, 3
Jeff Crowder / Hard Tires, 5 tires, 4 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   3 body, 2 engine, 3 driver / 3, 6, 7, 4
Tom Barnes / Hard Tires, 7 tires, 4 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   2 body, 3 engine, 1 driver / 6, 5, 3, 5
Tracey Barnes / Hard Tires, 6 tires, 4 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   3 body, 2 engine, 2 driver / 2, 7, 6, 6
Scott Kester / Soft Tires, 7 tires, 4 brakes, 2 gearbox,
   2 body, 2 engine, 3 driver / 4, 3, 5, DNF

Kester on 3rd lap (turn 9), crash, while 4th.

Point Standings:
Hagar          14
Sullivan       10
Fanter          8
Hazslip         6
Barnes, Tom     6
Tess            3
Crowder         3
Barnes, Tracey  1


Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 00:21:34 -0500
From: Robert Orozco <>

Hello. This is an e-mail to inform you of my Web site update. The OBRL is now 9 races into the 16 race season and it is heating up. There is 5 points separating first from sixth place in the individual point race. Our next race will take us to Spain and then Monza, so feel free to follow

We are racing with an enlarged playing board, and using 1/64th scale Champ Cars. If anybody is interested, I can send you files of all of the
courses we've used so far in .dwg (AutoCad) format, but I will not if the publishers tell me it would be illegal to do this (please advise). I basically copied the race course in AutoCad and plotted on an HP750c Plotter at 4 times bigger then the original. It's worked out OK
so far.

And next year we are going 1/43rd scale, using the '98 Formula Cars, which again, makes for a racing experience. Thank goodness we only do this once a week. Later.


Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 02:25:25 -0700
From: Jean-Jacques Enser <>

Wednesday June 30 01:56 AM PDT

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -- Special News Flash: We had to wait until the end of the 20th and last round of this long season to finally know the name of the 1999 champion.

With his 3rd place finish today at Long Beach, MOZILLA, a young American driver discovered and trained by  MAD MAC'S (a French veteran), becomes the second champion of the first league in the USA, after JAMMIN' JOE in 1998, and receives this ultimate reward after 2 years of intense practice and dedication.

With a certain emotion, his manager declared: "MOZILLA just achieved something I never did myself but always dreamed of, winning a champion title. I see a great future for this young and talented driver."

BILLY JACK, his most dangerous opponent, needed to win the last race to take the title away, but he finished only 5th. He didn't wish to answer any question and simply said "I'll get him next year, I'll get him!"

Final standings after 20 races:

1 MOZILLA     110
3 JOE          88
4 FRANKY       79
5 C.J.         42
6 TILA         23
7 JOE P.       16
8 BOBBY         4

The prizes will be awarded by Eric Randall in person, during a small ceremony held on July 4th in the bay area.

All the details are online <>. Only results are available now; photos and interviews will follow soon.


Subject: Formula One Season Campaign Rules
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 07:43:35 PDT
From: North Houston Boardgamers Group <>

We have updated the North Houston Boardgamer Group website with a few Variants and Errata for a few games. One of these games is Formula Dé for an extended Formula One season.

If you are interested, please visit the Website <>.

NHBG Organizer
Houston, TX, USA


Subject: St. Louis FD Event #3 Results
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 17:18:49 -0600


Tom Barnes won the British Grand Prix on the Silverstone circuit at the St. Charles Fantasy Shop on July 3. The race was event #3 of the 1999
St. Louis Formula De League.

A rain-slicked track throughout the event contributed to the extreme attrition, as only two of the seven starters were running at the end.
Four of the retirements were due to collisions, all of them on the first lap.

Scott Kester jumped out to an early lead, but the field behind him bunched up as rookie Justin Stout stalled on grid. Joe Hagar and Rick
Tess made contact in the first turn, but Hagar got by Tess and went on to overtake Barnes in the next straight. Tess and Stout then successfully slipstreamed and passed Hagar.

Nathan Dennett hit the wall and sustained some body damage avoiding traffic entering Maggott's Curve, and then collided with Kevin Hazslip
at the Chapel Curve exit.  Hazslip's car had already made contact with Stout in Beckett's Corner.  Both Dennett and Hazslip were eliminated in
the collision.

