Forfjord Supply World Emergency Preparations

La Niña is back! (1999-2000)
Look for El Niño again soon (Prediction)

Attention all Mariners: Emergency preparations for the next decade are advised by agencies such as FEMA and NOAH because of weather anomalies caused from our sun and incoming solar system bodies such as comets. In many coastal and river areas, boats will become the only viable transportation when main highways become disrupted from flood and or earthquakes. All serious mariners should have this book, and it is the best one to date on the market. It tells "why" and what to do about these situations we are all facing. The manuscript deals with just hard cold facts as gathered by world experts and the scientific community. Forfjord Supply suggests you check out this book and buy one. We bought three for our own use... (and they are very special indeed). The information below just came in to us on 10/22/99.

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - The Pacific Ocean phenomenon La Nina has reappeared,
prompting forecasts for a wet winter across the
Northwest, and a dry one in the Southwest, NASA scientists said.

The weather-altering pattern had appeared to all but vanish this summer. But a
U.S.-French satellite monitoring sea surface height and
temperature earlier this month detected a pool of unusually cool water marked by
lower-than-normal sea levels in the eastern North Pacific, and warm water in the
western and mid-latitude Pacific.

...conditions ``ripe'' for a stormy winter in the Pacific Northwest and a
relatively dry winter in the Southwest.

``Clearly, these unusual conditions, which have persisted for 2 1/2 years, will
not be returning to normal anytime soon,'' Patzert said.
``This climate imbalance is big and we're definitely going through a decade of
wild, climatic behavior.''

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