Michael P. Owen
January 04, 2015

You are probably reading this page because you accessed my Twitter profile.

A molecular biology/microbiology research technician, I perform scientific work involving infectious diseases.

My Web site includes an archive copy of the Biotechnology Code of Ethics, a Web page from 1996, and an Ebola Viral Disease Reference Page for the current Ebola Viral Disease epidemic in West Africa.

In the rare occasions I am not working in a laboratory, I play and write about boardgames and tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) related to the cyberpunk genre and the Mad Max movies. My Web site called SWAT HQ can be accessed using this link.

I infrequently post news and comments about boardgames and RPGs on my blog Wheels, Weapons and the Wasteland. You can access the blog using this link.

Questions regarding my tweets, Web site and blog can be sent to my primary e-mail account on Seanet or my secondary e-mail account on Hotmail.

Michael P. Owen
Bellevue, WA USA
owenmp AT seanet dot com
owenmp AT hotmail dot com