As Kester streched his lead, Hagar was eliminated in a collision with Stout in Club Corner.  Stout, in turn, was unable to continue after
colliding with Tess in the Luffield Corner. Tess stayed on track, but his car seemed to have been damaged in the collision.  (Rick rolled the
greatest number of 7's in fourth gear that anyone has ever seen).

Barnes emerged from the carnage of the first lap in second place, followed at a distance by Tess. He gained some ground by skipping the
pits while Kester and Tess both stopped, and then mounted an aggressive charge down the Hangar Straight that resulted in overtaking Kester in Club Corner.

Kester made a courageous effort to regain the lead that came to grief when he spun out and crashed attempting to overtake in Club Corner on
the white flag lap.  Tess made up time on the leaders by not pitting after the second lap, but was not close enough to seriously challenge
them, especially after he also spun in the same corner.

Official Results, St. Louis Formula De League 1999 Event #3, British Grand Prix

Driver / Car Design / Position at start, 1st lap, 2nd lap, end

Tom Barnes / Rain Tires, 6 tires, 3 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   2 body, 4 engine, 2 driver / 3, 2, 1, 1
Rick Tess / Rain Tires, 6 tires, 3 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   2 body, 3 engine, 3 driver / 5, 3, 3, 2
Scott Kester / Rain Tires, 7 tires, 3 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   2 body, 3 engine, 2 driver / 2, 1, 2, DNF
Justin Stout / Rain Tires, 6 tires, 4 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   2 body, 3 engine, 2 driver / 1, DNF
Joe Hagar / Rain Tires , 6 tires, 3 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   2 body, 3 engine, 3 driver / 4, DNF
Nathan Dennett / Rain Tires, 6 tires, 3 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   2 body, 3 engine, 3 driver / 6, DNF
Kevin Hazslip / Rain Tires, 4 tires, 4 brakes, 3 gearbox,
   3 body, 3 engine, 3 driver / 7, DNF

Hazslip on 1st lap (Chapel Curve), collision, while 6th.
Dennett on 1st lap (Chapel Curve), collision, while 5th.
Hagar on 1st lap (Club Corner), collision, while 3rd.
Stout on 1st lap (Luffield Corner), collision, while 3rd.
Kester on 3rd lap (Club Corner), crash, while 2nd.

Point Standings:
Barnes, Tom    16
Hagar          14
Sullivan       10
Tess            9
Fanter          8
Hazslip         6
Crowder         3
Barnes, Tracey  1

Next Event:
German Grand Prix (Hockenheim)
(alternate event: Hungarian Grand Prix (Budapest))
Hosted by Hazlewood Fantasy Shop
Sunday, August 1, 1999
Rookie orientation 12PM
Main event 1PM to 5PM.


Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 22:42:50 +0200
From: "Emmanuel Cellier" <>

Hello everybody! The winner of the Lyon's league 1999 is . . . ZUFF (he was second at the Valreas open and he shall be the winner of the Masters at Boulogne next November). Patrick Alesi, the 1998 Master, announced at the end of the last GP that he stops Formule Dé, because he haven't got luck during this year . . . Is it really possible? You will know in September (the beginning of the new season in Lyon).

Manu Prostela


Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 15:10:30 +0200
From: "Alberto Romero" <>

Hi cyber-pilots. We are preparing the Club Dragon Formula De International Championship, the first (I think) Internet-based Formula De tournament. The idea, which is not totally developed, is pilots from all over the world can play a competition by e-mail. We can play using ADC2 or something similar, and a die roller on the Internet. We will need the cyber-pilots to read their e-mail everyday. We are thinking two races of 9-11 pilots can be run simultaneously.

I would like read your comments (dates, system to use, rules, and more) and to know the pilots that are interested in running this championship.

Alberto Romero
Club Dragon


Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 14:53:54 EDT

Hola. The Mid Ohio Formula One Web site <> has been updated.

Come visit.



The Colony is a science-fiction, near-future space campaign world. It's based on mainly TL08-09 and is inspired mainly by the Aliens movies.
The purpose of the Colony is to give an opportunity to play around in a hardcore, inhuman, cyberpunkish universe with space travel, sci-fi technology which might not even be so far away. So go on play and send your characters, NPCs, scenarios and other stuff so this campaign world can develop even further.

