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Various tools and game aids to help intrepid Car Wars players and gamemasters become more efficient and effective at planning and executing their game play. Special commentary from our beloved president (who is also a raving lunatic) will elucidate (or further confuse) the functions of these various items.

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Arena Designing - Sample Arenas - Town Arena
The Town Arena was first tested in the 1996 Club Championships. This arena celebrates mass destruction on a large scale. Points were awarded for destroying the buildings. It was used for the 1997 combined Club Duelling & Racing Championships.

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Town Arena

Construction | Road Conditions | Special Rules | Point System


Town Map
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Road Conditions

  • streets & sidewalks are normal road
  • hitting curb = D3 hazard
  • hitting curb at wheelchair accessible areas = D1 hazard
  • rubble areas are off-road
  • entering rubble areas is a D4 hazard
  • when entering rubble, roll tire damage as if hitting debris (no additional hazard)

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Special Rules

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Point System

    Duelling Rules
  • Mobility kills = 2 pts/-2 pts
  • Firepower kills = 2 pts/-2 pts
  • Destroy Gas Pump = 1 pt.
  • Building Breach = 2 pts.
  • Building Destruction = 3 pts.
  • Making a Checkpoint = 0 pts.
  • Finishing the Race = 0 pts.
    Racing Rules
  • Mobility kills = 0 pts
  • Firepower kills = 0 pts
  • Destroy Street Item or Gas Pump = 0 pt.
  • Building Breach = 0 pts.
  • Building Destruction = 0 pts.
  • Making a Checkpoint = 1 pt.
  • Finishing the Race = 4 pts.

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