Forfjord Supply

Welcome to Forfjord Supply on the World Wide Web. We produce America's Premier small anchors which will hold under the worst weather conditions any good boatman strives to avoid. Our anchors are the choice of Pacific Coast fisherman, yachtsmen, and all who ply Alaskan waters including the U.S. Coast guard. They are now on the Great Lakes, East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico as well as other places in the world. Our largest anchor is equivalent to a 700 pound Navy or Danforth style pick, and yet weighs half the amount the others do. Made from tempered U.S. steels, for 3 generations and 50 years the Furford family has been assembling this world class product for you, and well over 30,000 units are busy world wide.

Unlike other marine anchor manufacturers, we actually are part of the commercial fishing business, and are well represented in this area with licensed sailors also working in our shop. In short, documented professional Captains and Chief Engineers oversee every anchor we produce... we are Sea People.

If you happen to be walking down a commercial fishing dock and notice boat anchor gear, look for us. If you see us in a yacht show do not be surprised, for the sharp yachtsman has learned well from the Alaskan fishing industry sea captains. More than one Mega Yacht world wide carries a Forfjord marine anchor (two 350 pound marine units have even been nickel chrome plated), and many of the new yachts under construction have our anchors on order.

The third generation is now the upper management here as Harry Furford passed away after fighting the good fight. He went down for the last time with a V for victory and thumbs up when he closed his eyes for the last time with a smile and went to sleep. Harry lived 3 years after hospice came to see him off. We took over as a family, and with the help of A&A Vaughn Special products and Matol Km, Harry surprised all health care givers including the University of Washington. Using nicotine patch therapy for Parkinson's Disease in conjunction with vitamins and herbs, we turned Harry from a levadopa zombie into a man who walked normally and could enjoy the TV as well as his newspaper. He had no bladder having lost that to cancer, a quadruple bypass for his heart and then contacted Parkinson's Disease which was the final problem. The loss of his wife hastened his end as he wanted to see her again. In short Harry decided it was time to go with the onset of Pneumonia. He was 80 years old...