The Data section has several cool combat vehicles, including an armored stretch limousine and a fast attack vehicle.



Good Idea Promotions turned the fronts of eight New Orleans car dealerships into battle zones in an effort to fight high prices. The                      promotion was called "Car Wars," it came complete with our huge displays, and all out media campaign. We played a key part of the television production as well as designing, building and erecting 16 guard towers, hundreds of anti tank barriers, and huge camo-netting banners. Needless to say it drew lots of attention.


Michael's site has excellent advice for painting miniatures and is home to the USENET Miniatures Painting Guide and FAQ.


Road Warriors: 20mm Road Warriors, Bikers, Police, Civilians, Zone Troopers, Desert Warriors,Vehicles and accessory packs to dress up our cars of Matchbox-type vehicles.


Military Miniatures is a magazine for collecting tanks of figures and vehicles on a scale 1:72. You will find modeling techniques, conversion examples, painting techniques, suggested tools and materials, model color conversion tables, painting examples, wargame development, new 1:72 scale releases and a hyperlink collection.


CWIN first read this article in the autumn of 1996 but was not able to find it on the Internet again (fortunately, the editor printed the Web page to paper before the document disappeared). Roadwarriors was reprinted on SWAT Matrix HQ last year. CWIN has found Roadwarriors on the Military Miniatures Web site mentioned previously. Now the article is available once again, the hyperlink to this set of modeling tips on the Car Wars Miniatures Jump Page on SWAT Matrix HQ will direct you to the version on the Military Miniatures Web site.


The Dark Future car on this site is an animation not to be missed!










Homebrew vehicular designs, including a modified version of the gasoline-burning Panther compact from ADQ 6/2, are ready for you on
this page to test-drive on a highway or in an arena.


Edward mentions in the "Past RPGs" section of his Web site he is experimenting with rules for combining Fudge and Car Wars. The rules are unavailable at this time.


If you want to run a Car Wars or GURPS campaign in a wasteland, visit Mark's Web site for a list of post-apocalypse plots. You will also find a large collection of hyperlinks for all types of games in this corner of the Internet.


The June 1994 edition of the L&P Information Letter has an article from Great Britain called "Title of a Book Series Distinguished from a Single Book Title and Upheld as a Trademark." This article discusses the Games Workshop auto-combat boardgame Dark Future.

In a recent case in the United Kingdom, the Court of Appeal upheld an order granting an interlocutory injunction against a publisher that used
the registered trademark of a games manufacturer as the title of a series of books. A key question in determining whether an interlocutory
injunction is proper is whether the plaintiffs have shown there to be a serious case to be tried (it is not necessary to show probability of

Transworld Publishers Ltd. published two children's novels which included the words DARK FUTURE as part of their titles. Games Workshop
Ltd. had registered the trademark DARK FUTURE in respect of games and their own series of books for sale to teenagers and young adults.
Prior to Transworld's publication of their novels, Games Workshop had begun negotiations with another company to publish their DARK
FUTURE books under license, and Games Workshop consequently moved for an interlocutory injunction against Transworld on the grounds
of trademark infringement and passing off. The lower court granted the interlocutory injunction holding that Transworld's actions posed a
serious question of trademark infringement and that Games Workshop stood to lose their agreement with their licensee if such injunction were
not granted.

Transworld appealed and the Court of Appeal considered the issues of trademark infringement, passing off and the adequacy of an award of

On the first issue, the Court of Appeal found there to be a serious question of trademark infringement to be tried, based on case law which had
held that use of another's trademark as a title for a magazine series constituted trademark infringement, thus rejecting the defendant's argument
that the title of a book could not function as an indication of the trade origin of the book. The finding that Transworld's use of DARK FUTURE
as a title of a series of books could constitute an infringement was a logical extension of an existing doctrine and comparable to use of a title of
a periodical magazine which had previously been held to be use of such title as a trademark.

