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This site was simply designed to squeeze down into a smaller window, and yet be so intuitively simple a child can navigate through the material by following the arrows or clicking the images. The links page will lead into areas which have large search bases or many good links. The graphics were created on Macintosh Computers, and the business machine for this small company is an iMac, which also has Virtual PC running Windows 95 on board, allowing us the full flexibility of software use as only Macintosh can. We knew the fifth generation family young people would be at our chosen machine, so we chose wisely. It must be noted at this time iMacs are wonderful small business machines with tremendous bang for the dollar, and created this site. Children as well as adults are quite welcome here and all our links are family safe. There is a lot to learn from this site, including the PAL Oil System shop manual which is also here by arrangement, so spend some time and look around. By clicking on the circled anchor above, you will always find yourself transported back to the home page, with one exception. By the way, the 333 iMac G-3 (now $900) averages 13hrs 18 minutes for the Seti Home Project after 187 runs. The New iMac DVD 400 takes 10 hours and 45 minutes, 21% faster. The average Pentium takes 22+ hours... and time is money in the business world. Since this site was put up, the iMac has never failed and is updated all the time, while ages 10-8 pound away constantly on this business machine. They also know how to use Norton Utilities to check the unit out. We start them out young around this outfit....

Now I realize many of you reading this are in business and have PC's as we do. The virus problem for these 8086 based machines are manifest from the web, ala idiots, and even the Army put their secure server info on G-4 Macs because the fact remains there are over 2000+ virus problems with the PC and about 30 for the Mac. In short the military thinks enough is enough in this regard, since most viruses targeted at the Windows operating system, this system being forced upon them by sources outside of the military. The Navy explained this fact to me...

We are located in Seattle, WA which is famous because it is the Microsoft home base. To keep the record straight, Microsoft makes very good software for the Mac, such as Microsoft Office and the Explorer browser as well as Outlook Express. The major problem with many PC owners is ignorance of choice to suit their needs. The local newspaper Seattle Times Message Center has these Mac / PC postings constantly and it does have its humor from time to time. Yesterday, 9-30-2000, I finally threw my hands up in engineering disgust and sent them the following message:

I find it quite amusing to read your column from time to time in the Seattle Times because it reflects old thoughts and ideas which have not grown or progressed as far as the Mac / PC argument. The first thing people should get straight is Macs will run all software now and have for a few years, while the PC has just seen Dos go and the 8086 is on the way out, for modern replacement chips which have embedded systems. Consider the case in point of Mac's with Virtual PC running anything Windows has, Linux and Unix, as well as the BeOs. G-4 Macs are twice as fast as anything Pentium has out to date, and crunch numbers at twice the speed on the average as the PC world. Ask Adobe... and then go to the seti@home page and merely check out who is doing what as far as average data crunching. Personally I run both systems Mac and PC, separately, as well as having three Macs which are dual machines. My wife just purchased and iMac Special edition 500 megahertz G-3 "Snow", and it takes a gigahertz PC microprossor to keep up with it. Not only does it make my PC's look like trash, but it is stable. My "died in the wool" PC friends are abdicating one by one to Mac. Not everyone is a geek in the real world, and we like to get our work done and move onto other things, not sit and stare at crashed machines while visions of dancing silver suited jerks roll on the TV screen, as flash backs in our minds. Since we switched to Macs in our business, we have not had more that a few hours downtime in 5 years, total for all of the machines (9) in 7 different locations while upgrading. To take this old story even farther back, I have an Apple IIe which has a 286 Dos card on one side and Apple Prodos on the other. I still use it from time to time. Non geeks should opt for easy Apple machines such as the iMac and the rest of us will choose anything we want because we can handle it. As an engineer and also known developer on the web, I choose productivity because of business and high end graphics, and I do not work for Microsoft. Do you...? Sometimes I wonder...

The New iMacs and the OS X Jaguar is the finest system I have yet encountered for the small business as well as the individual but we are still using the older iMac in this location. We have a new Hewlet Packard here with Microsoft XP and there really is no comparison between the iMac system and the Microsoft system in reality, the Mac a quantum leap ahead still even at this time. The Windows machine is a personal one and we do not use it at all for business because it is still a little buggy which just proves Microsoft still insists on sending out software before its time. When you get tired of all the hoops you have to jump through to make multimedia and other types of software to work, and the viruses still plaguing Windows machines, merely switch to Mac.

We just installed Mac OS X Panther (1-16-2004) in this little machine after boosting the ram by 256 megabytes. It is quite a system and runs flawlessly after tossing away a couple of old programs that were very outdated. Considering this a 333 meghertz G-3 CPU, a little slow this day and age, there is nothing that slow about this little battle station we call a iMac julie321 around this outfit. My wife Susan is running the same system in her machine Snow, a special edition G-3 iMac that really is stable and moves out. She has 640 megs of ram installed in that machine. The new iMac G-4's are of course a leap beyond our machines, and the G-5 Apples are here even as I write this. The fact most people do not need the high end machines, either Apple or PC's such as Dells or Gateways, to do their daily business or personal chores. That speed is needed for broadband full time streaming for video and music on the web. If you are modem connected to the Internet, after a certain point as fast as you can take the data leaves your machine still very idle. If one is doing allot of CD or DVD work making home entertainment, then the high end should be your choice, but load the machine with ram in that case and I do not care what kind of a machine you decided upon. All the various operating systems are ram hungary this day and age.

Forfjord Supply bought this little iMac in July of 1999 and turned the kids loose on it, as well as a couple of adults who were learning also. They now can and do operate any system after examining it for a short time. They are going to love this system Panther OS X. The bottom line is the Panther software is like having a totally new computer, even on G-3 iMacs. This little machine, which paid for itself in sales in 90 days, will still be up to date for a couple of years for the Internet and possibly more. It speaks Unix now. Not bad for a toaster with a hocky puck mouse, as some PC people would say...



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