The Court of Appeal also held that there was a serious question to be tried on the issue of passing off, in view of the extent of the reputation
and goodwill that Games Workshop had apparently acquired in the trademark DARK FUTURE through substantial use in sales and

The court learned, as it considered the issue of damages, that Games Workshop had already entered into a formal agreement with the licensee
to publish its books, and Transworld thereupon argued that this changed Games Workshop's position, making damages, and not an injunction,
the proper remedy. The court reasoned, however, that, since each party's books were aimed at different age groups of readers, Games
Workshop could be damaged if their older customers purchased Transworld's children's books by mistake and then, being disappointed with
them, declined to purchase more of the DARK FUTURE series books in the future.

The court thus found that injunctive relief was justified and necessary and dismissed the appeal.

This case stands for the proposition that, where another's trademark is used as a title of a series of books, a cause of action may lie, if the mark
is used in a manner likely to result in consumers viewing it as a trademark, even though there may not have been any intent to use the title as a


Online Gamebook

Gamebook Garden Yahoo Club

Moloch's Web site and Yahoo Club are two of the best resources for fans of interactive novels. Before you start searching used bookstores for gamebooks, visit these locations on the Internet first.


Articles printed in magazines The Boardgamer, The Fantasy Gamer, Fire & Movement, The General, Moves, Strategy and Tactics, The Space Gamer, The VIP of Wargaming and The Wargamer are listed on this Web page. For easy reference, all of the Car Wars article information from the WAI is repinted below.

AADA Vehicle Guide (S: CW) -- TSG 71
Armadillo Autoduel Arena (S: CW) -- TSG 67
Autoduel Champions (S: CW, CHA) -- TSG 66
Autoduel (C) -- TSG 78
Battlecars -- TSG 71
Car Wars Expansion Kit #10 (S:CW) -- TSG 79
Car Wars Expansion Set #6 (PA: CW) -- TSG 74
Car Wars Expansion Set #7 (S: CW) -- VIP 3
Car Wars Reference Screen (PA) -- TSG 66
East Midville (S: CW) -- TSG 70
GURPS Autoduel (S: CW, GURPS) -- TSG 83
GURPS Autoduel (S: GURPS) -- TSG 81
Hell on Wheels (S: CW, BC, HW2000) -- TSG 70
Highway 2000 -- TSG 53
Road, The (S: CW, BC, HW2000) -- TSG 76
Roadwar 2000 (C) -- TSG 81
Sunday Drivers (S: CW) -- TSG 62
TurboFire (S: CW, BC, HW2000) -- TSG 70
UltraForce (S: CW, BC, HW2000) -- TSG 72
Uncle Albert's Auto Shop & Gunnery Shop 2035 Catalog (S: CW) -- TSG 76



Titan Computers is producing Total Combustion, a CD-only release. It is a Car Wars game that is similar to Carmagedon. This will require an 040/PPC, AGA or GFX Card, 8Mb Fast RAM, a hard-disk and a CD-ROM drive.

AUTOCOMBAT.COM is one of the best Web sites on the Internet for coverage of vehicular combat gaming.


Car Wars: One or two-player game. Two cars, with guns, and loads of powerups keep appearing. Blow up your opponent. Simple, and fun.


Street Wars: A two- or three-player action car game. The objective is to destroy your opponents' cars.


Revive a Classic
by Porter Woodward

With the recent spate of 3-D first person shooters that have involved an actual story -- Half-life, Shogo: MAD, Thief -- and the 3rd person adventure games -- Heretic II, the Tomb Raiders, etc. I feel it is time to remake an old classic.

This goes back a few years, some of the gamers of today were not even old enough to play computer games. Some simply didn't have access to computers - they were rarer back then. But, this game was available on two of the most popular platforms of the day -- the Apple II, and the Commodore 64. And, if I recall correctly, it was by Electronic Arts no less.

The game is Autoduel.

Based on Steve Jackson's paper and pencil game called "Car Wars" this game has the potential to be remade using modern technology to actually enhance the experience.

Fallout II is the most similar game setting on the market right now -- post-apocalyptic, you travel across the wasteland -- and hey, you can even restore a car. But, it's not 3-D, and it doesn't quite get the "car thing" right.

"Car Wars" is all about the car -- you could buy various chassis, from the basic subcompact all the way up to a van or other large vehicle. You could outfit it with a power plant of your choosing, and various weapons and armor as well. In this, it was a lot like a mecha game. However, in the game on the computer -- "Autoduel," you also had another element of play, as a person, outside of your vehicle. Granted, there wasn't
much, you could wander around the 2-D flat map of the city to the casino, or the general store -- but there was something.

I really feel that with something like the Lithtech engine or something similar, Autoduel could be remade into a modern day classic. With a configurable vehicle, as well as some form of character development, the game could cross the boundary between RPG and Action/Adventure -- just as the original did.

I know that some people feel it's sacrilege to remake old games -- that it involves no creativity. And, to a degree they are right. But, with a game like this, if it were done right, it would simply rock! Add to it the possibility of multi-player arenas (the original "Car Wars" was loads of fun, build cars and fight your friends), and that would add a whole new dimension to the game. In the original "Autoduel," each city usually
had an arena -- so if you hadn't had enough of a fight driving cross-country, you could enter in the city's arena to try to earn some money by fighting in your car against other drivers . . .


Death & Destruction: A game for up to 20 players! Three different types of terrain! Shoot and move in any direction!


Car War: Drive your car around with the left and right arrow keys while avoiding the other cars.


Driving-Type Games

Let's see, why would anyone want to play a driving simulator when you can just get in your car . . . hmmmm . . . let's see if I can use my ounce of imagination to figure that out. Here's a few titles:

Experimental Car Designer
Steve Jackson's Car Wars 2000
Tomorrow Never Dies
Need For Speed 19

Or maybe an update to that game with the top-down view where you would go on carjacking sprees. In the non-gaming world, I could see someone getting their 15 year old daughter a home training driver's ed package. There are also driver's simulators out there that are hired
by pharmaceutical companies and the military to make simulations of a particular region, so they can practice military actions or test the effects of medicines under investigation by the FDA.

Josh Criz
Milpitas, CA

The question was in regards to a hard core sim, not a driving action game of any sort. We assumed the reader meant a game in which you simulate driving, pure and simple. The market for such is in question.


Name: Jedon Thompson
Project: I am working on the following project . . .

Car Wars type overhead view scrolling car game like Micro Machines with guns and bigger arenas. I use 16 pixel tiles for large maps using Turbo+  to make the cars, I make a 32-frame turning animation in DPaint and load the anim into AMOSPro 2.0 and grab the bob from each frame.
I am currently stuck trying to make the screen scroll smoothly. (If you have smoothly scrolling multidirection tile maps with Turbo+, please show me how!) 64 EHB 320 x 200. In a separate program, you can design the car.


The WADA CWL Standings now include all four rounds of the 2048-2049 AADA WRC, the two CADC races that were held in June and many other events. Philip White of SWAT <> will be taking over the maintenance of the WADA Web site in August or September, therefore if you submit information about Car Wars games for WADA championship points during this time, there may be a delay of several days before you see the standings updated. Your patience in this matter is appreciated.


Dear CWIN Readers:

I hope to make this a monthly report, as the title suggests. As long as everyone keeps participating in the WADA Car Wars League, I will do my best. But now down to the real stuff . . .

Since this is the first in the series we'll just jump right in and give you the top ten drivers as of July 14, 2049 (with personal comments included).

1.  Frank "The Vulture" Bonnin of DRAW: 324 pts. (Will somebody catch this guy?)
2.  Tim Gould of CADC Texas FOS: 264 pts. (Excellent job at the WRC!)
3.  Mark Pittman of CADC Italy: 233.5 pts. (Second at the WRC!)
4.  Michael Garrity of NOVA: 217 pts. (He needs to move to a busier circuit.)
5.  Keith Scherer of CADC Australia: 213 pts. (Disappointing finish at WRC.)
6.  MJ Daniels, an Illinois Independent: 193 pts. (New AADA Racing Champion!)
7.  Stan Wells a California Independent: 151 pts. (A successful racer in DRACAR events.)
8.  Rob Hagmaier, another California Independent: 141 pts. (An up-and-comer in DRACAR events.)
9.  Bill "Blazen Bob" Stevenson of DRAW: 139 pts. (DRAW Co-Founder)
9.  Matt Hampton of CADC Texas FOS: 139 pts. (Where was he for the Final Round of the WRC?)
The once heavy dominance of the top 10 has been diluted somewhat by the influx of racers from the U.S. West Coast DRACAR circuit and the new AADA World Racing Champion, MJ Daniels (who by the way is Referee for the AADA World Dueling Championships next month). But, still no one has been able to catch the slippery Frank "The Vulture" Bonnin. Just as soon as someone starts to close in, The Vulture swoops into another unsuspecting arena, picks the bones of the competition, and retains his spot on top of the heap.

Next month's report will hopefully include comments and results from the WDC at Gen Con 1999, as long as the info can make it to the presses of CWIN on time.

See you next month, and keep those results rolling in!

Philip "Fool" White
WADA Car Wars League Manager



Before the days of CWIN, HVD Journal, HVD CWML and the Car Wars Web sites available today, the Car Wars Mailing List was a primary source of information for autoduelists. This list has been replaced by Autoduelist's Haven, CWIN, Dueling Debate, the Pyramid Car Wars Message Board and USENET newsgroups. If you do see a description of the list when you travel through the Matrix, such as the one printed below, remember that this forum no longer exists.

Rutgers University Mailing List Index Anonymous Net Info Interest Groups

Owner: Strider <>
Last Update: 8/25/1993
Description: This mailing list is for the discussion of the Steve Jackson game Car Wars. Things discussed in this list include: rules debates, tournament organization, computer versions (both existing and new ideas), and good stories and designs.


Brotherhood League of Autoduelist Elite (BLADE)

Crash and Burn Index

After many months of being statis, this Web site is now being renovated. Under construction is a comprehensive listing of auto-combat games for console and computer systems. Make sure you read the section that discusses the history of Accolade's computer game Redline.


The Micro Machines Mayhem Masters of Houston have entered combat again except using 1/24 scale models! The new section on the EFD Web site, "Big Boys, Big Toys or Size Does Matter," has a post-duel analysis of the event. The photographs of the miniatures and play-aids used are fantastic.


The June 2049 edition of CWIZ has been published, containing results of the Gateway 1999 Car Wars Tournament and the DRACAR Biggie at California Clover. Short reports of the CADC races at Russian Roulette and Corcovado, the DRAW Division 30 duel in Downtown Hanford and the two U.S. Midwest Regional Championships are also presented in this issue.

DRACAR HQ now has post-race discussion of the California Clover, Miller Lite 400 and Skoal 350 races. Several new photographs of  Hot Wheels NASCAR Pro Racing miniatures and 1/24th scale models speeding on DRACAR's beautiful racetracks have been uploaded.


Downtown Hanford and The Dragon Arena are once again smoldering ruins. In May, DRAW and SWARM entered Division 30 combat in downtown Hanford. Last month, AAIE, DRAW and SWAT held a Division 100 bloodbath in The Dragon, an event that featured military weaponry, 11 players and 21 vehicles, including a mini-bus and a hovercraft. As expected, the combat, if you could call it that, ended in less than 10 seconds with Frank "The Vulture" Bonnin claiming another victory and substantially increasing his WADA championship points total.


The gaming/terrorist society of Southern California have a Web site again! You can read a description of the OrcCon 1999 Car Wars Tournament on the LE Web site. The graphic of the Los Angeles International Raceway, hosted temporarily by SWAT Matrix HQ, is going to appear in the Car Wars section of the LE site soon.


The NOVA HQ section now has the Practice Arena, Airfield and Racetrack areas active. You can also download Nightmessenger 7-2 and will probably be able to download the remaining three issues of Volume 7 during the next two months.


Francis Greenaway's Web site is getting bigger than animals discussed in the site's section "Dinosaurs in Car Wars." Psychle Courier Services has been renamed to Generic Vehicle Accessories due to the number of items for bicycles in the catalog was small. Fixed-wing aircraft pilots will be interested in the seaplane, wing-in-ground effect (WIGE) vehicles and above-wing EWPs. The European Light Vehicle Chassis article published last month is one of this issue's Daemon Mechanic presentations.